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LokKosh Mobile App is the first User Generated Gujarati Dictionary.It is the mobile version of the popular Lok Kosh - a resource ofthe people, for the people and by the people. It is popularly knownas a Gujarati Urban Dictionary. LokKosh contains:• Juni Moodi –Dictionary created by Shri Swami Anand, it contains Words, Idioms,Proverbs etc..• Contribute Words Functionality • Review List OfYour Contributed Words Gujaratilexicon's Lokkosh is an attempt tocapture the contemporary language of the enterprising Gujaratis.Lokkosh allows users to contribute new words and phrases in dailyusage. Users can also decide the popularity of words. Lokkosh isthe effort to compile the exceptional words which are not inGujarati dictionaries though the most popular in day-to-day livesof Gujaratis. People can exchange and share their Gujarati Languageknowledge by contributing words. Primer of Lokkosh comprises allthe words collected from various sources.

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Word Search Gujarati 1.1 APK
Gujarati Word Puzzle is an easy and fun game to improve theGujarati vocabulary . It is based on the simple principle offinding hidden words from a grid of multiple characters. As youfind the hidden words in Gujarati Word Search Game, your vocabularyenhances and your Gujarati Lexicon improves. So what are youwaiting for ? Play Classic Word Search Puzzle which will test,mystify, and enhance your Gujarati vocabulary skills.InterestingFeatures : • First Gujarati Word Search Game • Quick & Easy ToUnderstand & Play• Interactive Audio Visuals Experience •Increase and Improve your Gujarati Vocabulary • Three DifferentLevel To Choose From : Easy / Medium / Hard Play Gujarati WordSearch Game Now !
Gujarati Dictionary 2.9 APK
PopUp Dictionary is an offline version of GL Dictionary, having thecollective work of four Dictionaries: English to Gujarati, Gujaratito English, Gujarati to Gujarati, English to English. Once youdownload this app and the its database, you will not need internetto find any word! Effective Features: In built Search Box AutoSuggest & List View Meaning Inbuilt Gujarati Keyboard ViceVersa Meaning On The Go
Sarth Gujarati Jodani Kosh 2.4 APK
Application Features:----------------------------------------------------------------- •Gujarati Words with its Origin, Type and Meaning • Inbuilt GujaratiKeyboard (Write Gujarati using English Keyboard and use it likeGujarati Keyboard) • Offline Gujarati to Gujarati Dictionary •Social Media Sharing • List of Auto Suggest Words Keyboard Help :To Type Halant or Jodakshar word press ^ e.g. દૃષ્ટિ = dru + Sh^ +Ti પૃથ્વી = pru + Th^ + vee નાટ્ય = naa + T^ + y About Sarth JodaniKosh:-----------------------------------------------------------------Gujarat Vidyapith and Gujaratilexicon have worked together onseveral initiatives. The most important project was creation ofDigital Sarth Kosh - the digital version of the most popularGujarati dictionary. Now this digital Sarth Kosh is also availableon Mobile. Download It Today and Start Writing Correct Gujarati.
Gujarati Font Reader 2.3 APK
Does your phone support Gujarati Font ? No… ? Then this is theperfect app for you! Gujarati Font Reader allows Gujarati readersto convert the text to readable fonts and enjoy the content inGujarati. Gujarati Font Reader is the easiest and user friendlyapp… where you just need to copy the unreadable Gujarati Text andConverted content will appear in Pop Up. Gujarati Content Editorwill help to edit converted content. Interesting Features : • EasyTo Use • No Need To Open App To Read Gujarati • No Need To NavigateFrom Existing Screen • Inbuilt Gujarati Editor • Share What YouRead Use Gujarati Font Reader and Read Gujarati Easily !
Gujarati Camera Dictionary 1.1.0 APK
Instantly Translate English words into Gujarati with your phone’scamera!ApplicationFeatures:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------•Translate English Word Into Gujarati On The Go• Offline Application- No Network Required• Easy To Use, Like The Regular Camera •Simple Interface To Use Even When In Hurry• IntegratedAuthenticated Gujaratilexicon Dictionary (English to Gujarati)HowtoUse--------------------------------------------------------------------------------•Open app and point your camera towards any English word• Keep textin focus by holding it, at least one hand-length away• Hold camerabutton for a while, then release it• You will see word thatrecognized by app and its translation (if available indatabase)Notes for Gettings The Best Quality Output :Best used onclearly printed content Does Not recognize stylized fonts orhandwritingIt is not perfect, but you can get the meaning, ifavailable !Turn on the flashlight, if available Zoom in, ifavailableSome features are device dependent, i.e not all phonescameras can zoom nor do all phones have a flashlight.About GLCamera TranslatorApp:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nowit has became easy with the help of Gujaratilexicon’s CameraDictionary app to know Gujarati meaning of English word withoutinstalling dictionary or purchasing any dictionary. Just installthe Camera Dictionary App and your pocket translator is ready towork. Start Using Your Word Lens & Enhance Vocabulary!GujaratiLexicon Camera Translator App is managed byGujaratiLexicon & Arnion Technologies.
Gujarati General Knowledge 1.2 APK
Do you know who is the first Governor of Gujarat?Do you know who isthe elder brother of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel?Gujarati Lexicon'sGeneral Knowledge Quiz app have many questions which help users toboost their General Knowledge.Start Boosting Your Knowledge &Challenge Your Near And Dear Ones.Application Features:-Interactive Gujarati Game- Learn While Playing- Score History- Morethan 200 Gujarati QuestionsGujarati General Knowledge Game ismanaged by GujaratiLexicon & Arnion Technologies.
Learn Gujarati 1.1 APK
Learn Gujarati provides unique platform to users to learn Gujaratiin an easy and interactive way. Key Features : • Learn GujaratiVowels• Learn Gujarati Consonants• Learn Gujarati Numbers• LearnGujarati Vocabulary • Step By Step Guide to Learn Gujarati• Audio –Visual LearningLet's Learn Gujarati App is managed byGujaratiLexicon & Arnion Technologies.
Gujarati Quotes 1.6 APK
Gujaratilexicon’s Quotes App is a collection of carefullyhandpicked Gujarati quotes/ Suvichar/ Suvakyo. It contains sayingsfrom philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and other greatminds whose brilliant words have power to inspire us. Applicationoffers users to explore various categories such as Life Quotes,Knowledge Quotes, God Quotes, Work Quotes etc.Download It,Experienced It and Get Inspired Every Day! Quote App is designed,developed and maintained by GL and Arnion.