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All the food on earth has run out.After discovering that the sky isfull of flying food, Hungry zombie BB starts hunting it by spittingsticky gum.Ready to spit some gum and satisfy your ghoulishappetite?> You'll laugh at all the funny faces!> Overcome avariety of obstacles!> Try out many unique types of gum!>Power up through the upgrade system!> Aim for the highestscore!If you don't want to get hit by zombie BB's gum, you'd betterdownload this game now!

App Information Gum Fly

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    Gum Fly
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    August 10, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Pig & Dragon Saga - Cute Free Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.7.5 APK
“Help! The evil pig is here!” Bored of the same old bejeweled,match three games? We present Pig & Dragon , a cute, exciting,BRAND NEW match 3 puzzle game! Overcome the cute but evil littlepig before he steals all the crops. Befriend dragons to fight byyour side in this magnificent match 3 adventure! Your mission is toprotect the crops and the blocks from the pig. Collect enough cropsto feed your cute friendly dragons as well! You can feed them andmake the grow. Start you exciting match three, dragon growingadventure now. No time to waste! The pig is on his way to attack.Begin your saga now! The dragons are counting on you! SPECIALFEATURES OF Pig & Dragon ▣ Cute, exciting Match 3 Puzzle GameFull of Exciting Missions and Levels! Pig & Dragon has hundredsand thousands of awesome, enjoyable, and challenging levels! Takeon the challenge and see if you can beat all of them! Move, swapand combine the same crops and pop them! New to match 3 , bejeweledpuzzle games? Don't worry! Simply follow the easy tutorial andyou're all set! Save the blocks from the cute little pig and helpyour fellow dragons! New levels keep coming! Extra levels? Extrafun! ▣ Fun Family Game with a competitive score system withfriends! Wanna play a fun free game with your friends? You can takeon the delight of playing Pig & Dragon with your friends andfamily! Compete with them to see who can get the highest score!More friends to play with means extra fun. Start your adventuretogether, with your friends and help & grow your dragons to bestronger! See who can clear all the levels with 3 stars! Is it you?Or will it be someone else? It’s your chance to win your friends’and family’s respect! ▣ Magnificent game play with great graphicsand cute characters! Are you looking for a game with cutecharacters and amazing graphics? It's your chance to meet manydifferent characters such as the cute but evil pig and the largevariety of dragons you can grow! Explore the intriguingrelationship between the pig and the dragon. Help your fellowdragons and protect the blocks! ▣ Enjoying Pig & Dragon? Visitour fan page https://www.facebook.com/talkpiganddragon and look outfor EXCLUSIVE events and daily bonus for our followers! Variety ofevents will be held and special prizes shall be awarded! Don’tforget to leave 5-star ★★★★★ reviews and tell us what you likeabout Pig & Dragon! Experiencing any issues? Check this link:https://cookapps.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/204615968-Pig-Dragonand see if it helps. If not, give us feedback through reviews. Weappreciate our users’ feedback and we promise we will put in allour effort to best assist you with the issue. ▣ About thedevelopers CookApps is a developer of social games and hasdeveloped a wide variety of games including Pudding Pop, Pengle,Bubble CoCo, Buggle 2, Water Splash and Solitaire in Wonderland toname a few. Check out the developers page to see what other gameswe have prepared for you! * This application requires the followingpermissions: * - Read & modify or delete contents on SD card -View network connections - Install shortcut - Vibration control -Google Play Payment Services - Search for accounts on device - Readphone status and ID - Run at startup - Data message app delivery -Receive data from the Internet - Modify system settings - Preventyour phone from going to sleep - Reading and writing badge alarm[Essential Access Permissions] - none [Optional Access Permissions]- Storage space / Phone / Address book: Storage access permissionrequired to store game data * How to set and revoke accessauthority * - Android 6.0 or higher: Device Settings> Manageapps> Select app> Revoke access - Under Android 6.0: You canrevoke access by removing apps
Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game 1.6.8 APK
Evil card soldiers have taken over beautiful wonderland! It isRed-haired Alice and magician Merlin’s job to take the cardsoldiers down. They are in desperate need of YOUR help! The fate ofwonderland is in your hands. Bring Wonderland back to its formerglory and beauty! The story of Alice in Wonderland starts here!Play Solitaire in Wonderland and begin your adventure NOW. ◈ How toplay Solitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game Solitaire inWonderland is a classic golf patience card game. The fundamentalrules are the same as the rules of the original golf solitairegame! The evil card soldiers have taken over wonderland. It’s yourjob to help Alice and Merlin follow the white rabbit andsuccessfully complete their adventure. Each round you play will bea game of golf solitare. The rules are simple! Eliminate all cardson the board by sorting the cards that have 1 higher or lower valuethan the targeted card. Once the cards are all stacked, you're setto move on to the next level! Never stop playing! There are over1100 levels in Solitaire in Wonderland! Complete them all andWonderland will be back where it belongs! ◈ Special FEATURES ofSolitaire in Wonderland - Golf Patience Card Game ▣ Fantasticadventure to take on Solitaire in Wonderland is not just the oldboring classic solitaire card game that are all over the app store!It’s a whole new adventure in which you will meet variouschallenging obstacles. The story involved in the game is somethingthat you never would have seen before! Tired of playing the samesolitaire games that are out there? It's about time for you to tryout something new! It never hurts! Join Alice and Merlin to startyour exciting journey to Wonderland! We guarantee you will neverregret it! ▣ Challenge over 1,100 levels! Are you a skilled gamer?Have you been playing solitare for a long time? Are you worriedthis game might be too easy for you? Solitaire in Wonderland willbe a great challenge for you! The rules might be as simple as theclassic golf patience game. Yet, there are multiple obstacles thatare waiting for you! The evil card soldiers will challenge you. Donot underestimate their power. Alice and Merlin cannot face themalone! They need your help! It is your responsibility to join theiradventure and help them defeat the card soldiers. ▣ Special rewardsand events at all times Play Solitaire in Wonderland - GolfPatience Card Game and endless number of rewards await! As you playSolitare in Wonderland, you will be awarded with many prizes! Playnow and find out which rewards there are! ▣ Free to play Solitairein Wonderland It’s FREE! You need not pay anything to playSolitaire in Wonderland! You do have the option to purchase itemsthat will get you more items to help you defeat the card soldiers,but this is completely optional. If you do not wish to purchasein-app items, simply turn off in-app purchases in the settings! Allset! * This application requires the following permissions: * -Read & modify or delete contents on SD card - View networkconnections - Install shortcut - Vibration control - Google PlayPayment Services - Search for accounts on device - Read phonestatus and ID - Run at startup - Data message app delivery -Receive data from the Internet - Modify system settings - Preventyour phone from going to sleep - Reading and writing badge alarm[Essential Access Permissions] - none [Optional Access Permissions]- Storage space / Phone / Address book: Storage access permissionrequired to store game data * How to set and revoke accessauthority * - Android 6.0 or higher: Device Settings> Manageapps> Select app> Revoke access - Under Android 6.0: You canrevoke access by removing apps
Bubble CoCo: Color Match Bubble Shooter APK
Aim your bubble cannon and blast away! Shoot bubbles with yourtrusty bubble shooter, and pop your way to victory! Welcome to thefarm life! CoCo the mother hen knows her baby chicks are ahandful...they get into sticky situations on a daily basis! CoCo isone special chicken though: she owns a fancy magic bubble shootercannon. She requests your help in her bubble popping adventure, soshe can rescue her troublemaker baby chicks stuck in bubbles andtreetops! Get help from farm animals to aim, shoot, and pop all thebubbles in this FREE to play bubble ball shooter game! Blast awayin the bubble pop adventure with CoCo and her bubble shootercannon! BUBBLE COCO features the following: 🐥Bubble popping, bubbleshooting fever! Bubble CoCo combines a classic bubble shooterarcade game with fun power up items and various game modes inhundreds of levels! More than 1200 levels are waiting to challengeyour bubble shooting skills! 🐥Boosters and modes to entertain all!Bubble CoCo is a bubble game with a captivating challenge!Addictive game modes, helpful booster buble, and constant NEW gamelevel updates so you can enjoy never ending bubble games! 🐥Easy,intuitive control! Bubble CoCo is as easy has 1, 2, 3! Aim, shoot,and pop the bubble! The power of the bubble shooter is right atyour fingertips! Not one stray lost bubble under CoCo's watch! Firethat red bubble ball to the top! 🐥New game EVENTS and rewards!Bubble CoCo will hold fun game events everyone can enjoy, such asthe Egg Festival! Participate in new events so you can earn rewardsfor your bubble pop adventure! 🐥Play with or without friends! Sendgifts, request help, and compete against friends to see who is thebest hand at the bubble shooter! Bubble CoCo is also playableWITHOUT an internet connection, so you can continue your blitzbubble games anytime, anywhere! 🐥Colorful and vibrant graphics!Looking for free bubble pop games with rich colors and cutecharacters? Beautiful bubble whirl graphics with bubblegum pink,rich red, blues and purple! Check out the eye popping, bubblepopping Bubble CoCo now! Blast bubbles through appropriate colormatch! These bubles are asking to be popped! Bubble CoCo is thecute bubble game you are looking for! 🐥No eggs left behind! HelpCoCo the chicken protect her eggs! The mother hen will be nothingshort of angry if she gets her eggs stolen! We don't want Mr. Foxgetting his hands on a precious egg, do we? Blast the bubbles inthis shooter match 3 game! 🐥The best bubble game for you! We aretalking about the best bubble game for kids and family! Not justthe best matching games for adults, but also matching games forkids! Blast away boredom with the best bubble shooter game! Lookingfor free bubble games? Go on your very own bubble pop adventurewith CoCo's baby birds and farm animal friends! You won't need tosearch for any other free bubble games!----------------------------------------- Look out for BubbleCoCo's Bubble Shooter news and events on the official fan page:https://www.facebook.com/playbubblecoco Visit the Bubble CoCo HelpCenter: http://www.bit.ly/BC_help POP!
Pengle - Penguin Match 3 2.0.5 APK
Match and collect 3 or more colorful blocks in Pengle! Pengle is afun match 3 puzzle game that makes you feel happy. Play it Now! TheAntarctic Ocean is covered in oil, caused by a container ship! Thebrave Penguin Pete is having a hard time cleaning up all this oilby himself! Help Pete cleanse the ocean so that he can go back tocatching fish with his ocean friends! Make the Antarctic clean bymatching colorful blocks. Pengle is a fun and simple match 3 gamewhere you can match three or more blocks of the same color. Useyour fingers to match as many blocks as you can and go for the highscore! Pengle awaits you with its stunning graphics and addictivematch 3 game play! There are plenty of levels for you to beat! Playit now! Pengle features : • Never ending exciting match 3 puzzlegame! : Over 2,000 awesome levels! Updates will be continued! •Something awesome happens when you match five blocks together!Match the 5 same color blocks and Make the wild card! These helpyou in different directions to clear the board. • Who is the bestmatch 3 mania? : Play with friends and see who can get the highestscore! If you get the highest score, you are the best match 3mania! Challenge now! • Go! Penguin Pete! Get rid of all obstacles!: With the colorful and powerful items, you can get rid of allobstacles such as pesky vines, changing squids and darn sharks! •Whenever, wherever you are, connecting must go on! : You can stillenjoy Pengle. Anywhere, anytime, Play Pengle! • Googleplay storefree download Pengle is completely free to play but in-gamecurrency, to buy items such as extra moves or lives, will requirepayment with real money. • To add to the fun, you can sign in toyour Facebook account and compete with your friends! Like us onFacebook for the latest news: Facebook page Link -https://www.facebook.com/talkpengle * This application requires thefollowing permissions: * - Read & modify or delete contents onSD card - View network connections - Install shortcut - Vibrationcontrol - Google Play Payment Services - Search for accounts ondevice - Read phone status and ID - Run at startup - Data messageapp delivery - Receive data from the Internet - Modify systemsettings - Prevent your phone from going to sleep - Reading andwriting badge alarm [Essential Access Permissions] - none [OptionalAccess Permissions] - Storage space / Phone / Address book: Storageaccess permission required to store game data * How to set andrevoke access authority * - Android 6.0 or higher: DeviceSettings> Manage apps> Select app> Revoke access - UnderAndroid 6.0: You can revoke access by removing apps
Buggle 2 - Free Color Match Bubble Shooter Game 1.4.7 APK
Aim your bubble cannon and blast away! Shoot bubbles with yourbubble shooter and pop your way to victory! Your favorite freebubbleshooter puzzle game Buggle 2 is here! Uh, oh! Greedy QueenBee and her soldier bee army have arrived! The peaceful BubbleIsland of bubble bear games and friendly bubble bears are now indanger! They need YOUR help! Join bubble bear Andrew's quest forhoney! The gluttonous Queen Bee is hoarding all of the sweet honey,and it is up to Andrew the bear and his animal friends to preventthe tyranny of the Bee Army. Andrew and his friends only wish forpeace on their island. But they cannot just sit there, waiting forsomeone to stop the Queen bee and her buggy army. They are indesperate need of your support! Save them from the evil greedyQueen bee’s buggy army and bring peace and justice to Bubbleisland! Andrew the bubble bear has great bubble shooting skills. Hecan burst many bubbles and defeat the Queen bee’s buggy army byusing his secret weapon – the bubble shooter! But he can’t do italone. Your role is crucial! Use the color match bubble shooter tohelp Andrew in his resistance against the greedy Queen Bee and hersnoopy bee soldiers! Pop, whirl, and blast the bubbles with plentyof special items and shoot that red bubble! Look out for the helpof Andrew's bear friends, like the polar bear and panda bear!SPECIAL FEATURES of Buggle 2 ▣ Bubble popping, bubble shootingfever! Buggle 2 is no ordinary bubbleshooter game. Buggle 2combines the classic popular bubble shooter arcade puzzle game withfun, exciting power up items and various game modes! More than 1300levels await! Play NOW and show us your bubble shooting skills.Shoot burst & blast the bubbles! BANG! POP! Join Andrew and hisfriends’ adventure for honey! ▣ Various game boosters and gamemodes to entertain all! Buggle 2 is a bubble shooter game withcaptivating challenges! Are you an expert at Bubbleshooter games?Ever wish for a game that’s actually going to challenge you? Noneed to worry. You’ll never stop playing Buggle 2! We update ourlevels on a regular basis and new challenges will always arrive!Join Andrew on his quest to defeat the Queen bee and protect hispeaceful island from the evil Queen bee’s snoopy buggy army. ▣Easy, Intuitive controls! Follow the simple steps – Aim, shoot, andpop the bubble! Simple as that! Just use your finger to control theshooter. Aim the bubble to match the color. Shoot the bubble andBLAST! The bubbles just popped! The fate of Andrew and Bubbleisland of the bears lie right on your fingertips! Soon, the honeywill be yours! ▣ New game EVENTS and REWARDS Look out for eventsand rewards EXCLUSIVE for our Buggle 2 Facebook Page followers!Participate in these new events and you will gain awesome rewardsthat will help you through your adventure! More events! More honey!▣ Invite your friends to play Buggle 2 WITH you Buggle 2 is a gamefor everyone! Perfect to play with your friends and family! Sharegifts, request for help, and compete against them! See who’s thebest hand at the bubble shooter! ▣ Colorful and vibrant graphicswith cute characters! Looking for free bubble pop games with richcolors and cute characters? Beautiful bubble whirl graphics withrich red, blue and purple colors! Check out the eye popping, bubblepopping Buggle 2 now! Match the bubble colors and make them burst!Shoot that redbubble and save the cute little bubble bear Andrewand his friends! Help them in their challenging quest against theQueen bee and her soldiers. ▣ Enjoying Buggle 2? Visit our fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/buggletwo/ and look out for EXCLUSIVEevents for our followers! Don’t forget to leave 5-star ★★★★★reviews and tell us what you like about Buggle 2!
Water Splash - Cool Match 3 1.6.5 APK
"The world’s coolest new matching 3 adventure, Water Splash! Matchthe colorful water balloons and feel cool streams! Adorable otterOris really loves water! One day, evil crocodile Mr. Croker invadedthe Animal’s cities and stole town’s water! Match the balloons asmany as possible with Oris and defeat the evil crocodile! Clearlevels and bring water back for Oris and his friends! You can takeon this delight alone or play with friends and family to see whocan get the highest score! It's best match 3 game for adults andkids! Water Splash features • Never ending exciting match 3 puzzlegame! : Over 1,900 awesome levels! Updates will be continued! •What if I match the cross balloon with the color balloon…? : Matchthe various types of balloons as many as you can! If you match morethan 4 balloons, you will get a special balloon! You can even crushsolid rocks! • Who is the best match 3 mania? : Play with friendsand see who can get the highest score! If you get the highestscore, you are the best match 3 mania! Can you clear all levelswith 3 stars? If you have a mania for match 3 game, challenge now!• Who moved my candy? : If you match the balloon with the candy,you will get sweet candies! Match the candies as many as you canand get special gifts! Candies await you now! • Go! Rubber Duck!Get rid of all obstacles! : With the colorful and powerful items,you can get rid of all obstacles such as mini crocodiles, dolphinsand rubber cones! • Whenever, wherever you are, matching must goon! : You can still enjoy Water Splash without internet access.Play Water Splash without wifi! Anywhere, anytime, match theballoons! • App store free download : Water Splash is FREE todownload and play, however some game items such as extra moves orlives can also be purchased for real money. • Don’t miss outspecial gifts! : If you sign-in to Water Splash via Facebook, youwill receive special bonus and find various functions! If you havea mania for match 3 game, If you have a mania for addicting game,If you have a mania for awesome game, You must play this cool game!A great way to pass time, Fantastic Matching 3 Adventure, WaterSplash! Are you ready for Water Splash? Like us on Facebook! .io.https://www.facebook.com/Water-Splash-Community-694392933990759/
Sweet Road: Cookie Rescue Free Match 3 Puzzle Game 6.4.2 APK
“Help! I need rescue!” Bored of the same old bejeweled, match threegames? SWEET ROAD is a tasty, exciting, BRAND NEW match 3 puzzlegame! Help George the Gingerbread man! He is in trouble. You have amission to complete. Get ready for a tasty, delicious rescuejourney – lollipop, candy, chocolate, gummy jelly, cookies and manymore await! Taste the wide variety of desserts yourself! Crunch thelollipops, move the jelly, combine the chocolates, swap the candyand save kidnapped gingerbread George! No time to waste! Begin yoursaga NOW! George is counting on you! SPECIAL FEATURE OF SWEET ROAD– COOKIE RESCUE ▣ TASTY match three puzzle game full of candy anddessert Sweet Road is full of tasty, delicious candy and dessert!It’s not just about swapping and matching the boring shapes! It’snot just a boring bejeweled game! There’s a whole wide variety ofsweets to choose from! Extra candies mean extra fun! Swap, move andmatch the sweets and solve the fun, exciting match three puzzlegame! ▣ Never stop playing! New exciting and challenging LEVELS Areyou a match 3 game expert? No need to worry! Sweet Road is not aneasy, boring, dull match three game! It’s full of new exciting andchallenging levels! We update new levels on a regular basis. Newlevels are released EVERY WEEK! Play now and explore the 1600+different levels. Gingerbread George is waiting for your rescue! ▣Play a wide variety of different puzzle MODES Bored of playing thesame game over and over again? Play the variety of different gamemodes that Sweet Road has! Taste the different desserts! RescueGeorge the Gingerbread man in various exciting game modes! ▣ Createand Use special ITEMS Using items will always get you a higherchance of winning! Create powerful Special Candies by matching 4 ormore sweet candies! Use the items you create. They will give youextra power and help you on your road to success! ▣ Play even whenyou are OFFLINE Annoyed when you download a game and suddenly itwon’t let you play when you don’t have internet? Scared that youmight be overcharged for using too much internet while playing agame? No need to worry. Sweet Road allows you to play WHENEVER youwant WHEREVER you are, whether that may be deep in the PacificOcean or the Sahara Desert! Forget about Wi-Fi! Forget aboutcellular data! Focus on your game! Focus on Sweet Road! Focus onyour job – saving George! ▣ Beautiful GRAPHICS Sweet Road has thebest in-game graphics. Enjoy the high-quality lollipop, gummyjelly, candy and chocolate while playing the tasty match threepuzzle game! ▣ George the Gingerbread Cookie needs RESCUE Georgethe Gingerbread man is arguably THE BEST looking gingerbread cookieof all time. This man needs YOUR HELP! Come to his rescue, andperhaps he might get you a new tasty lollipop as a token ofappreciation? TASTY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ▣ FREE to play It’sFREE! You need not pay anything to play Sweet Road! You do have theoption to purchase items that will assist you in your road tosaving George the gingerbread man, but this is completely optional.If you do not wish to purchase in-app items, simply turn off in-apppurchases in the settings! All set! ▣ Additional ads Sweet Road maycontain ads for other similar exciting games that you might enjoy!Don’t hesitate to check them out! Enjoying SWEET ROAD? • Like us onFacebook to see new updates and free tasty rewards:http://www.facebook.com/sweetroadgame • Visit our Help Center forsome sweet assistance: https://sweetroad.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
Pudding Pop - Connect & Splash Free Match 3 Game 1.8.6 APK
The world’s cutest new popular line connect the dots Match 3 game,Pudding Pop! Match and connect the colorful pudding blob! See whathappens when you connect the dots and pop the magic pudding blob!You will get extra power! No time to waste! Start your thrillingpudding adventure now! The fate of the pudding is in your hand! HOWTO PLAY PUDDING POP! Pudding Pop is the perfect mix between connectthe dots and bejeweled, match 3 genre. A wide variety of differentpudding blobs await! User your fingers to connect and pop them!Match and combine more than three pudding blobs with the same colorand SPLASH! The pudding blobs just connected and popped! If youconnect more than 4 pudding blobs of the same color, you will get aspecial magic pudding blob! These special pudding blobs can createmore powerful effects and pop even more pudding blobs. Connect thevarious types of pudding. The more pudding blobs you connect, themore points you will receive! Connect more than 12 pudding blobsand you get two striped boosters! Find out what they can do and howthey can help you through your pudding popping sage. Keepconnecting the dots and work your way through until you haveblasted all the blobs! SPLASH! POP! BOOM! SPECIAL FEATURES ▣ Cool,cute Connect the dots Puzzle Game Full of Exciting Missions andLevels! Are you a connect the dots, match 3 puzzle game expert?Then we present a challenge for you – Pudding pop! Pudding pop hasover 1,800 awesome, enjoyable, and challenging levels! Concernedthat you might beat the game too fast? Have you been wanting an“actual” challenge for you? No worries! We update our levels on aregular basis and will come back with new challenges for you! Extralevels? Extra fun! ▣ Hammer, Magic Wand, Magic Finger, and manymore! A variety of special booster times will assist you throughoutyour pudding splashing adventure! Get through the difficult levelswith the help of the hammer, magic wand, magic finger and many moreitems! Get rid of the annoying obstacles such as Ninja pudding! ▣Play even when you are OFFLINE Annoyed when you download a game andsuddenly it won’t let you play when you don’t have internet? Scaredthat you might be overcharged for using too much internet whileplaying a game? No need to worry. Pudding Pop allows you to playWHENEVER you want WHEREVER you are! Forget about Wi-Fi! Forgetabout cellular data! Focus on your game! Focus on Pudding Pop!Focus on your cute pudding popping adventure! TASTY ADDITIONALINFORMATION ▣ FREE to play It’s FREE! You need not pay anything toplay Pudding Pop! You do have the option to purchase items thatwill assist you in your adventure, but this is completely optional.If you do not wish to purchase in-app items, simply turn off in-apppurchases in the settings! All set! Enjoying Pudding Pop? • Like uson Facebook to see new updates and free cute, colorful rewardsEXCLUSIVE for our followers: https://www.facebook.com/playpudding *This application requires the following permissions: * - Read &modify or delete contents on SD card - View network connections -Install shortcut - Vibration control - Google Play Payment Services- Search for accounts on device - Read phone status and ID - Run atstartup - Data message app delivery - Receive data from theInternet - Modify system settings - Prevent your phone from goingto sleep - Reading and writing badge alarm [Essential AccessPermissions] - none [Optional Access Permissions] - Storage space /Phone / Address book: Storage access permission required to storegame data * How to set and revoke access authority * - Android 6.0or higher: Device Settings> Manage apps> Select app>Revoke access - Under Android 6.0: You can revoke access byremoving apps