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Gummy the toothless werewolf is back with a big appetite, just intime for an all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving feast. He's recovered fromhis trip to the evil dentist Dr. Sweet Tooth, now hungrier thanever... and with a bit of a king complex. He wants to be served. Ashis attendant for the night, you need to help Gummy satisfy hishunger by feeding him whatever he desires. Feed him as muchThanksgiving turkey, ham, green beans, pumpkin pie, cranberrysauce, and corn as you can in 60 seconds in the Full Course mode,or try out the Selective Eater mode and feed him only green beans,being sure to avoid tapping any meat, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie,or corn.With leaderboards for both modes of play, players canchallenge friends and see who can stuff Gummy with the mostThanksgiving food in 60 seconds, as well as who can click the mostvegetarian friendly green beans without tapping any other plates offood.How to Play: both the Full Course and Selective Eater modesfeature 5X5 tabletop grids of food on plates. In the Full Coursemode of play, players are encouraged to tap the prompted type ofThanksgiving food--turkey drumsticks, ham, green beans, pumpkinpie, cranberry sauce, or corn--as fast as they can in the 60 secondtime limit. Gummy the werewolf will prompt players on what he wantspopped into his mouth with a speech bubble, and the food willwiggle. Selective Eater on the other hand offers the uniquechallenge of having to click only green beans. No time limit willbe given, but the game will be over if any other type ofThanksgiving food is clicked or if each individual course is notcleared within ten seconds. There are other customers to attend to,after all. No lollygagging. Eat, or beat it. Retry again and againfor a better, higher score.Happy Thanksgiving!

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    February 8, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    ZebraFox Games
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With the clear and present danger of the holiday season—cut throatshoppers, deadlines, monsters—one can never be too prepared. Stockup on swords, boomerangs, and weaponized yo-yos this holiday seasonas you wage battle against the dangers presented to you in giftform: killer spiders, xmas gingerbread men, gnomes, goblin kings,combative fruit cakes, and of course the fearsome Krampus.Strategize as you fight your way to victory on the score boards.Collect weapon stats or sell them for precious gold, being sureyou’re always strong enough to defeat an endless stream ofenemies.Krampus is coming with his army of Christmas minions. InPresent Danger you must search through piles of presents to armyourself with gifted weapons and armor in preparation of Krampus'grand entrance. Feast on food to boost your health, collect weaponsto increase your damage output, don ugly sweaters and chainmail tobolster your defense, or sell everything and watch your pile ofgold grow. Perhaps you'll get lucky and come across a goldennutcracker from Santa to boost all your stats, or maybe you'll beso unlucky as to come across a golden Dale plushie from theloathsome Dale the Salesman and have to make the choice betweenlosing a chunk of your compiled gold or your fine tuned stats. Partluck, part strategy, Present Danger presents unique game play, aholiday theme, and a little bit of Krampus to cramp your style withsurprise visits. Play again and again and have lots of holidayfun!Collect weapons of increasing damage including yo-yos, slings,dreidel tops, maracas, cork guns, toy swords, snowflake shurikens,boomerangs, snow globe hammers, wreaths, 'Tis the season swords,candy scythes, Ax-mas axes, and eight crazy spikes menorahs. Suitup with armor and shields including sombreros, ponchos, knittedsocks, gingerbread aegis, cauldron helmets, season's greave-ingsleg armor, ugly sweaters, Christmas chainmail, December defenders,and sled shields. Feast on candy canes, x-mas turkey, pumpkin pie,peppermints, mistletoe, frosted fruitcakes and much more. Prepareyourself and fill your pockets.There’s no time like the Christmaspresent to have some fun!
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Lead a group of competitive eaters as they crush, crunch, and chomptheir way to victory against the jaded dentist, Dr. Sweet Tooth andhis diabolical new buddy, King Roach. Make your way throughincreasingly challenging levels, eating tiles with eaters, andsquashing tiles before they spoil to keep them from becominginfested with roaches using strategy and quick reflexes. Satisfyyour craving for casual fun alone, or play with friends in Endlessmode and compare high scores! If you're a fan of puzzle games yoursure to love Dr. Sweet Tooth as it's in the same family of games,but also the black sheep. With unique, disgusting features such asroaches and vomit, Dr. Sweet Tooth is set apart from, but just asfun as, other puzzle games.
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Lead a group of competitive eaters as they crunch and chomp theirway to victory against the jaded dentist, Dr. Sweet Tooth and hisdiabolical new buddy, King Roach. Eat through candy, squash roachesand keep eaters from vomiting in this epic game. Make your waythrough increasingly challenging levels, crushing tiles withchomping eaters, and squashing tiles before they spoil to keep themfrom becoming infested with roaches, all while using strategy andquick reflexes. Satisfy your craving for casual fun alone, or playthis fun game with friends in Endless mode and compare high scores!If you like other candy games, we're confident you'll enjoy Dr.Sweet Tooth, as well, for it resides in the same family of puzzlegames. Still, it stands out as the black sheep in that family--inthe best way possible. With a unique twist on the puzzle genre, Dr.Sweet Tooth stands out. It is a game of sweets and disgust, withcookies, gummies, peppermints, and roaches. Eaters have a chance tovomit when confronted with a rotting square or a roach. Kingroaches are strong and must be swatted as squashing them with yourfinger is no longer enough, so keep a tidy game board. Remember aclean space keeps the king roaches away. With its unique rottingtiles, vomit, crush-able roaches, un-crush-able king roaches, andcandy chomping eaters, It is sure to stand out and yet be just asfun as the bigger name games.
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Unearth amusing new friends, activities, and games in the FelipeFemur & Friends Halloween Town app. Learn about Felipe Femurthe friendly skeleton, Gummy the toothless werewolf, Sunny thesun-loving vampire, and many more interesting characters. Take alook around the spooky Halloween Town to find Felipe Femur’s closethome, an eerie swamp hut, a witch’s grotto, and so much more. Byvisiting each character’s home, you can get to know the charactersthrough fun dialogue options, play games hosted by each monster,and discover fun crafts and food to make. Visit anytime you’dlike!Play mini games including Wesley's money grab machine, Sunny'sbeach cleanup, Oscar's hidden object, Gilli & Tate's duck floatrace, Felipe's maraca rhythm game, and many more. Discover fun andeasy to do crafts, read original scary stories, talk to thecharacters, and find access to many more free games and activitiesincluding coloring sheets, word searches, and delicious recipes.Plus you'll get an early glimpse into new things happening on theFelipe Femur website via the cat mayor's billboard. Felipe Femur& Friends Features: 8 Mini Games to Play (and More to Come) 9Friends to Meet (and More to Come)Character Bios to ReadFree toDownload and UseInteractive ConversationsLinks to Crafts andActivitiesLinks to Other Free Felipe Femur Android GamesTalkingCharacters The Felipe Femur & Friends (Halloween Town) appoffers users of all ages a glimpse into Felipe Femur the Skeleton'sspooky neighborhood, circle of friends, house, and even his noggin.The app serves as a meet-and-greet for several characters where youcan learn all about them, and as a link hub to several mini games,crafts, stories, and other fun activities on the related website:www.felipefemur.com. HOW TO PLAY: Download the app and open it tofind Felipe Femur's spooky yet friendly neighborhood . Click eachironic monster (toothless werewolf, sun-loving vampire, land-lovingswamp creature, etc.) to pull up a dialogue window where you canchat with the character. Click on a character's house to bring up abrief bio, a mini game, links to recipes, crafts, coloring sheets,word searches, as well as links to other free Android games. Enjoyand come back anytime! Updates to come.