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Enjoy unique gun shot experience. Its simple game play will giveyouaddition of shooting at bad guys. Up stairs and keep yourenjoymentcontinue until you beat the bad boss. Shoot at theappropriate timewhen the direction of your gun aim direct to headshot and get anextra coin. Its simple but challenging. You haveaccess to the gunsof your choice and unique selection of costumesfor your hero. Pickup the appropriate weapon for yourself andcheck how high you canclimb the stairs. Key Features: - Endlessenjoyment - Relievesstress by killing the bad guys - Simple gameplay with one-touch -Free Game entertainment - Ideal for all agegroup Download and playfor FREE!

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Ludo Crown: New Classic Ludo Games 2018 1.1.1 APK
Ludo Crown: New Classic Ludo is Board Game and is popularthroughout the ages, now recall your childhood. Ludo Crown isbrain, puzzle, strategy board game and mostly played in Asia. It isalso called as Parchisi or ParcheesiEnjoy Ludo Crown game on modernLudo board and classic dice simulator designed withcreativity.Easy, simple, addictive to play and irresistible tostop. Beat the score of your friends and brag. Ludo board game canbe played between 2 to 4 players and you have the option to playwith the A.I in case you are travelling alone. Ludo Crown presentsyou with a lot of features explore them and become the famous Ludostar in your community. The game comprises a board having fourcorners with each color different from one another i.e. blue, red,green and yellow.Another interesting feature of this game is thatyou can play with your desired number of pawns, maximum four andminimum two is the limit. You can decide about the rules. You canalso select your desired design of board.Ludo Crown Features:- Itis totally FREE to play- 2 or 4 player ludo board game- Amazingdesign - Designed for Tablet & PhoneDownload Ludo Crown: NewClassic Ludo Games 2018 one of the most popular magical dicesimulator game is now for free.
4 in a Row Classic - Free Game 1.1.1 APK
Four in a Row is a Classic board game for all ages. It is very easyto play, but hard to master. Try the classic board game forentertainment!2 users the four piece to drop one by one on the game7x6 fields board, The popular game is now in your hands every timeyou can spare a moment for a challenge or a bit of relax. Excellentfor testing your skills or teaching strategy to kids.Each player inhis turn drops one of his checkers down any of the slots in the topof the grid.The play alternates until one of the players gets fourcheckers of his color in a row. 4 in a row can be (horizontal,vertical,diagonal) Connect four in a row to win!If the board isfilled with checkers and not any player has 4 in a row, then thegame is a draw and well try again.Features: - Great HD graphics andawesome sound effects - Configurable player names - Configurable 1player and 2 player option - Soothing music and sound effects -Free Gamefour in a Row Classic board game a complete fun andaddictive game for your kids in the category of board/family byCreative Bytes 2018.
7 Fuse - Number Connect 1.1.1 APK
7 Fuse is very classic, unique, challenging and addictive game. Itmakes you keep playing! And enjoying.Match the same numbers of thesame color in the BLOCKS to make a bigger number. The biggestnumber you can make and 7 Fuse.Tap the given blocks to adjust withmatching number and if the block is not matched with any of numberdelete it and get another one for 100 PointsSimple Yet verystrategic game for all ages.7 is the final number which ispowerful, Merge numbers to get higher numbers.Enjoy the game withvarious devices phone and tablet.7 Fuse Features:*It can rotatehexagon block before placing them *Multiple Skins *Hammer: Deleteunwanted numbers *Bomb: Clear complete screen *7: Place seven atyour desired place and then 7Fuse. *Stunning Graphics *CoolAnimations *Soothing Sounds *Full of mind games*Easy and funplay*You play any way and any time*Simple and interesting userinterface*Very small size of the app force you to keep it in yourdevice*Smooth effectEmail:feedback.creativebytesgames@gmail.comHomepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Creative+BytesFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/creativebytesgames/?ref=br_rsSo download7Fuse and start having fun by playing in leisure time.7Fuse ByCreative Bytes Studio in casual and family category 2018.
Connect Line 1.2.1 APK
Connect Line is very classic, unique, challenging and addictivegame. It’s time to install and play famous Connect Line game inyour device. So let’s play the game.Connect Line in a free tocomplete the level. You need to connect all colors house and fillthe board to win. If you cross different colors, you will shatterthe flow!Free play through hundreds of levels. Connect Linegameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging andeverywhere in between. How you play is up to you. So, give ConnectLine a try, and experience mind is relax.Game Features- Over 130free puzzles- High quality, colorful graphics- Fun music &sound effects- Simple and interesting user interface.- Very smallsize of the app force you to keep it in your device.- Multiplemodes (Easy, Medium, Hard, Super Hard and Genius).So downloadConnect Line and start having fun by playing in leisuretime.Connect Line is classic puzzle game in casual/ family categoryby the Creative Bytes 2018.
Truth or Dare - Bottle Spin 1.1.1 APK
Truth or Dare Classic Bottle Spin is the best group game and partygame.We usually play when we are with family,friends but sometimeswe don’t have a bottle to rotate.So truth or dare will help you toplay anywhere Without any requirement of the base or the bottle,Soenjoy bottle spin and truth or dare.An ideal best game for parties,school, colleges, friends gathering, dates, sleepovers, breakingthe ice and many other occasions with hundreds and hundreds of cooland fun questions and dares. Truth or Dare have three modes kids,teens and adults, its three in one categorized globally recognizedclassic truth or dare game. App Features - Hundreds of Truth andDares questions - Add your own clean or dirty dares into the app! -Set player names - perfect for large groups and parties! - Updatedtruths and dares contents according to trends. - Minimum two and upto 8 player’s options perfect for friends groups and parties. -Absolutly free to play - 3 different game modes - Kids, Teens andAdult.- Different bottles, Get the one of your choice.- From sweetto silliest questions and tasks according to age limit.- No WI fino problem.Truth or Dare Classic - Bottle Spin By Creative Bytes incasual/family category 2018.
Rock Paper Scissor Epic Battle - Truth or Dare 1.1.2 APK
Rock Paper Scissor Epic Battle - Truth or Dare , a very excitinggame which you might have enjoyed with your friends but now it isthe time to enjoy the same game with your friends and family onyour phone and tablet.In this unique Rock Paper Scissor choiceselect different hand vampires, Monster, robots, bikers and othercreatures!Rock Paper Scissor Epic Battle - Truth or Dare is veryclassic, unique, challenging and addictive game. It’s time toinstall and play famous rock paper scissor classic game in yourandroid device. So let’s play the game with your friends or testyour luck against the Artificial Intelligence and refresh yourchildhood memories.Rock Paper Scissor Epic Battle - Truth or Dareis simple and easy to play. Additionally, to make game interestingthere are two modes in the game. You can play with A.I or you canplay with your friends or family members, game represent a realchallenge. In this remarkable rock paper scissor game you and youropponent choose a sign of your choice. If you are a beginner anddon’t know the rule of the game, don’t worry here’s a short detailof the rules of the game. First You and your opponent (friend orfamily) choose a sign of rock, paper and scissor that you will thencompare, the rock break the scissors but covered by the paper, thepaper beat the stone but cut by the scissors and the scissors beatthe paper but are broken by the stone. So make wise ways andchallenge the opponent.Game Features*HD graphics to make the gamemore interesting*you can play the game Vs. A.I and also againstyour friends*Very simple yet interesting user interface making iteasy to understand*Challenging background sound.*The person withmax points will win the game.*Very small size of the app force youto keep it in your device.Rock Paper Scissor Epic Battle - Truth orDare By Creative Bytes in casual and family category 2018.
Divide Puzzle Free 1.1.1 APK
Divide Puzzle is a simple game, give you more fun and morechallenges, bet you to get high score.Divide Puzzle is a quiteoutstanding puzzle game with using division.GamePlay:Drag thebottom of the given number into the box, Divide the upper, lower,left, and right numbers, Same number elimination, Clear all numbersto win, It is good for learning division and improve calculationability, anyone who understands division can play this gameDividePuzzle is for all age and completely FREE to play!Features: -Excellent amazing HD graphics. - Amazing colors and soothingsounds. - Simple and interesting Gameplay. - Large range of crispdesigns. - Trash Option - Keep Some Number - Nice Effects - HighScore - Divide Puzzle is a free game for all ages.Divide Puzzle ByCreative Bytes in Puzzle and family category 2018.
Pick a Pencils Classic Game 1.1.2 APK
Pick a pencil addictive game, find the topmost Pencil, and pickthem as fast as you can!An addictive and interesting game where youhave to catch and pick up the topmost Pencil by looking at thescreen carefully.Game comes with four exceptional modes.ClassicModeYou get unlimited time to pick all the Pencils with threelife.Time AttackYou get limited time to pick all thePencils.Infinity + Time ModeThis mode is infinity and time base, sofor a correct or incorrect choice you will get a positive andnegative sec of time. Infinity ModeThis mode is infinity, so for acorrect or incorrect choice you will get a positive or negativescore.Game Feature:• Remove one pencil at a time without moving theother pencil• Super awesome graphics and motion• Addicting andproven me concept• Unlimited attempts to break your record• Greatsound effects• Turn on/off sound effectsSo download Pick a PencilsClassic Game and start having fun by playing in leisure time.Pick aPencils Classic Game By Creative Bytes in Casual and familycategory 2018.