1.0.0 / November 10, 2014
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Be a brave cowboy, get your gun and aim it. Shoot the zombie. Thisgame brings you 25 levels of zombie fun and it needs your tacticalskills. The intuitive gameplay brings you excellent trickshots. Tryto keep the zombies brainless and shoot them in time. Your ammo islimited.Unlock all the levels and try to get 3 stars every level.In that way you are able to open 3 extra bonus levels at the end.Try to get there.What can you expect:- Fun and high detailedgraphics- 25 challenging levels- Easy controls- Aim and shoot-Zombie fun!

App Information Gun Zombie Gun

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    Gun Zombie Gun
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    November 10, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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Crush The Tower 1.1.2 APK
Crush The Tower, play tower Crush an epic game, you have to tap asquickly as you can to save the 5 princesses in the tower. Upgradeand evolve in battles of action and strategy.Tap left and right toavoid the obstacles like blade saws, goblins, dragons and manyother spiky obstacles. Crush The Tower by tapping and jump fromleft to right and vice versa and keep dodging the obstacles. Timeruns out quickly so keep chopping! Arm yourself and crush yourenemies. For honor and glory!Chop with a big axe as a lumberjackwould do with a tree. Start as a poor knight with a wooden helmet,collect coins and upgrade your outfit to golden armor and a goldenaxe (see the upgrade menu in summary). Time is limited (see bar atthe top), so keep chopping as fast as you can, each hit will giveyou additional time. Get combo bonuses when you are tapping fastenough and don't hit obstacles (combo bonus = coin valuemultiplier).At each 100 tower blocks you chop away as a trainedtimberman, a princess is held that you have to save. The tower willget harder and more dangerous after each princess. The first 3princesses will unlock a special potion, that should make thingeasier for you to crush the castle. When unlocked the potions willappear randomly in the gameplay.There are many Quests(achievements) that give you extra money when you unlock them. Eachtime there are 3 active quests you can complete to get free extracoins, check them at the top of the summary menu.Keep in mind thatthe higher you reach in the castle tower, the more lives obstacleswill cost when you hit them. And time will go quicker and quickerthe higher you go. There is a coin doubler available in the shop,it's an upgrade that will last forever.Armor upgrades Knight:-Hammer = Each hit will buy you more time- Helmet = Get more lives-Armor = Coins and bags appear more oftenPower ups upgrades:-Potions = Will drop more often- Wombo Combo = Higher combo bonusespossible (coin value multiplier)- Time Machine = Timer will goslowerDaily bonus:In the main menu you will find a daily rewardicon, get free gold every day you play. Check the countdown timerwhen you can collect your next coins reward.Knight skinsavailable:- Bored Zombie skin- Viking Penguin skin- Famous Birdskin- Undead pirate mask- Cute Panda mask- Rainbow Unicorn Mask-Handsome Vampire mask- Evil Pumpkin maskCrush The Tower is easy toplay, yet hard to master action arcade game, a fun addictive newgame. After you saved the 5 princesses you can continue of courseto beat the highest scores on the leaderboard!Enough features tokeep you busy for a while and the ingredients of a greattime-killing arcade game! Play it on the toilet or any otherplace.Features:- Free to Play!!- Fast paced tapping game- Addictivearcade game- Colorful HD graphics- High quality digital melody andmusic- Worldwide Leaderboard & Achievements- Many upgradesLIKEUS - https://www.facebook.com/NowGamezFOLLOW US -https://www.twitter.com/NowGamezVISIT US - http://www.nowgamez.comAbig THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has already played the newCrush the Tower game!
MADFIST - No Ads!A funny and addicting arcade action game (noadvertisements!). This simple, yet hard to master, one touch gameis very addictive and THE must-have timekiller of the year. Youhave to score as many points as possible. You can reach this bysmashing the little targets with the big MAD FIST. It looks simple,but it's pretty hard get a high highscore, can you? Compare yourscore with others around the world.Press the screen with yourfinger to smash the Mad Fist down quicker.The highly atmosphericlevels and sounds will keep you hooked, try it over and over againto beat your highscore. MAD FIST will entertain you while killingthe idle five-minute segments in your day.A funny and addictingarcade game, you just wanna keep trying to get more points.GameFeatures:- No Advertisements!- A worldwide leaderboard!- Veryaddictive gameplay!- Bite-sized and replayable!- Unlock all theachievements!- One touch easy gameplay!- Simple instructions andcontrols!- Score enough points to unlock new worlds!- The longeryou play, the better you become!- Zombies, military, dinos, aliens,ghosts and many more!- Share your score on Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp, Instagram, Google+, email, sms, Skype and Hangouts.FollowMAD FIST:Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/MadFistGameTwitter:https://www.Twitter.com/MadFistGameWebsite:http://www.MadFistGame.com
MADFIST Retro 1.1.2 APK
MADFIST Retro is Simple yet hard to master to get a high highscore,can you?This MAD FIST wants to squash as many soldiers (and othertargets) as possible. Control the MADFIST by tapping the screen tosquash them all in this crazy and funny action packed game. Enjoyand destroy!Keep smashing them for as long as you can, it's gameover when you touch the ground. Share your score with the sharebutton.This 8-bit action arcade game is the retro version ofMADFIST. A simple yet hard to master one-touch gameplay with lotsof levels that will keep you entertained for hours! MAD FIST willentertain you while killing the idle five-minute segments in yourday.A funny and addicting arcade game with google play gameservices highscore system, so try to score more points.GameFeatures:- A worldwide leaderboard!- Very addictive gameplay!-Bite-sized and replayable!- Earn all the achievements!- One toucheasy gameplay!- Simple instructions and controls!- Score enoughpoints to unlock new worlds!- The longer you play, the better youbecome!- Zombies, military, robots, aliens, ghosts and many more!-Share your score.In MAD FIST your goal is to score as many pointsas possible by hitting the very little targets with a big fat madfist. Tap the screen with your finger to smash the Mad Fist downquicker.If you don't hit the target on time, the MADFIST will crashinto the ground and you’ll have to try again. The highlyatmospheric levels and sounds will keep you hooked to try over andover again to score more points.A big THANK YOU goes out toeveryone who has already played MAD FIST!
V8 Muscle Cars 1.7 APK
Driving with fast V8 Muscle Cars in one of our best race games yet.This car racing game has an awesome game play and lots of features,it already had over 30 million plays on the web! Now this classicAmerican V8 Muscle car race game is available on your mobile devicetoo. Drift through the corners and beat the opponents on alltracks.Drive 5 different classic V8 Muscle Cars in races from thehighways to the mountains! Each car has a different engine and griplevel, which you can upgrade by winning races.Upgrade engine, grip,suspension and turbo boost. Collect the turbo tokens and save themfor tough races.Complete the achievements to unlock the fifth carwhich is super fast and handles like a dream!Get ready to burn somerubber, you will start the races in 10th place, show your drivingskills and finish 1st in this ultimate free racing game! Pick andrace with your V8 dream car now in a classic driving game with realmuscles. FEATURES:- 5 different classic V8 Muscle Cars- Total of 6challenging tracks- Tilt or touch steering- Easy to control- Carupgrades- Fast paced racing- Classic Arcade look and feel- Turboboost- Racing sounds
Screwy Adventures - platformer 1.0.1 APK
Screwy Adventures.This totally FREE game is the newest sidescrollerplatform game available here in the store. Screwy Adventures tellsthe story of the screw-bolt who falls in love with the screw-nut.You are the living screw-bolt named: Screwy! You have to movethroughout all the levels to find your beloved one back.The goal ofthis game is simple. Complete each level, but understand they willget more difficult how further you get. Screwy the amazingscrew-bolt can jump, crawl, hang on the ceiling, stick on the walland even fly. If you get stuck behind some boxes you easily burnthem to the floor. Throughout the levels you will find your gear touse.
Nyan Force - Action Game 1.5 APK
Get your goggles and step in the submarine! Sea creatures areevolving and are threatening humanity! As the commander of the'Nyan Force' it is up to you and your cute little kitties to defendthe humans against this threat. Defend your submarines by gettingyour force together and get in action before they attack you. Inthis fun game you have to collect your armies to take actionagainst the scary fish in the sea. Each of them will attack you.Make your cat army bigger by buying once you have collected enoughbubbles. In a separate menu, you can purchase them. This will getyour army stronger and stronger. You can send your kittens in thedirection of the attack by pointing the green line towards it. Inthis way they will get in time to defend the submarine, otherwisethey possibly find out too late and your submarine wel sink in theact. Each level is progressively more difficult. More and moreanimals come at you, but instead you can buy more and moresubmarines against your enemies to tackle. Keep an eye oneverything and buy in time a new submarine. This way you keep yourarmy strong enough to win. There are 20 challenging levels and 15different submarines. In addition, you will also be able to attackyour enemies with increased skills. There will be other enemiescoming at you every time. Sharks with rocket launchers tobarracudas with bazookas. This game is suitable for everyone. Fromyoung to old. You'll like this game and want to play it to theend.This game is FREE available for mobile or tablet. It is simpleto learn and great fun to play.
Barnyard UFO 1.2.5 APK
SWEET! Barnyard UFO a funny skill based physics puzzle game! Anaddictive new puzzle game for kids. Your mission is to abduct thebarnyard animals for a space zoo. Collect all the stars in 20challenging levels. Control the flying saucer with your finger topickup the animals. Fly them with the UFO to the landing pad sothey can be teleported to the main ship. The aliens want to make azoo in space with these barn animals.A fun game for kids who likepuzzle games and physics games. Multiple animals need to betransported in later levels, it will start of easy and will becomemore difficult. There are also object (wooden boxes) that mightblock the landing pad, you have to lift them up first. But therewill also be objects that can't be lifted. Overall it's one ofthose funny kids games that is fun to play, easy to learn and gotnice colorful graphics.This is one of those puzzle games that canbe played by everybody, a real family game that can be enjoyed bykids and grown ups. A family barn game that is easy to understandfor all ages. With fresh funny gameplay elements you will have agreat time. There is also a FREE version of Barnyard UFO available.
Woodwork Builder Free 1.3.3 APK
In woodwork builder there are 25 challenging levels to solve, soyou won't be bored quickly. A game for kids with colorful graphicsand easy to understand game-play.It is a combination of a physicsand puzzle game that is fun to play. It can be played either bykids or grown ups, both will enjoy it. The levels will start easyto let you get used to the controls, but it will become harder eachlevel. You have to drag the objects to the marked spot in eachlevel, you can use the other items to reach the marked spot byplacing them on top of each other. And if you have multiple itemsyou can even staple them together (so they will not fall tooeasily). See the full instructions in the game, there are infoballoons with some help text in the first couple of levels.This fungame for kids can be played on your phone or tablet, we hope youwill like it as much as we do. It is for sure a great puzzleadventure to play to have some fun for hours. So where are youwaiting for, start playing and become an woodwork engineer and showyour skills by solving all 25 levels.This woodwork builder game isavailable for FREE. This game is simple to learn and great fun toplay, ideal for your children.