1.0 / February 13, 2016
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Prepare for helicopter strike in this actionpacked gunners game: Gunship Helicopter: Assault 3D; free on GooglePlay! A very addictive and easy to use gunship helicopter game,which features touch based user interface.

Piloting the elite chopper; you are the master gunner in chargeof daring air raid on enemy positions. Take control of powerfulmachine gun and rocket launcher to assault commandos on the ground.You have to clear the enemy bases as they call for reinforcementsfrom gunship helicopters and Humvees. Use your powerful rocketlauncher to lock onto the enemy cobra gunships and destroy them outof the air!

Upgrade your weaponry, buy health, and order airstrikes fromfriendly aircraft to destroy the enemy when you are overwhelmed!All this in graphically picturesque scenery and fast paced actionthat will get you hooked with its addictive gameplay without in-apppurchases!

Game Features
• Action packed missions
• 10 exciting levels
• 3 different missions
• Warfare against army with soldiers, helicopters and muchmore!
• Multiple powerups to fend off the enemies like health kit, armor,and air strikes!
• Smooth controller for aiming and firing
• Also optimized for android tablet devices.

App Information Gunner Helicopter Assault 3D

  • App Name
    Gunner Helicopter Assault 3D
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    February 13, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    DET Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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StorylineIn ww2, Nazi had the strongest air force in Europe and tried hardto destroy everything with intensive bomb jet gunner fighters. Alllives on the town were becoming their target. They killed millionsof people as well as millions of innocents. One young defenderstood out to build safety for people and carry out citydefense.With the odds unfavorable, the city defense soldier takes controlof the mounted gunner combat machine to trade blows with the Naziextremists.GameplayUse the power of ww2 themed air jet gunner machines at yourdisposal to destroy mighty Nazi bomber and fighter planes to thwartthis city defense attempt. In 5 intense levels of warlikeenvironments, take control of mounted air jet gunner machines andtwin defender guns against the fast flying air jet fighter enemiesas your only weapon at hand.Beware though, enemy has the advantage of already being in towndomination, so it will be difficult to destroy them without themost perfect of hits. To clear each level, eliminate and destroythe number of fighter and bomber planes roaming around the town inthe time limit, to progress towards to the next levels.Battle against tough war conditions with variables like weatherchanges, such as rains and dark which making your defender missionreal challenging. Keep a steady aim on apache machines for theseplanes, as they rush by you. Taking a perfect shot will only allowyou to destroy spell of enemies. Fail to take any single one down,and the enemy bomber planes will gather up and shoot you intopieces.Features- Highly realistic ww2 themed environments, objects andenemies- FPS assault air jet gunner combat controls- 5 extreme levels of city defense action
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Gain command of an ultimate Jet Fighter warplane and navigate through the risky airs of breathtakinglocations. Master the art of take-off, flight simulator, navigationand landing your war plane, at the same time using your F15 jetfighter plane’s high caliber Gatling guns to take down dummytargets.Breathtaking LocationsThe ultimate jet fighter simulator game provides an array ofdifferent valley mountains and army themed battlefield environmentsfor players to navigate as a pilot on assault mission. Fightthrough tough weather and light conditions in five highly detailedlevels of gameplay and come out as the winner in flying colors.Your pilot’s takeoff and landing simulation skills will be put tothe ultimate test, as rainy, stormy and windy conditions will makeyour F15 jet fighter plane highly unstable, so will have to rely onyour air simulation to get the job done.F15 Jet Fighter Simulator, Powered with High Caliber GatlingGunsYour Ultimate Jet Fighter War Plane will be equipped with threeweapons of ultimate destruction. Use the high caliber Gatling Guns,target rocket launchers and drop bombs to eliminate the dummytarget spread throughout the locations, ensuring you pass througheach checkpoint making your landing safe.Features- Ultimate jet fighter simulator experience- Smooth Navigation, rotational and air elevation controls for F15war plane- High Caliber Gatling Guns, drop bombs and rocket launchers asweapons- Detailed weather conditions on various locations in fiveentertaining levels- Objectives based levels with time limits for successfulcompletion- Army themed environments
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Hello Soldier! Your country calls upon youinthe darkest call of duty. Enemy warships have enteredterritorialwaters to embark upon savaging your homeland. Themilitary wantsyou to go in and stop them dead in the water! You areto defendyour country from the invaders with your blasting machineguns andblowing rocket launchers!Intel indicates multiple warships, carriers and frigates nearthecoastline. You will ride a Sea Stallion to the enemy's lastknownposition. You will engage the enemy upon visual contact.Ruthlesswill be the order of the day as we enter battles that willtest ournerves and the will to fight on for what you believe!***FEATURES***• Shiny Weapons!• Protect yourself with Shields!• Losing health quickly? Get a fresh breath by using thelifekit!• Stuck in a quagmire? Call in the airstrike to blow theenemiesskyhigh!• Enemies with Gunship helicopters, motor boats• Challenging missions• Machine gun and upgraded RPG• Optimized controls• Realistic 3D environment• Real sound effects
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F16 Monster Jet Fighter is anexcitingcombination of modern war simulation and dogfight actionthatsimply unleashes your true gunner spirit. Ready to take onflightyour F16 Monster Jet Fighter to war against invading enemyrivalswith ship carriers and aircrafts. Travel through air highrangesflying advanced super fast F16 Monster Jet Fighter right uponoceanwaves.This war missile mission opens up in a real 3D air dogfightmodernenvironment, lodge with HD visual treat of air bounds anddistantocean View. Use your gunner weaponry wisely! Acute aim needstomake count of war missile trajectory while air strike attackonaircrafts with fully weaponized artillery. Experience the stormofshell exploding aircrafts with cruise missiles and limitlessbulletgunner ammo, bent in the weaponry.Enemy rivals are fast enough. You have to come up withmoderndogfight simulator and f16 elite pilot skills specialized inwarmissile attacks. Get a firm hand on amazingly precisecontrolswhile this air flight war having a close counter with enemyjetrivals. You have to come home with the battle won!GAME FEATURES➫ 4 exciting levels enduring immense F16 Monster JetFightermissions➫ Enemy targeting in cockpit view, switches to third person➫ Flying experience through artificial weather generator➫ Various Power weapons to destroy target➫ Supersonic F16 Monster Jet Fighter battle ambiencesoundeffects➫ Smooth screen transition with Precise controls➫ Classic flight simulator game with addictive gameplay