1.1 / February 23, 2017
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Are you ready for the Ultimate FPS Action Game!? Defeat waves uponwaves of enemies assaulting your position. Hop into your GunshipHelicopter and use your rocket launcher and machine gun to rip theenemy to shreds. They will be attacking you with everything they'vegot like attack helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles.The enemyhas crossed into your land and now the fighting is taking place inthe streets of the city and you the only future ghost soldier whocan stop their advances. Protect your country. You have to win thebattle at any cost as the future of the country depends on you!Youthe are one of the best men of the brigade metal soldiers to besent to the frontline to destroy the enemy in pure fury commandoaction from your gunship helicopter. There is a blackout in thecity as this modern war takes place in the midst ofpeople.Features★ Complete missions divided in regions★ 40 JuicyMissions full of explosive war combat action★ Enjoy realistic gunsimulation and animation!★ Call in the Airforce when you arefeeling overwhelmed by the enemy! The A10's will rip the enemy toshreds!★ Enemies attacking you with everything they've got; GunshipHelicopters, Humvees, Tanks, name it and they've got it!★ Optimizedcontrols for a great FPS experience★ Play anywhere; does notrequire an internet connection and you can play it when you are inyour car (not driving of course), flying in an airplane (real onesat that!), enjoy it in the subway while waiting for your train andyou can even play it on the beach and show the game to your surferdudes!★ Also optimized for android tablet devices.

App Information Gunship Helicopter Air Attack

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    Gunship Helicopter Air Attack
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    February 23, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    GS Games
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    Sidiq Centre,72 Main Boulevard, Gulberg II Lahore
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Race to Death Racing is a Free-to-play action packed endless racingshooter game where you race and unleash your shooting fury throughbeautiful environments filled with mad deadly enemy traffic whichare trying to blow you away! Racing Furious cars has never been somuch fast to the max and adrenaline pumping exciting! Road to DeathRacing challenges you to shoot and destroy all enemy racing rivalswhile driving excessive speed!If you enjoyed racing and shootinggames, you’ll find this game insanely explosivelyaddicting!Features✔ Explosive and Furious Racing Experience!- Speedyour way through rival enemy traffic while shooting them down inbeautifully crafted environments!✔ Various Destructive weapons andCars!- Fire side-mounted weapons for wide range shootingPS. We workhard to ensure that our games run properly on every major androidphone and tablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn'tlet you enjoy our games, please report it [email protected] you love to play our games and wouldlike more addictive games or would just like to say hi, please likeour facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/Galassiastudios
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