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Are you a fan of helicopter games? Welcometothe gunship Battle zone area of big city, in the gameGunshipSimulator Air Battle you are a patriotic driver strikerpilotflying the fighter plane in flying simulator environment inwhichmilitary RC helicopters are flying everywhere, thesewarhelicopters are loaded with c4 explosives and tons ofbombardingblasts in them, so just don’t try to engage them alone ina fightbecause you can’t take out an Army of the civil helicoptersalone,Gunship Simulator Air Battle is an arena of war and battle ,it’s achampionship of flight drivers , and a war Battle among themosttalented fighters , from all across the world for a nicebattleraid.
In Gunship Simulator Air Battle we need to destroy the realmilitarywar enemy bases and devastating tanks in limited time, andescapethe area before the enemy call the reinforcements of airchoppers todestroy your war helicopter as well as your allies,play the seriesof the best plane flight choper game and enjoy thechopper games2017 ,it’s not a fun kill it is endless shooting gamefever.
The gameplay contains both modes single player andmultiplayerwarship battle as well as boat battle as well, in thesingle layermode there are 20 missions in the game in which in thestart ofevery mission a brief introduction of the game will beprovidedwith a detailed map with clear show of existence of theenemy inthe battlefield , the models of the helicopters areadvanced someare black cobras loaded with big machine guns and AIgunners tocontrol these guns you need to unlock these gunshiphelicopters byyour बचत , pick your best helicopter and jump intothe hot battle,there are three kind of weapons with which yourgunship strikehelicopter is loaded with.
War machine guns
Lock target missile shooter
Grenade throw at the place which is right below the helicoptersothat no target gets away fro the hungry Heli.
Playing with the humans is a lot more fun to play the game thantheAI bots because playing with the humans give more challengesandrequires more time to master the skills of the advancedweaponrywith which the helicopters are loaded with.
In the multiplayer missions we can keep an ally with us andfightagainst the other two helicopters and destroy the base, theteamwhich will destroy the opponents base first will be consideredasthe winners.
Game features:
Realistic sounds and controls to control the Heli
Powerful handling and pilot mechanics for thehelicoptercontrols.
Heavy machine guns and heavily loaded weapons.
Best scenes and real battle environments
3d HD graphics
A variety of Helicopter models too chose from

App Information Gunship Simulator Air Battle

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    Gunship Simulator Air Battle
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    April 21, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    ARS Studio
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    100 - 500
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    ARS Studio House 74/6-D, street 36,sector F6/1 Islamabad-44000 PAKISTAN
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”Futuristic Flying Car Simulator” - Aim and Fire: Want to drivefast through long streets of the city? Car Fly high in the skyabove the city? What if you can enjoy both at the same time? Yourwait is over and now get straight into the action that is the"flying car" simulator 3D!Get in the driver seat of the speciallymodified "sports car", do amazing stunts and drifts in the citystreets or offroad or activate airplane "flight car" mode and turnyour fast sports car into a unique [flying car]!! In an instanceyou went from a top car driving expert to a professional airplanepilot!GAME FEATURES:-Put your driving and flight controls to thetest-Incredible HD Graphics -Real life sports car modified forflight capability-Detailed and immersive city worldenvironment-Fun, realistic driving controls-Dynamic cameraangles-Intuitive airplane flight physics-Free to play and easy touseEver wanted to drive "muscle cars"? Maybe fly an airplane? Thisflying car game is perfect for you! Now you can drive your supersports car do stunts and drifts in dirty off-road or fly car likean airplane, feel like a professional aircraft "flight pilot". Youare free in a world that you can do what you want.Fly throughamazing islands! Discover beautiful landscapes!Fly around the Worldand become the best flying car pilot!Want to drive a flying car ofthe future city? Flying Jet car driving is best suited for you!Pilot Futuristic Flying car simulator 3D is an innovativeadrenaline fueled, action, 3D driving and jumping igry.Sreda levelsimulation of a flooded city with high buildings. Extreme Pilot"car simulator" 3D flight to complete each level you need to makeextreme jumps from roof to roof, to find all the fuel cans. Burnthe "asphalt" road! Drive your car, muscle, doing stunts anddrifts! You are free to the world that you can do what youwant.Like to go fast and fly through the air with total freedom?The latest in flying car game simulators has arrived and now youcan transform your sports car into a futuristic flying car. The funwill never end in our brand new flying car simulation!Want to DriveExtreme Muscle Car? Maybe fly a jet aircraft? This flying game isperfect for you! You can test your airplane pilot skills and cardriving ability at the same time. Fly your plane around the worlddiscover new landscapes, Drive your muscle car do stunts and drifts! burn the asphalt road ! be the best car driver!You are free in aworld that you can do what you want.Flying Muscle Car Simulator 3Dis made for all fans of free car driving games, Simulation gamesand Airplane Flight gamesVoiture. jeux de voiture. juegos gratis decarros. juegos de carros. melhores jogos do mundo. josé do egito.Jhjh. Voar. jeux de voiture. mehores jogos do mundo. Машина.Jdjdjdj. Volare. elmejor juego del
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Get ready for an adventurous action. A real action begins when youhave a heli-copter to fly over the Army military territory and yourtarget is to shoot the army base camp with your sniper gun shootand other destructive weapons. So let's get ready for a realthrill. An adventure begins when you have a union of flyingsimulation and sniper shooting action game in same game. Sodownload an adventure of real flying gunship helicopter simulationand sniper shooting action and get a real addiction of real gunshipstrike action game with Sniper Shooting Heli Action. Fury SniperShooting in an army base camp has never been easy. You have to showdeadly skills to take over the elite commando army base camp bymaking strategy against army commando combat. So be focused andattentive until your mission got succeed. Army Sniper Shooting HeliAction is an fps action game.US Armed Forces Heli Operation is thechallenge game for you. You are on helicopter, helicopter move onthe top of the enemies ship. Shoot targeted enemies, clear the shipfrom dangerous terrorists and complete missions. In each level youhave different task, first level is easy rather than otherlevels.In next levels the enemies are efficient and more powerfull. In next levels some enemies attack on them with bombs. Bombscan be damage your helicopter. Your health much decrease when anybomber attack on you. You are including in gunship battle, don'twaste your time and set your target accurately and shoot theenemies.Test your Sniper Shooting skills in this US Armed ForcesHeli Operation game, where you experience the best sniper shootingcommando adventure. Witness the helicopter view shooting, kill allenemies through flying helicopter. Amazing HD graphics, animationsand gameplay to have more fun. Chase the train, destroy thehelicopters, huge ships and many more to shoot down in this snipershooting gunship helicopter simulator game.Gunship Strike puts youin the gunner seat of the most powerful combat helicopters.Strategically fire your powerful machines guns and devastatingmissiles to slay hordes of enemies across the world. Guide withprecision your combat helicopter and demolish the enemy militarybases in the world’s greatest combat experience! Gunship Strikecombines tactics, sniper shooting skills and the right amount ofruthless in this #1 military helicopter action game!If you areaction games lover then this game is just made for you. You canplay this game with full of joy thrill and action. In this US ArmedForces Heli Operation 3D game there are more than missions toachieve. If you complete the mission in time it will result in openup the next level. To start the mission you need to start upchopper first from the home base and fly towards the enemy strikearea. When your helicopter enter the death zone of your strike areafirst mission is to aim then plan to strike the targeted point andprotect yourself from their fire and rocket launcher.GameFeatures:- Realistic Helicopter shooting- Shooting simulator- Freegame with optional in-apps- Thrilling train chase and explosions-Powerful weapons- Unique locations and scenes- Best shooting gamewith helicopter view- HD Graphics and 3D environment- Uniquegameplay- Outstanding music & sounds
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Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator is among the newest Cargo Truck Gamesand your role is Cargo Truck Driver to transport goods from onepoint to other. Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator from Cargo Gamestruck games category is made for entertainment purposes for allusers of Truck simulator 2017 driving games. keep track of the fuelconsumption and fatigue in order to always deliver your cargo ontime.Transport goods, drive cargo trucks and enjoy all features ofa parking simulator and much more in this all new truck simulation.Be the truck driver of your dreams as you drive trucks overmountains and deserts in Truck Simulator 2016.With this wonderfulcity graphics and beautiful red Truck, you won't be able to stopplaying this beautiful Truck simulator. You can crash thedumpsters, push them away and send them flying. Don't push yourselfinto well of death by playing other boring games like racing games,shooting games etc.Offroad Cargo Truck Simulator lets you become areal trucker carrying goods! Featuring European heavy trucks withlots of customization, this truck simulator delivers an excitingdriving experience that will make you feel like driving real truckson tacks and offroads. Travel across beautiful valleys to transportgoods and other household items.Play the career mode of this trucksimulator, make money, purchase new trucks and upgrades, explorethe trucking world! Your choice of Driver games like truckSimulator Games or Simulator Games 2016 is fulfilled with OffroadCargo Truck Simulator games free.Be an offroad driver! Explore theroads full of dirt, rocks, and other obstacles! Sit behind thesteering wheel of a cargo truck transporting goods and drive downoffroad terrain, hills and mountains to deliver your cargo to thecustomer! Be accurate on dangerous road twists to deliver cargoundamaged playing Offroad Cargo Truck SimulatorThis offroad trucksimulator game offers an endless entertainment for truck lovers.Have you ever stuck in mud conquering high hills and climbingmountains? Gain ultimate driving experience with this cargo trucksimulator in 3D! Gain ultimate driving experience and earn moneydelivering cargo to the customer sitting behind the wheel of hugepowerful truck! It’s not a kind of simple job to drive heavytransporter truck with a trailer carrying bulky cargo such asluggage, logs and boxes! Prove your worth as a truck driver –dangerous roads, offroad paths and high hills to climb are waitingfor you!Get ready for the realistic and exciting drivingexperience. Drive offroad cargo truck to explore hilly environmentand test your mountain driving skills. Driving on hills, mountainsand steep paths is a real driving challenge in off-road cargo truckdriver simulator. Operate trailer truck to transport people &cargo and become a real gigantic truck transporter. Don't pushyourself in well of death by playing other boring games like racinggames, action games etc.Extreme Hill Climb driving in Offroad CargoTruck Simulator is the ultimate driving duty to transport cargothrough the rugged terrains, mountains and hills. Your transportertruck might be carrying dangerous cargo so drive carefully. Pathsare difficult to drive on but you can handle this job with yourperfect driving skills . Mountain truck driving with cargotransport is an awesome concept for everyone to play in 2017.
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Bike Stunt Fight - Motorcycle Attack Crazy Racing is an endlessbatmobile action bike racing adventure for those who are searchingfor challenging "bike stunt" games. Stunt rider gives youexperience of reckless racing game in a road warrior racing withextreme bike attack race in most realistic racing simulation ofsuper bike game. It is a death rider gun shooter stunt bike racerin a Moto bike attack race with daredevil and road rush gamecapabilities of super-fast pro racing game. A racing thrill superbike racer outrun rivals with death rider skills like Bike racestunt fight and became a Moto racer in world racingchampionship.Enjoy a unique realistic crazy bike attack racing newwith exciting and astounding fast motor bike racing physicscontrol. In which, you being daring and passing compete for otherbikes closely and making stunts with your heavy-bike by increasingspeed for getting scores, timers, hammer and golden coins. BikeStunt Fight - Motorcycle Attack Crazy Racing is the most amazingreal 3d simulation racing. This is one of the best reckless bikestunt attack 3D racing games before you have not played such a typeof "bike race" riding game. This good time you can test bothdriving experience and also shooting challenges with a super-fastbike ride on an exciting experience. This is the best "riding"challenge on a "highway" road, greenery across the roads; beautifulanimated other traffic, dangerous opponent bike rivals with superbGraphics, charming environment and stunning effective sounds.BikeStunt Fight - Motorcycle Attack Crazy Racing offers you variousselections and modes of game play in "Moto" racing. Tap to attackon rival bikers using kick, punch, axe, bat or pistol to deviatetheir attention from race in this stunt bike race. Performacrobatic stunts with amazing super bikes in death race arena intime attack knockout along with avoiding hurdles just like fighterreal racer in death Moto stunt racing game. There will befrustrating obstacles, crazy traffic, firestorm vehicles andgangsters of crime city on your way. Beware of heavy traffic onroad junctions as they can smash you pretty bad. Satisfy yourpassion and fever towards worlds racing and stunts challenge. Earncash by winning the races. This 3D Bike racing game has variousfeatures and challenges.This bike attack game is simplest to playbut if you cannot control your real traffic bike then it’s tough toplay. This racing bike game gives you a chance to play somethingelse then the regular bike attack games. This game is veryinteresting for those who are searching for challenging bike attackgames. This Bike Stunt Fight - Motorcycle Attack Crazy Racing isone of the latest attack bike racing games. This crazy stunt bikeattack race game is different from the other moto bike racing games2017. This is the ultimate riding attack game in the super cityrush environment. This motor bike attack race game is about stunts,riding, racing and fighting in the "city traffic" area on highway.bike master attack racing is a most popular game in the worldattack bike games. Many people like this amazing stunt fight andrace game. This Bike Stunt Fight - Motorcycle Attack Crazy Racinggame is like as a shooting game.How to Play:• Tilt your device tocontrol the bike• Tap Bat, Axe, Kick and Punch buttons to beat youropponent Bikes• Use nitrous button to boost up your speedKeyFeatures:• Collect different Pickups of Boost, Stunts, Bullets,Shields and Power• Smash gangsters in your way• Collect coins inyour way• Shoot down the fire storm vehicle• Avoid from differentobstacles and vehicles, gangsters coming towards you on bikes•Avoid from accidents at road junctions• Race as many as you can toearn cash
Super Train Driving Simulator 1.0 APK
ARS Studio
Super Train Driving Simulator is thelatestcutting edge train simulator that will allow you to becomethe besttrain driver! Super Train Driving Simulator features“TrackChanging” and fully functional “Signaling System”. The gameboastsa self-sufficient railroad environment where all trainscoexist andoperate just like in the real world. Dynamictrack-changing andsophisticated path selection systems enable allthe trains tofunction smartly without stepping on each other’spaths. Sinceplayers will now rely entirely on signaling and trackchangingswitches, the paths they take will be one among anexponential setof possibilities. This means they will findthemselves stoppingtheir trains on any of the platforms availableat each station.Let's go to drive the fast metro train simulator in therealsubway trains games. Super Train Driving Simulator is thelatestcutting edge train simulator that will allow you to becomethe besttrain driver in subway mountains. Drive the train sim thelushbeauty environment and check your excellent driving skills inthistrain racing game. Control the super fast locomotive trainswhiledriving to reach at train station. This super traindrivingsimulator is the best game, feature rich railroad simulationgames.In this game you have to clear all train station which arethefantastic locomotive railroad to become the perfect railwaydriver.Super Driving Train Simulator features track changingenvironmentin which you have to drive the metro train on rails.This game isvery interesting for the metro train simulator lovers.Once youplayed this game you will be addicted till you complete andendthis game. Stop the train before you enter the danger zone.Changethe camera view as per your comfort, pick up all thepassengers todrop at their respective destinations. You willexperience a realengine driving skills. In this game you willexperience thismonster drive by yourself and you have to show yourskills withfull of fun and a real joy. This game have differentexcitinglevels and different train engines for you.Once you are in the game, the train express is all yourstocontrol. Stop the train before you enter the danger zone!Changethe camera view as per your comfort; pick up all thepassengers todrop at their respective destinations.The high-quality gameplay, amazing trains feature and easyinterfacewill entertain you for hours! Super train drivingsimulator is avery simple game; which let you choose your favoritetrains,accelerate to speed up, use ultimate train interiorfeatures ashorn, bell, turning left/right and stops at red signalto mentionfew. Play and challenge the high score with your friendsto havemore fun.Rail Game FEATURES:-Awesomely realistic 3D graphics-Realistic 3D Train-7 realistic 3D environments and Unlock 25 levels-3 Underground Subway Scene-3D Cab views for train-Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards toslowdown- Press brake to stop the train-Swipe left and right to take turns-Kid friendly-Realistic sounds-Easy controls-Regular content updates-No In-App PurchasingSuper Train Driving Simulator is perfect fun for both adultsandkids who love Trains & Train Games.
Off Road Cargo Truck Driver Simulator - Drive Hill 1.0 APK
ARS Studio
Off Road Cargo Truck Driver Simulator - Drive Hill, pick up thegoods and drive through the dangerous and challenging hill roadsand drop the goods safely at the destination. It’s an absolute hilldriving simulator that will entertain you to the core. Do you wantto drive heavy and long vehicles off the road? Here you canexperience to be the real trucker up the hills and snowymountains.Do not ignore the signboards placed on the roads, so thatthey will lead you to the right path. Be careful while drivingsince it’s a steep road and your journey will be through hillclimbing area. Act as a Off Road Cargo Truck Driver Simulator -Drive Hill, pick up the goods and drive through the unsafe andchallenging hill roads and drop the goods safely at the endpoint.It’s an absolute hill driving simulator that will entertain you tothe core.Off Road Cargo Truck Driver Simulator - Drive Hill is anexciting, adventure, casual and top simulation game for everyone.Modern Truck driving is not a normal driving game but it challengesyou to show your professional and extraordinary driving skills onhills and mountains. So to become a professional carrier truckdriver and earn by sending goods to destinations this is your bestchance to take the driving seat and get started. Since we offerfree to play games, Off Road Cargo Truck Driver Simulator - DriveHill, will expose you to various situations testing you’re drivingand steering abilities. Become a real delivery truck driver withModern Truck Driving!Make your driving experience more realistic!Before leaving for the destination, fix your truck from the garageor workshop. You will never be able to reach destination ontime.Desert cargo is apart from the city, and the whole desert isavailable to drive. Let's drive truck in desert and deliver cargoto unlock whole new level. So simulate your drive with monstercargo truck and drive around amazing arenas. Enjoy ups and downs oflovely desert. Get ready for the epic drive of your 4x4 monstercargo truck.In city roads are full of extreme traffic. Avoidhitting other cars. Drive safe and transport goods to itsdestination. This cargo game gives you a feel of addictive whichbound you to play this game for several hours. Let's download freegame from android play store and get the real fun of drive.Features:Extreme road trip.HD graphics stunning Soundeffects.Select between arrows and steering.Easy Control and gameplay.Thrilling Environment of scary jungle.Multiple Camera Viewsand angles to drive cargo truck.Compatible with all tabs and mobileandroid devices.