1.3 / October 10, 2020
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Kenali gunung gunung yang berada di sekitar kita, sambil menambahilmu dan pengetahuan. Semoga bermanfaat

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    Gunung Api
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    October 10, 2020
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Books & Reference
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Konversi Hijriah dan Masehi 1.2 APK
Aplikasi yang memudahkan kita untukmengkonversikan kalender masehi dan kalender hijriah.semoga bermanfaatAn application thatallows us to convert AD and calendar Hijra calendar.Hope it is useful
Bunny Puzzle 1.0 APK
Bunny Puzzle is a simple and funny puzzle,ideal for your children because they will train their brain,imagination and creativity while having fun.It is an educational game for kids, because it has beendemonstrated that resolving puzzles helps in the development ofskills and abilities of children, such as motoric, creativity,spatial skills, language and self- esteem.Besides, kids will train the resolution of problems, and they willget a funny picture as a reward, stimulating their imagination andself-confidence.It is a free game, consisting in moving the pieces to the correctsquare in order to assemble the pictureAfter finishing a level, the score you got and a complete statisticwith information about your best time, the number of movements, aswell as your worst time and average value of all games played onthis level will be showed.When you exit a game, the state of the puzzle will be automaticallysaved. So you can continue whenever you want.The game has three level :- Easy: Enjoy playing low level for warming.- Medium: play next level.- Hard: think to smartThis game is totally free and is available in the followinglanguages: EnglishThis popular game is also known as 15 puzzle, slide puzzle, slidingpuzzle, sliding block puzzle, sliding tile puzzle, the 15, fifteenpuzzle, gem puzzle, the magic puzzle square.The game works perfectly on tablets and mobile phones.The permission to access internet is used for publicity and for ananonymous private statistic of the game´s use.Please, let us know your opinion and suggestions about the game inorder to improve it.If something doesn´t work or if you want to let us know yoursuggestions, please write us an e-mail.***LEGAL DISCLAIMER:All names, trademarks and images are copyright of their respectiveowners.The use of any names, copyrights, trademarks, videos or photos havebeen used for Descriptive Purpose only and not to show endorsementor permission of use.This is completely unofficial, and created for fans.This app is made by fans for fans, and it is for entertainment andpersonal use or purpose only.For Feedback/Support/ Suggestion or any other query just drop amail here: appsmor@gmail.com© If any copyright infringement, contact us and we'll removeit!
Surat Pendek 1.8 APK
Aplikasi Surat Pendek ini berisi surat surat pendek Al Quran mulaidari surat ke 114 yaitu an naas, al falaq dan seterusnya.Dilengkapi dengan terjemahan dalam bahasa Indonesia. Semogabermanfaat dalam memahami dan menghafal surat-surat dalam Al Quran.
Kisah 25 Nabi dan Rosul 1.4 APK
Yang wajib diketahui oleh umat Islam adalah sebanyak 25 Nabi danRosul Seorang Nabi menerima wahyu dari Allah SWT untuk dirinyasendiri, sedangkan Rosul menerima wahyu dari Allah SWT gunadisampaikan kepada segenap umatnya.
Resep Kue Kering 1.4 APK
Berbagai resep aneka kue kering yg sangat cocok dengan lidah kita,bahan mudah didapat dan cara membuat sederhana hasilnya luar biasa.Semoga bermanfaat
Surat Yasin 1.5 APK
Surat Yasin merupakan aplikasi yang menyajikan bacaan surat yangdilengkapi dengan terjemahannya dalam bahasa Indonesia. Semogadengan adanya aplikasi ini membantu dan memudahkan untuk memahamikandungan Surat Yasin serta mengamalkannya. Semoga bermanfaat.
Resep Takjil 1.5 APK
Aplikasi ini menghadirkan resep resep takjil yang istimewa, mudahbahannya dan sederhana mengolahnya. Semoga bermanfaat.
Shark Matching 1.0 APK
Shark Matching Games a simple and easy game puzzle, need speed andconcentration to finish the game play. It include 3 level game,easy, normal and hard. All you have to do is find the match pair ofimage presented. In the end of game.. it will show you the timeachieved. *** LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All names, trademarks and imagesare copyright of their respective owners. The use of any names,copyrights, trademarks, videos or photos have been used forDescriptive Purpose only and not to show endorsement or permissionof use. This is completely unofficial, and created for fans. Thisapp is made by fans for fans, and it is for entertainment andpersonal use or purpose only. For Feedback/Support/ Suggestion orany other query just drop a mail here: appsmor@gmail.com © If anycopyright infringement, contact us and we'll remove it!