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Large collection of high definition Gurbani ringtones. 50+differenthigh definition Gurbani ringtones audio. Guru Nanak hasbeen called"one of the greatest religious innovators of all time".He set up aunique spiritual, social, and political platform basedon equality,fraternal love, goodness, and virtue. * Show runningtime with titleof Gurbani ringtones. *-* Change ringtones as Phoneringtone. *-*Change ringtones as Alarm tone. *-* Change ringtonesas Notificationtone. *-* Change ringtones as Contact ringtone.Automatic stop andcontinue music during phone calls. Play/Pauseoptions available.Play Previous/Next ringtone options. Ringtoneslist are given below:* Ik Omkar Satnaam * Satnaam * Satnaam WaheGuru * Tu Kab Data *Mitarr pyaare nu * Tu Kahen Dole * Wahe Guru *Waho Waho GovindSingh aape * Aad Sach * Amitwani * Baba Nanak *Dukh Bhanjan Tera *Guru Ka Darshan * Jiska Sath Data * Jiski Sirpu* Lakh Kushiyan *Naal Narayan * Sadal Pawan Ke * Sadguru Pyara *Sare Paas Sukha *Satguru Tumhare

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