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Are you getting fat day by day and worried about your healthybody?Have you wished to be the perfect fit girl and want to openyourown fitness studio? Let us take the fitness challenge in fat tofitfitness simulator and get the healthy body just like theperfectfit girl in fitness girl games. Burn your calories and loseyourextra body fat by doing gym workout in girl fitness game.Fitgirls,welcome to our fitness studio to get the pretty teenfitnessbeauty. Here you cannot just learn how to lose weight butalso howto make your chubby body fit and slim, you can easilybecome thefitness trainer in your own workout gym for girls.Gaining weightis easy but when you talk about losing weight yes itsdifficultthing but not impossible. But if you know all fit girlexercises,and if you have the capacity to do work hard like runningon atreadmill for a couple of hours, cycling or dumble lifting toburnyour calories, then you can easily become the perfect fit girlinthis fat to fit fitness simulator. In our fit girl workout game,wehave multiple gym workout plans and fit body workouts, whichwillhelp you to reshape your body from fat to fit. If you do notknowabout gym workout frames then do not need to worry about, wehave afitness coach and She will help you to become a beautiful fitgirlin this fun girls games.Step into one of the best girlfitnessgames, where you can get your ideal body figure. Girls, areyouready to become the best gym fitness trainer? Help your customertoreshape their bodies by doing different gym workout sessionsinthis fat to fit fitness simulator. Girls love to play fitnessgirlsgames because they love to have slim and smart body figure.Let'sbecome the sports girls and do sports because it is also aneasyway and best workout to get slim body and health. Exercise isanecessary part to remain fit and healthy and to make your bodyfitand active so does not miss to do exercise on daily basistoreshape your figure from fat to slim. Do whatever you want to dotomake your fitness gym one of the best weight lose gymsworkoutsimulator and become the famous fitness star in the wholetown.Make your more fans by working as one of the best-fit girlsinfitness girl game, so that your fans will love to join yourfitnessclasses. Your students will love your fitness tips and willhappyto see their slim bodies after your gym workout sessions.Byfollowing all the gym workout plans, you can become the covergirlof the top of a fitness magazine. Turn your gym workout intofun byplaying one of the best training workout games. Join all thegymworkout sessions to enjoy the real fun of cardio sessions inthisfitness girl games. You will feel the great differencebetweencompleting your workout classes. You can measure your waistand cansee the clear result of your weight loss struggle. Being thebestfitness girl give effective fitness tips to your students abouthowthey can keep themselves fit and slim. Do not miss thegymactivities as all workout activities are important for idealbodyshape. Eat eggs and drink shakes. It will help you to loseyourkgs. Invite your friends to join workout classes in yourownfitness studio by playing this fitness game for girls. It istimeto do workout & dress up, with amazing gym outfit just liketheperfect fit girl in this best fitness game. Go for a beauty spaandSweat into the fat to fit fitness game to get your desiredbodyfigure for your summer vacations and feel fearless whilewearingyour desired outfit. Features - Easy to play- 18 types ofworkoutsessions are available in this fitness game for girls- Inthis gymsimulator, you have Multiple level selections to chooseyourfavorite workout class - Join all workout sessions to getthefitness beauty of the perfect fit girl- Enjoy the real fun offitgirl exercises in this fat to fit fitness simulator

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Girls,boys & kids do you like to play the role of a doctor ifso here is the ultimate heart surgery simulator with real doctortools and best surgeries equipment available in the doctor'sclinic.Come on a lots of patients are arriving at hospital some ofthem require a professional heart transplant doctor on emergencybasis.Two of the patients have gone through electricity shocksTommy & Jimmy, both got shock when they touched the lamp itmight be due to short circuit. Good thing is ambulances have madeit possibles for the patients to reach the hospital on time.Beforestarting any kind of heart operation doctors have to make surewhether the patient is suffering from any other disease likethalassemia which causes the blood to flow in constant manner, inthis case doctors would need to make sure they have ample bloodsupply in case of emergency. Doctors will have to examine hismedical records and whole parts of body especially lungs, kidney& stomach as the doctors would be operating around these areas.In checkup ward a specialized doctor will make sure whether hisblood pressure is at required state, his breathing rate is normal,heart beat is normal using heart beat monitor, whether he hasfever. Mainly ecg will be done to know which parts of heart areaffected and require immediate attention it can be valves, veins,arteries, ecg monitor will print reports to help doctors toidentify the affected areas of the patient.After successfullyidentifying the symptoms take the patient to the operation theatreso that doctors could operate. Cut open the skin remove ribs cageand arteries carefully to reach to the heart. To make sure thepatient may not get infected kill the monsters & germs withlasers.Real part of surgery starts now slice the heart to cut openand view the veins and valves of heart to inquire whether they havecholesterol or any blood clots in them.Inject the heart withantiseptic injection. Take shower to wash the heart internally.Cutthe heart veins and have them checked through veins monitors verifythe reports, and clear the tubes. Stitch both heart parts together.This is very acute treatment you have got to make sure with hisbrain is active, keep on rubbing the arms,head and legs of patientif the blood pressure of heart beat drops from normal otherwise anybody part can go in frozen state as the heart pumps blood to wholebody. Use the plastic tapes to join the veins back together, fixribs and stitch the chest of patient.For health and fitness doctorswill recommend patients to eat healthy food like juices andcholesterol free meals. After that it's patients responsibility totake medication regularly to recover the injuries.Isn't it fun andlearning experience in terms of kids educational needs.Fore morefun check out our other girls games,simulation games and surgerygames for girls.Your opinions and feedback is important to us,kindly rate us and give your feedback at tiptoptapsapps@gmail.com
Kitchen Fever Crazy Chef 1.1.0 APK
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Brain Surgery Hair Doctor 1.0.6 APK
Are you ready to be a crazy virtual surgeon and treat head injuries& transplant patients' hair?In this fun top app you will havebest surgery experience with cool surgery tools available in thedoctors' clinic. Nowadays accidents occur in abundance, somesimilar incidents were reported today, ambulances are doing theirjob by carrying patients giving them first aid and leading themtowards the emergency wards.Doctors of various surgeries arepresent in the hospital, you have got to play the role of a doctor,you will be performing operations & operating the the crew torecover the patients' health.Diagnosis Scenes It's time to operatenow : Hair transplant surgery simulation & brain surgerysimulatorAs a brain doctor you will be performing brain surgeryafter cutting the hair, after that as a hair surgery transplantdoctor you will be taking the patients' hair samples and implantingnew hair of the patients' choice.Brain is the most important partof the body which runs the all the functions of body, make surepatient's heart beat and blood pressure is normal to operate thepatient. Some parts of brain will be frozen by injection so that itwon't be painful for the patient. In case blood pressure drops rubthe foot, and hands to stabilize the pressure.Hair treatment alsoaccompanies the mini game to kill germs and monsters in thepatients' head.For hair loss you will be using hair loss oil makepatient look great again.After treatment doctor will advice to thepatient to eat healthy food, vegetables and fresh fruits juices,patient will be able to grow her hair again can go to barber's shopcan choose any hairstyle to look good and happy again.Play ourother free girls games & games for kids.Kindly rate us and giveyour valuable feedback at tiptoptapsapps@gmail.com.
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Two gorgeous mermaids are ready for some awesome makeover.As abeautician you will be giving them spa, applying makeup anddressing them up.First of all in mermaid princess spa salon youwill have plenty of beauty & cleaning products you will beusing those products and shower to clean the skin and wash out thedirt to make the beautiful mermaid ready for makeup.Next step is totake the little mermaid to the mermaid makeup salon where she has alots of makeup kits full of lipsticks, shades, and eye makeupproducts. Apply the face and eye makeup to the sea princess.MermaidDress up wardrobe is full of fashionable celebrity dresses designedby a top fashion designers and sewed by the mermaids own tailor.Choose wisely to suit the needs of mermaid.After mermaid dress upand makeup its time to take the cute princess to the makeoversalon.In mermaid makeover beauty salon you will have a lots ofoption to choose best ear rings, necklaces, bracelets and crownsmade of beautiful and precious beads and sea pearls. Select thebeautiful hair style to give her a different look.So your lovelymermaid is ready for the sea party, hope she looks pretty like aqueen than her other friends.Try our other girls games, games forkids, princess games and makeup games and don't forget to rate us,give us your feedback at tiptopapps@gmail.com.
Motorcycle wash salon & repair 1.0.5 APK
Good news! girls, boys & kids let's play our best motorcyclewash simulator game for free.Beautiful and amazing heavy bikes& motor bikes are arriving at the garage for cleanup, there isgoing to be huge rush soon. It's going to be a very busy day. Youare given the responsibility to wash and makeover motorcycles inyour own bikes wash beauty salon. Best tools are given to give yourbikes a spa, so why wait let's get started and wash out thebikes.Levels:level -1 cleaning level -2 washinglevel -3paintinglevel -4 designingInstructions:1- Press the play button tostart the fun 2- Choose your favorite type of motorcycle, you willbe directed to garage3- Hold on the water gun and remove thesmudges from the motorcycle4- Take the brush to clean vehicle'stires5- Use shower to remove the dirt and navigate to cleaningscene6- Use shower to clean rest of dirt, drag the stains cleaningtool to clean the stains 7- Drag the brush to wipe out the leaves& navigate to next scene8- Rub the bike with sponge to makesome amazing bubbles 9- Get the oil spray bottle and spray thewhole bike10- Move the dryer along the body of vehicle to dry themotorcycle11- A special kind of brush will take out the left overdirt12- Get the shining machine to apply polish on the entirebody13- Use towel to remove the polish after sometime14- Choose atattoo that suits your bike among various others15- The fun part ishere select color of your choice to apply on the bike and paint itgently to give it a good look16- Finally take the snapshot of yourclean & clear vehicle Your nice smelling and clean motorcycleis ready let's ride have drive.It's the best and fun washing gameto have more fun try out our other free games of girls gamescategory.