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Whatever the contents of this hadeeth is as follows: God's CommandTo Cover Aurat, World Jewelry and Be Delighted, Nikahilah Women'sTop 4 Things, Can Bring Happiness & Misery, Mukminah's WifeWill Help Thee In The Hereafter, Do Good to Everyone, Keep theCompulsory Practices And Entrance Heaven From Any Door,Characteristics Of Wife Being a Resident of Heaven, ProhibitedWithout Fasting If Husband at Home, Wife Not Grateful to Husband,Husband's Laws That Refuse Sociable With Husband, Wife Cursed byAngels, Ied Prayers Required Berjilbab, Husband: Doing Good, Law ofClaiming to Land , Relief To Wife, Husband Is Heaven And Hell, MostHell Occupant is, Two Hell-Fire Group, Non-Mental Touching BanProhibited Using Exaggerated Clothes, Brushing His Brains In Hell,Recommended Walking On the Outskirts Do not Forget To The Mosque,The Whole Body Is Aurat, Dressed But Actually Textile * Jang, TheLaw That Uses Fragrances, Do Not Carve The Teeth, Mostly, TheResidents of Hell Are, A Little Who Enter Heaven, Seeking Divorce,Forsaken Angels, Prayer And Fasting, Menstruation - No Need To Know'Prayer When Holy, Menstruation - Menqadha Fasting When Holy, HaramMixing With Menstruation, Adab Mixing With Husband WhenMenstruation, Haid - Prohibited Thawaf In The Kaaba, Can EliminateMen Sense, Marry For His Religion, Prohibited Reading / TravelingWithout Mahram, Prohibition of Patrimony, Mistakes in Clothes,Salaries for Muslims, Keys to Muslim Women, Laws on Wearing Wudhu,Absorbing Baby's Urine, Reading Al-Quran during Menstruation.==========  fiture: -wipe offline / no internet connection -small file size -can be used in different versions of android========== © 2016 - 2019 Arba_Studio

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It means knowing, then it is impossible to know. The argument issimilar to Science. The argument of Allah swt (Qs. An-Nisa: 176).Ask for a fatwa to you (about you). Say: "Allah bestowed on you thefollowing: if a man dies, and he has no sister and has a sister,then for his sister who is the third of the property he leftbehind, and his brother who had a husband (all property) , if hedoes not have a child, but if the sister is two, then for bothtwo-thirds of the property left by the deceased and if they (theheirs are) brothers and sisters, then the part of a brother as apart of the two sisters, Allah makes it clear to you that you willnot go astray. And Allah knows all things. The following are: adead man who did not leave his father and son.
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Fasting But Abandoning Prayer    Whoever fasts butleaves prayer, means he leaves the most important pillars of thepillars of Islam after tauhid. It was totally useless for him, aslong as he left the prayer. Because prayer is a pillar of religion,above it religion is upright. And those who abandon their legalprayers are infidels. The disbelievers are not accepted. Rasulullahr said: "The agreement between us and them is prayer, whosoeverabandons it he has disbelieved." (Narrated by Ahmad and the writersof the Sunan of the hadeeth of Buraidah) At-Tirmidhi said: Hadithhasan shahih, Al-Hakim and Adz-Dzahabi shake it. Jabir t narrated,the Prophet r said: "(The limit) between a person with disbelief isto leave the prayer." (Narrated by Muslim, Abu Daud, At-Tirmidziand Ibn Majah). On his decision against the infidels, Allah I said:"And We have dealt with all that they do, and We make it as ablazing dust." (Al-Furqaan: 23). That is, the virtues of virtuethey do not for the sake of Allah I shall remove their reward, butWe shall make it as a flying dust. Likewise by leaving prayer incongregation or ending prayer from time to time. The act is avicious and harsh threat. Allah I said: "Then woe to those whopray, those who are negligent from their prayers." (Al-Maa'un:4-5). That is, they are inattentive to the prayer until the timehas passed. If the Prophet r does not allow the home prayers to theblind who do not get the person who leads him to the mosque, whatabout the person whose sharp and healthy eyes have no udzur?Fasting but leaving prayer or no congregation is a clear sign thathe does not fast because he obeys the command of his Lord.Otherwise, why does he abandon the main obligation (prayer)? Thoughthe obligations are an integral whole set of pieces, the one thatreinforces the other. Important Note: 1. Every Muslim must fast forfaith and hope for the reward of Allah, not for riya '(to be seenby people), sum'ah (to be heard by people), to follow people,tolerance to family or society where he lives. So, who motivatesand encourages fasting should be because of his faith that Allah Irequire that fasting for it, and because it expects the reward inthe sight of Allah I with fasting. Similarly with Qiyam Ramadhan(shaiat night / tarawih), he is obliged to run it by faith and hopefor the reward of Allah, not for other reasons. Therefore theProphet r said: "Whoever fasting Ramadhan by faith and hoping forthe reward of Allah, would have been forgiven his past sins,whoever performs the night prayer during the month of Ramadanbecause of faith and hopes the reward of Allah, would have beenforgiven his past sins and whoever performs the prayer on the nightof Lailatul Qadar because of the faith and the hope of God'sreward, will be forgiven of his past sins. " (Muttafaq 'Alaih). 2.Inadvertently, sometimes fasting people, nosebleeds (out blood fromthe nose), vomiting, infiltration or sneezing out of his will.These things do not invalidate the fast. But the person whodeliberately vomits then the fasting is invalid, because theMessenger of Allah 'alaihi wasallam said: "Whoever vomitsaccidentally is not obliged qadha 'upon him, (but) whoeverdeliberately vomit then he is obliged to' fasting '. (Narrated byImam Lima except An-Nasa'i) (Al Arna'uth in Jaami'ul Ushuul, 6/29said: "This Hadith is shahih").  fiture: -wipe offline / nointernet connection - small file size -can be used in differentversions of android
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My sister is. This is what is affordable to me in summarizing thenature of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam as an effort tobring it closer to you so that you get a clarity, illustrated inyour mind, as if you are seeing it with both your eyes. When youperform your prayers as I describe to you about this prayer, then Ihope to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to receive your prayers, becauseyou have performed a deed according to the words of our prophetMuhammad .amin   fiture: -wipe offline / no internetconnection - small file size -can be used in different versions ofandroid
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Let us increase our devotion at the beginning of the year byreminding ourselves of the mistakes we have made and are determinednot to repeat them in the coming year. Imam Qusyairi once statedeight things that can lead someone to faith, namely: First,At-Takharruzu anil Makhawif guarded himself from everything hefeared. Among the things that are feared is the torment of thegrave and the torment of hell. In other words At-Takharruzu 'anilMakhawifi is avoiding things that cause us to be dragged into hell.And also avoids everything that causes torment in the grave. Amongthe things that cause a person to be tormented in the grave areproblems that are considered to be sepel but have considerableeffects. It is clearly explained by the Messenger of Allah thatmost people are tortured by the grave because they underestimatethe splash of urine. That is, urine that is faint in the eye,remains unclean. no matter how small the water will be if theclothes will damage our prayers, if the clothes are worn in prayer.Another thing that also causes the torment of the grave is thehabit of taking 'shoplifting or the language of Jakarta to blow'goods that are not their right. Like taking sandals that areconsidered unused from the mosque or taking flowers belonging tothe kelurahan or RW to be planted in their own homes without theknowledge of the authorities. The following two cases willillustrate the cause of the torment of the grave. The first is thestory of Prophet Jesus when he was walking past a tomb. There wasthe sound of people stretching in pain. With the miracle he had,Prophet Jesus then revived the person who was in the tomb. Then heasked "what did you do wrong, so God tormented you in the gravelike that?" The man replied "since my arrival in this tomb, I havereceived a painful torment from my behavior to take wood that isnot mine". "How much did you take it?" Prophet Isa's question. Theman then answered "no bigger than the rest of the stuff thatslipped inside the tooth". The second story from Qirqiroh issomeone who has been considered a child by the Messenger of Allah.That's how he was educated by the family of the Prophet Muhammad.learn to get along and learn religion from the Messenger of Allah.That is why he is believed to be security, guarding the warehousefor storing spoils of war. Strangely when the news of the Prophet'sdeath came, he answered 'huwa finnar' he was in hell. It turned outthat after being investigated, Qirqirah once took a blanket fromthe warehouse. following a glimpse of the sermon. fiture: -walkingoffline - file size <2mb - runs in various versions of theAndroid OS
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Dalam hukum waris Islam, apabila semua ahliwaris berkumpul, maka yang berhak mendapatkan warisan hanya ada 5(lima) orang yaitu anak kandung (laki-laki dan perempuan), ayah,ibu, istri (janda), suami (duda). Sedang ahli waris lain tidakmendapat apa-apa. Ini adalah prinsip dasar hukum waris Islam yangperlu diketahui oleh kalangan awam. Apabila kelima orang di atastidak lengkap, maka ahli waris lain punya peluang untuk mendapatwarisan seperti uraian dalam artikel ini.Juga, anak angkat (adopsi) bukan termasuk ahli waris dan tidakmendapat warisan dalam situasi apapun. Alternatifnya, orang tuaangkatnya hendaknya memberi mereka hibah atau wasiat sebelummeninggal agar anak angkat mendapat bagian harta.Warisan berasal dari bahasa Arab al-irts (الإرث) atau al-mirats(الميراث) secara umum bermakna peninggalan (tirkah) harta orangyang sudah meninggal (mayit).In Islamic law, if allheirs get together, then who are entitled to inheritance only 5(five) members, namely biological children (male and female),father, mother, wife (widow), husband (widower). Medium other heirsdo not get anything. This is the basic principle of Islamic lawthat needs to be known by the layman. When the five men above isnot complete, then the other heirs have the opportunity to receivethe inheritance as described in this article.Also, the adopted child (adoption) not including the heirs and thedisinherited in any situation. Alternatively, adoptive parentsshould give them a grant or a will before he died that adoptedchildren inherit the property.Heritage derived from the Arabic al-IRTS (الإرث) or al-mirats(الميراث) is generally significantly heritage (tirkah) property ofthe deceased (deceased).