1.2 / January 18, 2018
(3.3/5) (12)


You have an old woman trying to sit down on the seat without havingto bother others with a commuter train?Tap an empty seat and give aseat to the old man first and stop hag's interruption!★ GamecontentIt is a simple game just to tap an empty seat before hag andsit an old man.All 8 stations (8 stages)Can you stop hag'sinterrupt until the end? !★ Recommended for people like this· It isimpossible to find a man who does not give a seat to an old man.·It is hard to pay attention to those who do not give up theirseat.· Hag has been stuck in the train.· To learn train manners. .

App Information Hag a nuisance in the train by taking a chair.

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    Hag a nuisance in the train by taking a chair.
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    January 18, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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