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(4.3/5) (2004)


What a disaster! Something unexpected happened in the Hippo Town! Askillful stylist and hairdresser became ill before the big cityholiday! And now the most stylish beauty and hairdresser salonisn't working! What should we do? There are a lot clients fortoday. You are going to color hair, braid it and do modernhair-does. Does that mean that beauty salon couldn't serve all theclients? Will the celebration be spoiled? Of course, not! Ourbeloved Hippy is going to help! She cut only the grass in front ofher house before, but she is very keen to try something new! Itcould not be more difficult to set hair than to cut the grass.Let's go with us, let's do a unique haircut for every citizen ofHippo town.So, today you are a real hairdresser and stylist, andfashion is your vocation! Beauty salon and hairdresser salon arethe most popular games for girls. Every girl likes to be beautifuland braid all her friends' hair. But to make it perfectly, girlsneed t to be skilful. And today we open a joyful fashion and styleschool for girls! We will wash the hair with a restorative shampooand dry them up with a hairdryer. Then we will do a funny haircutand hair setting. We could do waving or make curly hair straightwith a flat iron. We could also color hair with all possible colorsand choose stylish accessories to make look unique and mysterious.And when all this is not enough to finish the look up, we will usea magic potion from the secret trunk, which will turn our haircutinto the most interesting masterpiece of modern fashion. We coulddo a beautiful girl and princess!Hippo beauty salon and hairdressersalon invite everybody to come over! Play with all the familymembers. Have a lot of positive emotions and spend your timeusefully together with your kids! Stay tuned and stay with us. Ourfree games for girls will delight you and your kids!

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    Hair Salon: Fashion Games for Girls
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    June 13, 2018
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    Hippo Kids Games
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Favorite educational family games! Hippo and her friends areplaying family shop.Hippo and her friend Pig will be sellers at theshop. Raccoon, Giraffe and Cat will be buyers. Family funnyinteractive shop sells a variety of goods: toys, foods, fruits,vegetables, horses and even dinosaurs. It's like a smallsupermarket. Characters take turns coming to the cashier and orderwhat they want to buy. Even if something is not in the market,Hippo and her friend Pig can offer something else. Once youreceived the goods - you must pay! To pay for goods use coins 5, 3and 1. Help to pay for your purchase. To do this, combine thedifferent versions of the coins that would fulfill the sum for thepurchase.Funny Family Interactive Shop, is a great opportunity tospend time with family, and to play and learn at the same time!-Family game- Education element of counting to 20- Colorfuldecorations- Search for items- Funny Hippo heroes and her friends-A hilarious mood during the gameEnjoy the new game with Hippo.Funny Family Interactive Shop.
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Cooking School: Games for Girls 1.2.0 APK
Children like to help their parents. They especially like to helpwith cooking . When there is a cooking in the kitchen, it is no wayto play. But cooking is a complicated process and often it ends upwith a huge mess in the kitchen. But what if you are so eager tocook pancakes, cake or cupcakes? How to cook all that without doinga cleaning after? We have a solution! Home Cooking School with ourcurious Hippo has opened especially for parents and children! We donot only cook food here. We will learn different interestingrecipes and the ways how to decorate dishes. Here you are amaster-chef! Cook dishes for everybody! And your kitchen willremaim clean and without damages.Again, family games are renewedwith a new game. This time Chef Hippo teaches you and your kid tocook. Of course, this is, first of all, an entertaining game, socooking would bring a lot of fun! But do not think that cooking issuch an easy task. All the recipes are special so you need to mixthe ingredients in the correct order and perform all actionscorrect. Whatever we do, cake, cupcakes or pancakes, each dish hasits own characteristics and requires your attention. But at thevery end of cooking it would be a lot of fun. We will decorate allthe dishes to our taste! There will not be restrictions due to thecreativity of our art.Family Cooking School with Hippo is waitingfor you and your kid! Have a lot of positive emotions together withyour kid! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free educational gamesfor girls and boys will always delight you and yourkids.Peculiarities of the game:- Exciting cooking for all thefamily- A lot of recipes (cakes, cupcakes, pancakes and other)- Agreat possibility to spend time together for a whole family- Arecipe book is updating- Secrets of cooking
Good Night Hippo 1.2.3 APK
Very often, when the night comes and everybody says goodnight, youdon't want to sleep. It is a feeling that something is missing. Andreally, there is not always enough good mod, one beautiful picture, a small interesting task, and, of course, an interesting story -good night fairy tale are also missing. That's why our belovedHippy has a special fairytale. Hippy has come to wish goodnight andgift an interesting interactive fairytale for all members of thefamily.Educational games for kids and family are renewed with a newinteresting story about Hippo town. Today we are going to learnwhat are they doing before going to sleep. All Hippo citizens arereally different and have a lot of various tasks, which they needto do before sleeping. Somebody likes to play and watch beautifulpictures in the book. Another citizen likes to invent interestingstories, and somebody just sets a noisy alarm, to wake up earlierand do nothing. Visit every citizen and help them to manage theirurgent tasks. Perform interesting tasks, put the citizens to theirbeds and say them goodnight. When all the citizens are alreadyasleep, you could also go to bed. When the night is outside, andyou don't want to sleep, interactive Hippo lullaby will help you. Akind Hippo wish goodnight to everybody. And don't forget to set analarm not to oversleep in the morning and not to miss a lot ofinteresting and important things!Our interactive good night fairytales are suitable for all the ages, for both kids and adults. Thisinteractive story is suitable for all the family! Furthermore, thisnew game, as well as all our educational family games, isabsolutely for free! Stay tuned, stay with us and have fun playingour free educational family games with your relatives.
Cafe manager - Funny kitchen 1.0.9 APK
Manager Hippo opens a new comfortable cafe with its unique kitchengames. The cook will start its cooking games from the very morningand we will feed animals, serve clients and make our cafe betteruntil the moment it turns into 5 star restaurant! Buy newtablecloths, tables, chairs and decorate the cafe with curtains,art masterpieces and different funny things. And don't forget aboutyour staff, the cook must do its cooking games very fast andcareful, and the kitchen must be always clean.Peculiarities ofHippo cafe game:- cute characters and pleasant music- uniquekitchen, where you perform cooking with pleasure- exciting gameplayand educational elements- elements that develop reaction, quickthinking, logic and motivation- ability to feed animals from allover the worldWe know that the best manager of profitable cafegames are you! Funny kitchen games invites you to have fun. Try anew game, it is so funny and exciting to cook food!
Baby Car Traffic 1.0.9 APK
Hippo. Funny Trip on a new car.Hippo Daddy bought a new car. It's not just a automobile - it'sa convertible automobile, it is possible to raise and lower theroof. Hippo and her family went to the new car on a trip.During the journey, on your way will meet different vehicles,buses and motorcycles. On the road, the big car traffic, if theautomobile is going slowly - you must to overtake, and if theanother automobile is faster than your, you must to give the way.Also during the trip will meet an old automobile that much smoke -you must raise the car window. When it starts to rain - raise theroof of the car so as not to get wet. Hippo will prompt you what todo, and your task in time to perform the necessary action. And ifyou get bored on the road, you can play music. For each completedtask, you get 1 to 3 stars. On your way can get coins - collectthem. Perform all tasks and try to collect all the coins andstars.Control of the game is very easy to move to another lane rathertap on the screen in the correct lane, and the machine will move inthe right direction.Enjoy new game "Hippo. Funny Trip on a new car"
Princess and the Ice Dragon 1.2.0 APK
Free interactive fairy tales for family present you a novelty “ThePrincess and the Dragon”. If you ever played our previous freefamily games such as “Three Little Pigs”, you know that Hippo andher friends get together around the fire in order to tellinteresting stories for boys and girls. And as you may haveguessed, you can not only watch and listen our interactivefamilyfairy tales for kids, but play them for free!In thisinteractive story, Princess Hippo and Ice Dragon will play magicalhide and seek, learn colors, make a spell such as "connect thedots" or "dots to dots" to make all the possible puzzles and solvemagical puzzles. Moreover, coloring books and many others arewaiting for your kids! Don’t think that these are the only games toplay. Of course, not! Also you will need to burst the magicalballs, turn into animals, birds, fish, lizards and even to amagical tablet. Princess Hippo will have to outwit Ice Dragon andat the end of the game a delicious chocolate cake will be waitingfor all the kids and adults.Educational family games for tabletsand mobile phones are becoming a crucial component of modernsociety, and the development of the kids and the excitingentertainment for families is impossible without them. And for kidsand adults there is nothing better than free fairy tales. In ouramazing stories boys and girls develop fine motor skills of hands,motor coordination, logical thinking for free, and the mostimportant, kids and adults are happy playing together in our freeinteractive stories.Educational family games is our priority, thisis what we can and love to do. Meet the new game "The Princess andthe Dragon." Millions of boys and girls who speak Russian,Ukrainian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languageshave already been in love with Hippo and her friends. Hippo ispleased to tell interesting family stories for kids for free, andall she asks for is to rate the game and share it with friends!
Kids Basketball 1.0.6 APK
Baby Hippo - Kids Basketball. Sport games forboys and for girls. For kids from 2 years and older.Basketball - a favorite game of many children. The game becomesmore fun if it is played baby Hippo and her friends. Choose yourcharacter, who you want to play, the team and start the game! Youcan choice from the most world-famous basketball team. Playersavailable - Hippo and her friend Raccoon.You need to learn not only to accurately throw the ball, butalso to protect your basket. Game time is 30 seconds, who scoredmore points - the winner! In order to get good results playingsport games require good reaction and exercise. Especially in gameslike basketball. Move to the top on table of the record and crack arecords!- Funny heroes baby Hippo;- High Scores table;- Basketball for kids;- Educational sport games for boys and girls.Management:To make a throw - swipe in the direction of the opponent's basket.To protect your basket - tap on your player - he will jump up tohit the ball.If you like this game, please rate it.