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Today very few women opt to have theirtressescut in one-length styles. Shag haircuts look more modern,sharp andshapely, being at the same time easily-styled solutions.Modernshags vary the amount of layers and finishes for the edges.Everyhair thickness and length has its ideal shag. Choosing ahaircutfor yourself such as Short haircuts for women, hairucst forwomen,best short haircuts for women, hairstyles for long hair,hairstylesfor short hair, hairstyles for thin hair, you should alsotake intoaccount your face shape and life style.
Medium-Length Shag With Defined Locks
Here we are witnessing a haircut with a few layers throughthelength closer to the ends and fine grading for the tressesframingthe face. This shag is not that unkempt and messy, althoughitfeatures disconnected texture. Most locks are defined andtreatedwith a silky finish.

Long centre-parted shag haircut
Long centre-parted shags are good for oblong faces when you needtoadd volume on the sides on your face. This cute shag alsooffersincredible texture and eases your everyday styling. If yourface israther round and full, haircuts and hairstyles for yourfaceshape

Fantastic modern shag for thick hair
This wonderful shag haircut can boast of envious thicknessandinimitable texture enhanced by glossy auburn ombre highlights.Ashag that is neat and silky through the length and gettingshaggiertowards the ends is the highest class and one of thecurrenttrends. If you wish to view more prominent shag haircutsthat arepopular this season.

Seriously Straight
A shag haircut is often associated with lively, messy layers –butyou can also have your hair cut into a super straightstyle.Leaving your locks thicker up top and getting them thinnertowardthe bottom, you will achieve a great shape, dimension andseriouslystraight locks left over to graze your shoulders.

Swept Layers for medium hair
If your hair is naturally straight but tends to be medium intextureor length, try some swept back layers that are styled tobringfullness to the sides and back of the hair. Add in somesubtlehighlights if you want to take your new look a stepfurther.

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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art. It wascreated in Brazil by slaves that were forced to hide the fightwithin a dance some time after the 16th century. It was developedin the region known as Pernambuco in “Quilombo de Palmares”,presently state of Alagoas. Capoeira is physically dynamic becauseit utilizes acrobatics, cleverness, and cunning. Participants forma “roda”, or circle, and take turns either playing musicalinstruments (such as the Berimbau), singing, or sparring in pairsin the center of the roda. The sparring is marked by fluidacrobatic play, feints, and extensive use of sweeps, kicks, andhead butts. Other techniques include elbow strikes, slaps, punches,and body throws. Capoeira is the second most popular sport inBrazil and is practiced all around the world by people of differentraces, age, gender, and beliefs.Some of the benefits Capoeira offers:- Learn Self Defense- Build Cardio and Stamina- Develop Strength and Flexibility- Develop Balance and Coordination- Learn Discipline- Build Self-Esteem and Confidence- Learn to Play Musical Instruments- Learn about the Brazilian culture while learning a newlanguageWith this app you will learn Capoira from the beginning or you'llbe able to perfect your technique. Videos easy to follow, in whichyou'll be able to find the following techniques: El Ginga, laEsquiva, la Meia-lua de Frente, el Cocorinha, el Queixada, elBalanca, la Negativa, el Papel, la Armada, el Bancao, el Martelo,el Macaco, el Au, el Rabo de Arraia, la Meia Lua de Compasso, elS-dobrado, el Ponteira, el Chapeu de Couro, el Pisao, el Gancho, elQueda de Rins, el Vingativa, Capoeira Angola vs Capoeira Regional yla Capoeira RodaCapoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements ofdance, acrobatics and music, and is sometimes referred to as agame. Start learning Capoeira lessons today.
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Katana Techiniques 7.1 APK
The katana (samurai sword) is a weapon thatwas popular during Feudal Japan. Before katanas, they used a tachifor the cutting edge needed in battle. The signature of this swordwas facing the wrong way. With a need to correct this as well ashave a quicker draw on the sword in close combat, the katana gavethe samurai the edge needed for victory. Also, it was great to usethe katana with another sword. Using a shuriken as a concealed,throwing weapon would be great to move in closer. The sword waswashed using a technique to rid the metal of impurities. Thiscreated a sharpness and strength in which many swords could notcompete. The katana is still used in martial arts such as Kendo,Kenjutsu, and Aikido.If any of this sounds familiar such as katana master, katana sword,samurai, katana training, katana techniquesBasics: Holding Your KatanaWithout the foundation, you’ll be wielding your sword incorrectly.This video shows you how to hold your katana properly. It teachesyou the correct way to approach the handle keep your sword erectfor offensive and defensive purposes. It shows you how to properlyhold the sword with two hands and have the wrists facing a certainway with your sword alignment for great strikes. Also, you learnabout the different parts of the katana and taking care ofit.Drawing CutsWhat’s interesting to note is the same way you draw your sword(release it from your sheath) is how you set up your first cut. Ina sense, it works as a two for one. Timing and alignment iseverything. The left hand is the opener of the sword and the righthand is used to guide it around the handle. The sword is pulled outtoward the opponent in a horizontal manner with an intention tostrike. The right hand grips and sets up the snap for a greatcut.Two Handed CutsKirioroshi is the name for two handed cut. From a 45 degree angle,you want to hold your sword above your head. You want your gripping(mainly your thumbs) to be behind the sword rather than solely onthe side. You want to extend your cut upward for a great strike.It’s more or less an elliptical-like motion (up, outward, down).It’s also important to watch your foot positioning for eachcut.Flicking The BladeIn times of battles, this was a great way to rid your blade ofblood. You always wanted to make sure you thoroughly cleaned yourblade because blood and residue would cause your sword to rust. Ofcourse, simply flicking your blade won’t get all your stains out,but it’s a good habit to remind yourself to clean your blade.Returning The SwordAfter cleaning your sword, you want to place the sword back intothe sheath correctly to not cut yourself. Noto (returning yoursword) is all about good left hand placement. The hole is coveredby the last three fingers. You use your other hand to create asecond hole. Shoden is a rather swift return that actually lets thedull part of your blade touch the back of your hand as you stop andslowly slide the sword back in the sheath.No 1 App For Best katana techniques in Play StoreThis app contains the various of katana techniques such as : katanamaster, katana sword, samurai, katana training, katanatechniques
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