1.0 / December 7, 2017
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STORYYou are a young, struggling detective that works in a townwitha failing law enforcement system. Crimes in this city arerunningrapid, and the death count is increasing every year, enoughso, thatthe federal government is beginning to get involved. Dueto yourinability to solve cases, you were fired from the LocalDeputy’sOffice, and were removed from the position of their“leadinvestigator”. With the urge you have to protect your city,restorethe law enforcement, and prove the Deputy’s Office they werewrongto fire you, you set off to solve all the cases from yourhousewith the information available to you. You strive now tobringthose criminals to justice! GAMEPLAYThe gameplay in this gameisvery simple, no need to get up and walk around, with verycomplexmechanics you have to follow in order to find the evidenceto theculprit. This game doesn’t have any of that. All the evidenceisavailable to you immediately, all you need to do is read allthepapers given to you, which include all the evidence, and decidewhoyou think the culprit is.This game is not focused so much onthe“gameplay” aspect, but is heavily focused on the “story,andmysterious” side of a detective story (and also has a humoraspecttoo, his game is not completely serious ;) ). The culprit inthisgame is not obvious, it requires logic, and problem solvingskillswith critical examination, or thinking. This game is notobvious,but it is fair, and the answer is within the evidence givento you,all that matter is how drive you are to figure out who didit. Inthis game a simple little detail can confirm the whole case,sotake every word to memory when choosing. The game right now isademo, to show you the vibe and difficulty of the game, but thisisnot the full game. This game mostly involves reading, andexaminingevidence in the reading notes and reports closely foranswers. Thecontrols will be presented to you on a paper at thebeginning andin-game as well (you don’t have to read them if youdon’t want to,but it is highly suggested to understand what to do.)Make sure torecognize every clue you can, but most of all, havefun!

App Information Half of the Analyzed

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    Half of the Analyzed
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    December 7, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    MESH cowork, LLC
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