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Trick or Treating? Cartoons impressive battles withfighters.

Fight with the best fighters in the world of cartoons, Christmasand terrifying characters, fantastic and imaginary dolls.

A terrifying night of Halloween, pumpkin doll fight against anevil elf or disguised as Santa Claus. Halloween is a night to stayawake, the enemy is on any street, and here the question of trickor treating is not enough.

A bloody Christmas, with fights between characters, like thefluorescent skeleton or the same classic Santa Claus.
Compete against every fighter cartoon in History mode 20 levelsawait you, halloween and Christmas characters fight each pair holdof the illusions and terrors of children.

Step into the magical world Cartoon. Impressive battle indifferent worlds await Christmas with realistic scenarios andterror Cartoons.

Funny dolls to fight free time. Use your fists and kicks todestroy the characters in this fun fighting game. Scares everyonewith your doll and become the king of the night. Do not ask formore candy, turns the streets of your neighborhood in hell. Yourneighbors can not escape. Trick or Treating?

Try all the cartoons fighters.
- ASTRONAUT: Doing intergalactic travel is always a struggle.
- POLICE: Police cartoon imaginary world, his punches arelethal.
- CAPTAIN SPACEY: O doll of the galaxy, their movements aregalactic.
- CHEF Namsey: Chef best known for handling the knife.
- DOLL ELF: An elf dressed as Father Christmas, no Christmaswithout fights.
- PRISONER: Just escaped from the maximum security prison.
- GIANT PUMPKIN: The famous and devilish Halloween pumpkin.
- GREEN MUCUS: A large green mucus or leave you crushed to theground.
- Pirate: A pirate with traditional fighting techniques.
- NINJA: the fastest movements in the ring.
- ZOMBIE: Revive at night to scare children
- MUMMY: Ancient Egyptian Mummy, hard as stone.
- MAN SNOW: City with its famous ice attack.
- MARLIN WIZARD: A great magician, able to make impressiveattacks.
- MEDIEVAL KNIGHT: His enormous sword causes damage brutal.
- SANTA CLAUS: Classic Christmas with his reindeer Rudolf.
- COURSE: The hardest of the war, his mortal blow can behellish.
- ROBOT: A killing machine of the future arrival.

App Information Halloween Cartoon Fighters

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Can you imagine all the rap stars reunited inthe same arena? They all have beefs among them and now they cansolve it in the hood. Choose your favorite rapper and fightevery rap star to get the hip-hop throne.Gangs are ready to watch the most controversial fights. Guns andweapons are not allowed so it´s going to be a real kick and punchcombat. Also female rappers are here to fight against the mostknown rappers in the world and live a thug life. This musicproducers or lyric mc´s are ready to battle in the trap.Multiple combos to defeat your enemy, vital waves, martial arts,karate, kick boxing, kung fu, thousands of tricks and combinationsof kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks, infinity punchknockouts air strikes and many more to discover.You have up to 3 rounds to defeat you enemy, the more you hityour opponent it will be easier to launch the power combo hit.Every rapper has its own specific power combo hit so try themall.These are the rap fighters:FUTURISTIC He is very well known in the trap game because heknows how to chop bricks like karate.ACTION BRANDON He was a chef back in the days now has thefastest movements thanks to its knife skills.NICKEY MINAY Beautiful girl that freezes with its prettylook.WHIZ KALUFA Skinny boy with lots of tattoos for every win inthe fighting arena.BAD JOE Golden era rapper with slow movements but very bigbody.THA GAMER Conflicts with its first record label made him abeast and know only think in fighting.SLIM JESUS New in the game, is very well know for its drillmovement.NATARIUS He moved from music to fashion but still have apower punch that scares every artist.None of the characters mentioned exist in real life, they are justfiction.
Hockey Players Fight 2016 1.0 APK
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Hockey Players FightIce Hockey Fight 2016, is an aggressive fighter in a field ofice hockey. Fight to the end by kicking and punching unfinishedexpelled. Feel the action in the field without referee. Choose anyof the most murderer hockey stars to win the tournament in storymode. The excitement at its best when you fight with your classicrival. The rubber disc is not necessary, nor your long cane orstick, fight melee, one on one, only with your ice skates andcuffs. Many players are in the bank ready to fight for theirequipment and keep going until the end of the playoff. There are noinjuries and failures will never be punished by the referee becausethis is a game of street fight knockout style.+ Danny Alfred the best leader and captain, is one of the bestfighters in the world hockey. Master all the martial arts since hewas a child.+ Timmy Armaggedon typical college player, his movements aresmooth and barely visible.+ Pierre Bourdeux is an old glory of the fight. is theprofessional hockey goalie most famous ice.+ Brian Calgary player in New York in the United States is wellknown for its brutal punch.+ Sergy Victorious began his first fight in Russia, now part ofthe legendary stars of Ice Hockey.+ Patricio Rosby representative of Slovakia, its size andstrength in the ring led him to be a top fighter.+ Sunday Chasec his career as a goalkeeper in Buffalo andDetroit, makes it a great fighter, he defends well and has goodreflexes.+ James Ginleio come from Nigeria, currently active, watch yourinfernal attack kick.Remember that this is just fiction. Do not try to fight in thestreet. Play on your mobile when you try to fight enemies.Two professional hockey players involved in a fight, multiplecombos to defeat your enemy, vital waves, martial arts, karate,kick boxing, thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, punch,air strikes, multiple kicks, infinity punch, punches Air and manymore to discover knockouts.Three game modes, World, Flying Start and Training. Realisticscenario, the Tier encourages public and encourages you with theirwhistles and applause on the side of the hockey rink.Choose your favorite team player, each character has skills,movements and different tricks, plus a different way of fighting inhockey stadium.The gameplay Playoffs season is a tie between the best teams inthe world, you have to beat your rivals, but will be eliminatedfrom the World Cup.The training mode will help you learn tricks and martial arts,you can see this by pressing the buttons and checking the effect ofyour shots.Actual combat in this fighting game of hockey where playersengage in a fight between the best players in the world ofinternational teams and hockey leagues best known.
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Basket players fight in midfield.Basketball Players fight 2016 is an aggressive fighter in thebasketball court. Struggle to reach the finals by kicking andpunching unfinished ejected by the referee.Feel the action in the field without referee. No Steps, personalfouls, technical foul, free throw, location, countryside ago,downtime or illegal plug. Choose any of the majority of the mostfamous players in the world of American basketball murderer to winthe competition in the story mode. The excitement at its best whenyou fight with your classic rival. The ball is not required to makea basket and score points doubles and triples, either, only hisbasketball sneakers and cuffs.Your favorite players are in the bank ready to fight for theirteams until the fourth quarter !. It's not a slam dunk contest foran alley-oop and kill the hoop with a good basket. There are noinjuries and failures will never be punished by the referee becausethis is a street fight knockout game.Basketball legends such as:+ Mickey Mordan is one of the best fighters in the worldbasketball. He mastered all martial arts since he was a child.Historical and legendary, best basketball player of all time.Barry Bear + is simply the most magical boxer who ever lived, hismovements are smooth and barely visible.+ Cobi Ryan is an old glory of the fight. He knows all thetechniques of street gangs and knows all about street fighting. Nowyou can fight him again in the pitch.+ Pablo Sol is also a fighter from active football, well known inSpain and Europe is well known for its mega-kick in thechest.+ Marco Sol another fighter from Spain, is the brother of PabloSol, he is escalating levels in their careers.+ Labrador Jones: With 2.03 meters high, known for his talent,versatility a powerful physique, his fight is versatile like hisplaying position, base or power forward+ Danny Portman: US Ex-basketball player with defensive skills andrejoneadores, scarlet capacity jumps deadly attacks.+ Hernando Rolay: Spanish Player of the old school of Madrid,winner of the European Cup, stocky and muscular, sometimes theexperience can help win the final battle.This game is not a contest of triples. Two basketball players areengaged in a fight, multiple combos to defeat your enemy, vitalwaves, martial arts, karate, kick boxing, thousands of tricks andcombinations of kicks, airstrikes, multiple kicks, infinity punch,air strikes and knockouts many more to discover.Three game modes, World Cup, and Flying Start Training. Realisticscenario, the Tier encourages public and encourages you with theirwhistles and applause at the side of the indoor basketball.Choose your favorite team player, basketball legends have skills,movements and different tricks, plus a different way to fight onthe court.The training mode will help you learn tricks and martial arts, youcan see this by pressing the buttons and checking the effect ofyour moves and let your enemy knockout.Actual combat in this fighting game of basketball where playersengage in a fight between the best basketball teams in the world ofinternational basketball leagues and best known in the world.2016Bambo Studio
Pixel Blocky Fight APK
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Pixel Blocky Fight.Do you like fighting? Do you like pixels? That´s the game, theultimate kombat between the best pixel fighters in the world!Pixel Blocky Fight, select your favourite character andstart the kombat, using blows, hooks, kicks, vital waves, combos,martial arts and other fighting real combat techniques. Can youdefeat all the blocky fighters in the world? Karate, Taekwondo,Shaolin, Chinese Kempo, judo, karate, aikido, jujitsu, kendo,kickboxing, kung fu. Martial Arts can be used to hit your opponentsstrongly, even your magic power can be launched with buttoncombos.Fighting dolls following pixels:SHERIFF BOB: It is the highest authority of the countyFIREFIGHTER: Firefighter of the city, ready to extinguish anyfire.BUSINESS EDY: A businessman in the financial district.HOBO MAN: A poor and dirty tramp who lives on the street.MIKE DA COP: Riot police ready for any emergency action.SESSIE PUNK: Punk radical, its rules do not work with the currentsystem.ROADWORKER DAN: Works of workers, improving city facilities.WAITRESS MARTHA: Waitress, a lifetime in the world of hotels andrestaurants.Defeat all the pixel fighters and become a blocky fightlegend.✭ FEATURES ✭* Amazing 3D Pixel Fighters with Stunt Graphics* 8 Characters with Special Moves* Story Mode* Versus Mode* High Quality Fighting Engine to Feel Real Combat.* Special Moves and CombosPixel Fight is the ultimate fight game which bring you the bestpixel blocky fighters, characters formed by cubes pixels orsquare blocks, try to defeat them with your favourite characterand become a fight legend.This classic fighting game, is based on the famous and classic gamestreet fighting.Pixel Fight is totally FREE! Kick, punch, and launch your magicto fight and win!
Soccer Caps 2018 ⚽️ Table Futbol Game 2.4.5 APK
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Have you ever played with buttons? Are you ready for this soccerchampionship? Play Online in the champions soccer league! Win theonline international table football tournament and become a legendin this free soccer game! Know the traditional game PennyFootball?. Surely you played with friends at school classic gamesheets, drawing a football field and using the classic soft drinksand plates with your favorite football traditional buttons gameplayers. In this game everything is done, play on your phone ortablet comfortably with your football legends. Win the SoccerCompetition.Win every match of our Online Cup Soccer League: Showyour opponents who is the best table soccer player! Penny football,also called, coin football, soccer caps, button football, sportingcoin, spoin, table football, tabletop football, or shove ha'pennyfootball, is a coin game played upon a table top. The aim of thegame is for a player to score more goals with the pennies("Spucks") than their opponent. This is an electronic version ofthe game. The game has been in existence since at least 1959.Hereaches the top of the league with your star team and play soccerlike never before buttons fun game where you have to try to scorethe best goals of the season using your best football players.Playsoccer cup with the best teams in the world, this amazing gamesheet that will make you feel the best coach in the world, try towin every game they have this season.Remember how we play ButtonFootball?, plates on the floor or on the table, with chalkedcircuit to play a race or a football match. Using plates, marbles,concave discs, buttons, bottle caps, coins or any other roundobject that hit a ball, to score a goal. Similar to table footballor mini soccer but played with sheets, chips or coins.Want to bethe best player in the world sheets? Download now Soccer Caps Game, and enjoy leading your team to glory, you'd never felt so closeto the golf. Soccer game Button Football or Soccer Caps, allows youto be the champion of world soccer. Your stars have to play a goodgame and show that they can play in the team, pass, dribble,sprint, shooting and goal, this is the way to be the king of thesheets!Enjoy playing with buttons as ever in this addictive soccergame where you have to win games of the World Cup.