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October 31st is just around the corner and you know what thatmeans! Ghosts, zombies, bats and vampires in their best scaryHalloween designed costumes.Decorate your nails with perfect nailpolish to match your costume whether you are a sweet pink castleprincess or a spooky green haunted witch. Glowing nail art gamesare the best games ever!How to play:Open the game & follow usto find out some helpful skills of the game. Firstly, you can startwith either hand or switch them by clicking the hand icon on theright. And the icon above it can help you change the skin colors.Then you can tap each nail to zoom in and design it in your ownway, you’ll easily distinguish every single finger from each other.Here offers a little tip, if you want the other 4 fingers same withthe designed one, tapping "Apply To All" will be helpful and the"Apply To Both" can help you unify the two hands.All right, haveyou got all the skills and will you become the hottest master ofmanicure? Come to challenge! People with ideas are foundeverywhere, but only people with creativity will stand out from alldesigners.Features:- Create fabulous nail designs on differenttoenail & fingernail shapes and lengths!- 4 different skintones!- 3 kinds of polish colors give you over 100 choices it maybe shiny,glitter,shaded,pastel polishes.- Plenty of eleganttattoos, crafted rings and gorgeous bracelets are ready for freecombination- The art dotting tools offer you an easy way todecorate your works- 100 different patterns and 100 cute stickers!-Customize your salon to look like the top nail places inHollywood!- Save and share your creativity to your friends and saveit to salaryGame Includes:- Halloween Nail Art Games- HalloweenManicure- Halloween Pedicure - Halloween Princess Games- HalloweenDay 2017- Halloween Girls Games- Halloween Nail Art- Halloween NailSalonEnjoy with FANTASTIC FUN...

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    October 26, 2017
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    Fantastic Fun
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Weddings in India vary regionally, the religion and perpersonal preferences of the bride and groom. They are festiveoccasions in India, and in most cases celebrated with extensivedecorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals that dependon the religion of the bride and the groom.PHONE CALLSTraditionallyin the arranged marriage to-be wife and husband are introduced toeach other, this is the first time they meet, The meeting is thenfollowed by phone call or email, meet a couple of times.Theyintroduce with each other by long talk on the phone calls and thenask for a decision.ENGAGEMENTRing are exchanged between the groomand bride to-be. They signify to the world that they belong tosomeone special and someone special belongs to them. this ceremonyheld in the presence of a ‘pundit’, close friends and relatives.INVITATION CARDA wedding invitation is a letter askingthe to attend a wedding. It is typically written informal, third-person language and post it to relatives orfriends three to four weeks before the wedding date. FACE SPAKnowbride putting their best face forward by booking a skin-caretreatment before the big day(Wedding).So simply schedule a facialtreatment at least one week prior. HALDIA couple days beforea Hindu wedding, the bride and groom each organize a ‘haldi’ceremony (sometimes called ‘Pithi’ ceremony) at their respectedhomes. From this point until the time of the wedding, the coupleshould not see each nor should they leave the house.The haldi pasteserves as a cleanser for the body and soul and signifies thebride's preparation and welcoming into adult married life.MEHNDIMehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in theancient Indian subcontinent. It is typically applied duringweddings for brides. it made from the finely ground leaves of theHenna Plant.SANGEETOne of the most talked about pre-wedding events,the Sangeet, is a celebration of coming together of the twofamilies in the union of their children.A sangeetceremony is an Indian wedding tradition that involves singing,dancing and music. MAKEUPIndian bridal makeup takes in the wholeperson and consists of 16 items including the dress. These itemsare known as the Solah Shringar of the bride.MANDAP DECORATIONInHindi, Mandap translates to a covered structure with pillars. Inessence, the Mandap serves as the alter for Indian weddings,specifically for Hindu ceremonies. The Mandap consists of fourpillars, symbolizing the four parents who worked hard to raisetheir children.DRESSUPHindu brides are asked to wear redduring the wedding proceedings since it stands forprosperity and fertility. It may be a traditional Sari or Lehengaof red, maroon, gold or green colors. Red color also symbolizeslove, commitment, strength and bravery in Indianculture.WEDDINGFirst of all groom and bride exchange the ‘varmala’with each other.The ceremony starts off with the ‘kanya daan’,in which the bride's parents give her away to groom. Thengroom will apply a reds ‘sindoor’ to the center of the bride'sforehead and tie a black beaded ‘mangalsutra’ around her neck,symbolizing she's now a married woman.RECEPTIONA weddingreception is a party usually held after thecompletion of a marriage ceremony as hospitality forthose who have attended the wedding. The couple receives society,in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a marriedcouple.Here is a good chance to make your Indian Girl Makeover withFantastic Fun.
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Road Tracing BookLooking for a motivating way to teach how towrite the ABCs and Numbers? These free letter tracing game takewriting practice to a whole new level of fun. The motivating pagesare great to use as a literacy center , homeschool simpleeducational activityGiving kids plenty of practice forming lettersis an important step in helping them become independent writers.When children can write the ABCs automatically, their brainsare freed up to work on other parts of writing like identifyingletter sounds and adding punctuation.New thing in this game isRoad Tracing ..Kids placed the car on the road next to the sign anddrove their car across the letter. They feel like they are drivethe car on the way.Beep Beep! Move on over, Tiny Road is exactlythe puzzle experience your child has been waiting for! Tiny Roadsencourages kids to develop creative thinking, problem solving allwhile having loads of fun!Easy to learn and to control:- Touch anddraw the line through cars. - Arrow symbol will guide you all theway.This free alphabet tracing app is an educational andentertaining game that helps your kids recognise letter andalphabet sounds and learn to write simply by following the dots.Features:~> So straightforward and engaging!!~> Easy to useand control~> Fun for children~> All the letters and numbersare available for FREE~> Learn to trace and recogniseletters~> High quality graphics~> Activity for ages 3 to5.~> Share your car routes & ride with GPS on Google+,Facebook, Twitter and via emailEnjoy highway or road tracingeducational toddler game with FANTASTIC FUN
Indian Fashion Wedding Spa Salon And Makeover 1.0.0 APK
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Dress up the girl from India in beautiful saris and othertraditional Indian clothes! Pick a hairstyle and jewellery tomatch.Indian Girl Make Up Girls, today we are going to meet apretty Indian girl and she will tell us how to take care of ourfacial skin with Indian secret beauty treatment. And then let'schoose a sari with her. Enjoy yourself.This beautiful Indian girlhas the dancing, singing, and musical ability to quickly rise theranks of the Bollywood star system. But she'll need your help tomaintain her style and continue to get starring roles in all of thegreatest roles!In order to obtain a long-lasting look, you shouldstart by cleansing face well and then patting it dry to ensure thatthere are no traces of dirt or oil on the face.This This Indianbridal girl has hired you as a new stylist and you want to showyour makeup skills.At the beginning of game start to apply spatreatment. Massage on face with cream, wash face using shower, lastapply face pack. Help her in perfect makeup, choose eye shadow,lipstick, eye lashes & more from given makeup kit. Choosebeautiful hairstyle which suits on her face then select designerIndian dress from wide collection with matching accessories likenecklace, earrings, mangtikka, bindi, chapal,colorful series, choliwith colorful dupata & more.Enjoy with FANTASTIC FUN…
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Can you give all your patients their smile back?Become a dentistand take care of your patients teeth! Use different tools to treatcaries, bad breath and extract teeth. Play fun mini games and usethe stethoscope hints in case you are stuck on your to-do list. Thegame should not affect a child in a bad way, but it is supposed toentertain and teach something useful at the same time. This virtualdentist games are not only for Naughty kids, but also for ourgrown-up crazy dentist game lovers as well! The story continues ofhow a big doctor you become for your patients and how you fightdifferent kind of little monsters in your patient’s mouth. Easy tolearn and to control:a lot of patients need your helpopen the citymap and choose the levelchoose the treatmentchoose from differentdental instruments to treat the patientremove bacteria from themouth, brush teeth, treat decayed teethtreat patients withprofessional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezerscrazy cooldoctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers !Brush dirty teeth,pull teeth, fight bacteria and so much more !fight bacteria toprevent tooth decay !Shine up their teeth with a toothbrush !applydental treatment, remove cavities and horrible germsEnjoy WithFANTASTIC FUN.....
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Free Baby Phone Mother's Songs For Your Kids or ChildrenDownloadand enjoy the best kids game for Mother's Loving Children. DearKids, Now is the time when you let your mom know how much they meanto you!…How much you are love her.Plenty of Mother’s songs insidethe game, for you to enjoy and cherish. The game shows you thebeautiful phone with colorful buttons to play.When your child dialsa number, an image chosen at screen of the phone. Your child cantouch the button to hear the sounds and watch it move around.Funfeatures in the game:
- Cute Animals and it hilarious Sound 
-Popular 25+ Mother's Songs- Kids friendly content- Infinite gameplay with unlimited graphics.Don't miss to play beautiful Mother'sSongs tunes dedicated to all loving Mothers. A perfect song forkids of all ages to celebrate Mother’s Love.Enjoy With FANTASTICFUN!!!
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The farm game you’ve been waiting for is here at last! Come andplay the BEST looking FREE TO PLAY farm game for kidsAndroid!Cattle Farm Tycoon is not an ordinary farm games; you canplay it all day long offline without Wi-Fi. Your escape to yourdream farmland will not be restricted. After returning to your lushgreen family farm from the big city, it is your chance to polishyour farming skills.Cattle Farm Tycoon! As farm animals are alwaysfun to play with little kids and simulation games depicting villagelife are important for intellectual development of your child. Ananimal farm for all farmhouse story game lovers. So Cattle FarmTycoon will make your cute toddler share his virtual experience byplaying with cows and fetching eggs.If your child want to playwithin a farm you have found the right educational game !There arefour cattle activities:1.Poultry FarmingHey kids! Hens are hungry,go to the hen’s barn and feed grains. After feeding it’s time forcollecting eggs in the bucket. This is a fun point where you willplay a crazy mini game in which you need to catch falling eggs in abucket. Don’t let the eggs fall otherwise you will lose. Gather alleggs and manage them in a crate load them on the delivery truck andsend them to supermarkets.2.Cow Milking Little cows are hungry andwaiting for hay and crops to eat. Feed the cows different from ofhay and make them healthy and happy. Now cows are ready to givemilk. Cow milking is always fun! Start milking the cows with expertfarmer’s skills and collect milk in large buckets.cow milk is oneof the best and unique ideas we made for you’re for lot of cheers,fun and entertainment. Milk factory’s truck is on the farm land,fill the milk in the delivery truck and complete you cow milkingstory.3.FisheriesNow do some fish farming. Put some little cutefishes in the farmer’s water pool. Feed the fish proper food andmake them grow. It’s time for doing some fish catching and fishinguse net to catch big fishes and put them in bucket. Deliver thefishes to the super market4.Sheep Shearing“As ships jump over thefence, you will be more sleepy.Collect wools to let the new sheepand animals on dream hill.”Sheep’s are running in barn, gather allthe sheep’s and collect them on the cattle transporter truck.Transport the animals to the wool factory and shave the wool fromthe sheep’s body using machine. Fill the wool in large bags andload them on the delivery vehicle.Enjoy the world of cultivationand cattle raising as the best farmer in town. Unleash your greenside in this ultimate farm adventure where fun never ends withFANTASTIC FUN.
Indian Super Stylist Salon - Indian Wedding 1.0.0 APK
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Welcome To Indian Super Stylist Salon Indian Wedding Game.NowIndian Princess Bride looking for the perfect materials to make hertraditional sari and the makeup she'll need to look absolutelydivine. Do you know where to look?She's been in hundreds ofBollywood videos, but she's thinking about transferring over to thetraditional scene! Can you give her an outfit that will easilytranslate from coast to coast across the oceans to her newhome?Here is a good chance to make your Indian Girl Makeover byplaying free makeover games and decorate as per your taste.AnIndian princess' wardrobe is always full of best quality Indianfabric which is very famous throughout the world! She can alwaysfind every colour tone she dreams of and precious gems complete herroyalty!At the beginning of game start to apply spa treatment.Massage on face with cream, wash face using shower, last apply facepack. Help her in perfect makeup, choose eye shadow, lipstick, eyelashes & more from given makeup kit. Enjoy with FANTASTIC FUN!!!