2.0 / July 6, 2017
(3.0/5) (28)


This is a game for all fans and libiteleyhamsters and gryzonov! If you have a Syrian, Jungar hamster orangora and breeding hamsters you like then you'll love this game!Hamster is very sweet and he rotates with your phone's screen andtravels through the desert, if you like pictures and photos withhamsters then this game is for you. Brave home hamster crosses oneof the biggest deserts of the world, but he was not discouraged andfun galloping ahead. Or maybe it's just a fancy hamster ...

Interactive hamster responds to the movement of your hand! Do notforget to feed and change the water to your hamster friends! Thesesmall pets give us so many positive emotions. This toy is good tohave some fun with your friends and get a lot of positive emotions.Animals, such as a hamster, chinchilla, rabbit, squirrel, lovewheels! This helps them to stay in good physical shape. Hamster ofthis game is very strong, brave and agile, it moves very quickly.If your friends are also very fond of hamsters, do not forget toshow them this app!

App Information Hamster In a Wheel Desert

  • App Name
    Hamster In a Wheel Desert
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 6, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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Взлом ВК Хакер В Маске Шалость 1.0 APK
Эта стильная программа выполнена в стилеХакерВ Маске Всегда мечтал показать своими друзьям кто тут хакер?Теперьты можешь показать им свое искусство, это отличный симуляторВКвзлом аккаунт хак и пароль киллер VK для того чтобыокружающиеузнали кто тут хакер! Тот кто проделает все хитро получитславухакера, удачи!Не забывайте, это лишь симулятор взлома и создано для шутокирозыгрышей над друзьями. То что выдается под видом парольэтопросто случайная последовательность символов. Это приложениенеимеет никакого отношения к социальной сети Вконтакте Vkontakte инеиспользует ее название или товарный знак.The ideal programisexecuted in the style of hacker Masked always wanted to showyourfriends who is the hacker? Now you can show them their art,this isa great simulator VC hack hack your account and passwordkiller VKto know who's around a hacker! Those who will do all thetrickyattacker will get the glory, good luck!Do not forget, this is only a simulator hacking and createdforjokes and pranks on your friends. What is given in the guise ofapassword is just a random string of characters. Thisapplicationhas nothing to do with Vkontakte Vkontakte socialnetwork and doesnot use the name or trademark.
Тест: Насколько ты лидер? 1.0 APK
Лидерство почти всегда основываетсянаповедении человека, особенно на его поведении в отношениидругихлюдей. Пройди этот тест и узнай, тот ли ты человек,которыйрассматривается другими и получает уважение как лидер. Узнайвсюправду о себе, лидер ли ты различных групп и объединений людей,ктоты по натуре, какой у тебя характер. Властный ты или же нет.Этот тест на лидерство подходит для женщин, мужчин,школьников,студентов, бизнесменов, да для кого угодно. Герои почтивсегдавластны, великие лидеры, только они способны изменить мирвокругсебя. Железная воля и твердая рука, их тонкий ум заставляетмассыстановиться ведомыми перед ведущим. Способно ли твое эгостатьжестоким во имя великой цели, господин ли ты своей жизни,развитыли в тебе лидерские качества, дерзкий ли ты человек.Властный литвой взгляд, открыта ли тебе психологическая психологиявласти,какова твоя власть, самовлюбленный ли ты нарцисс,хитрыйромантический эгоист ли ты, циник или мизантроп по жизни, гдетвояахиллесова пята. Этот тест поможет понять, какого типа и лидерлиты.It leads nearlyalwaysbased on human behavior, especially its behavior with respecttoother people. Take this test and find out whether you aretheperson who is considered by others and gets respect as aleader.Learn the truth about yourself, are you the leader ofvariousgroups and associations of people who you are by nature,what isyour character. Imperious you or not.This test of leadership for women, men, schoolchildren,students,businessmen, but for anyone. The heroes are almost alwayshavepower, great leaders, but they can change the world aroundthem.Iron Will and a steady hand, their subtle mind makes themasses tobecome slaves to the master. Able Does your ego to becomeviolentfor the sake of a great goal, Mr. Do you your life, whetheryoudeveloped leadership qualities, are you daring man. ImperiousDoyou think if you open psychological psychology of power, whatisyour power, narcissists do you narcissus, artful romantic Areyouselfish cynic or a misanthrope in life where your Achillesheel.This test will help you understand what type and whetheryou're aleader.
Seven Best Facial Masks 3.0 APK
Feedback from users is the best seven facialmasks! You could buy an expensive mask for the face, but it isbetter to do everything for free at home! The effect is not worse.Download can be done for free, and try all of these masks at home,in the home of improvised conventional products. In this collectionincluded only the most effective and affordable common manfacials.Caring for your face will allow it to retain youth and beauty foryears to come and you will shine beauty as much as you want. Helpsand pimples here and face mask from potatoes and curd mask withaloe, potatoes, dill, the mask of carrot and fruit, fruit ingeneral is very important. Detailed recipe tells you how to make amask at home, inexpensively. Maybe you did not know that the usualpotatoes eliminates acne and charges the youth, and with sour creammask moisturizes the skin. The mask of strawberries or mask withactivated carbon face masks practiced by women of all nations andraces, facial mask known since ancient times. Clean face can helpdry facials, gelatin mask with honey, moisturizing, whiteningfacial mask of curd, whitening mask is now very fashionable, tohelp rejuvenate the face. These masks are suitable for oily skin,this mask of black spots and wrinkles, fine clay, it isrejuvenating your skin will glow life and health. Here are the mostpopular and effective home facial masks.
Do not drink 1.3 APK
The app gives reliable motivation foreverrenounce alcohol abuse!If you unbearably wanted to drink, just turn on the app for a fewminutes - it is the desire to disappear completely.The application demonstrates the morning of the following user ofalcohol abuse of the day when he will remain alone with the toilet.Colorful photos, stream of thoughts and sounds of the groans,suffering from alcoholic hangover, can not remain indifferent andwill guide you on the path of healthy living.Suitable for women, adolescents, adult men, at any stage ofalcoholism. Is support during abstinence syndrome, it helps tounderstand the causes of alcohol abuse. It's time to stop drinking.Buha smaller brother, stop, especially if you are in a drinkingbout. Heavy drinking is very harmful. Drinking and drunkenness isevil, as delivery of alcohol, alcohol destroys a person, causinghim irreparable harm. You can now drop this. Can I drink, thinkitself if you're ready for this morning. There is no table orencoding of pnstva not help, and our means secure. Prayer andconspiracy from drinking will not help, and this app will help forsure. Folk remedy, so to speak, from alcoholism. Advertisedrunkenness husband and wife fight, strongly opposed. And findredemption, purification, help. What they say about it ... Afterdangers of alcohol is very bad hangover, it just corruption, sin.What alcohol when there is sport. Remember, alcohol addiction - adisease that requires treatment.
Hamster In a Wheel Jungle 1.0 APK
A hamster moves with your phone's screen!Ifyou love hamsters, including Syrian, Jungar and angora, andotherspecies, then this app is right for you! This brave Syrianhamsterwas not afraid of wild African jungle! If you're a fan ofSyrianhamsters or hamsters of the divorce itself, then you'll lovethisgame! Tell her about your friends who also have hamsters. Thisgameis an excellent opportunity to pin and laugh with your friends,youget a lot of fun!Share this game your hamster, he likes! Syrian hamsters arealsocalled golden because of their golden, sandy color. They areveryundemanding in care, durable and neat, so they are anexcellentoption for the maintenance of the apartment. Not enoughpleasuredelivers nimble behavior of a small furry animal. Syrianhamstersdo not bite (unless out of your hand does not smellsomethingdelicious), so you can safely take your hands. Hamster - asmallmammal of the rodent. In captivity, they live about 2-3 years.Inthe wild, commonly found 2 types of hamsters: Syrian and Jungar.Todistinguish them is very simple - Jungar hamsters are muchlessSyria, they are gray, with longitudinal black stripe on theback.If Jungar distinguished from other breeds simply, theSyrianhamsters is much more complicated. They are shorthaired,longhairedand hairless, that is bald. The first two Syrians canhave coats ofall colors and shades. Syrian hamsters have 4 fingerson the frontlegs, and 5 on the rear. In its large cheek pouches hecan carryhalf the weight of his body. If you're a fan of rodentsand youlike photos of nature then this game you enjoy!
Quit Smoking Mountains 2 APK
This program is completely free and allows youto enjoy the mountain scenery and to follow the restoration of thebody's own after you decide to quit smoking. Once again broke, donot know how not to break? This app is the answer to this question- just download it for free and see each day as your body goes agradual recovery after the abandonment of tobacco has become areality.If you wonder how to quit smoking and constantly you try somemethods, but it does not work, then try this and be sure to getover the pernicious habit of smoking. Bodies voostanavlivayutsyapercentage, day after day, give you a reason to rabovatsya andbreathe. Wonderful mountain landscape on the background ofmotivation to give up cigarettes and breathe. This is a very easyway to quit smoking, I would have envied even Allen Carr. Eachorgan of your body voosstanavlivaetsya at different speeds, it isreflected in the percentage who understand people from all over theworld. On their own, without any help, this course will help you torise above themselves and their addictions, tobacco addiction willremain in the past, try now. Move to the rhythm quit no smoking,because what happens to the body during smoking is awful and onlyafter you quit smoking you finally zazhivesh a normal life with thesupport of their own health. The best motivation to quit smoking isnot money, not poschet nevykurennyh cigarettes, and their ownhealth, a timetable for its restoration in stages. To live in therhythm do not smoke is very simple, you just need to want it. Naivethose Cro denied the harm of smoking, nicotine is dangerous, it isthe death of the game with Smer is a dangerous game, and thehookah, electronical cigarette, electronic cigarette, too, carrieshis injury is confirmed, scientists, vzmi himself and throw smoke.Ahead of you have a happy life with a full chest that contains theonly clean air.
Тест: Насколько ты скрытный? 2.0 APK
У всех нас есть тяга к открытости иоткровенности, но со временем мир ее у нас отбивает. Этот тестрасскажет о том, насколько ты скрытен в своих отношениях сокружающими.Иногда человек скрытный с раннего детства. Причины могут бытьразнообразными. Таким образом, у человека с самого детствапотребность в общении снижена, и впоследствии, этот интерес можетне повыситься, не актуализироваться. Главной причиной к скрытностиявляются внутренние проблемы человека, его психологические травмы ипереживания.Хикка-ассасин нашего времени, или твоя душа нараспашку, все этопокажет этот тест. Пора примерять очки и маску хикиимори, двачеватьна дваче лурке или нет. Подходит для тян и кунов, все зависимостиот уровня познаний мемов и мемасов. Тру хикка мизантроп, луркбитард, купчующий капча или это не про тебя, ответы в этойпрограмме, нужно просто скачать. Подходит для женщин, детей, чики,друзей и бабули хиккана. Узнать, живешь ли ты в ритме серкетности,замкнутость и закрытость человека и много ли у тебя секретов. Наодной стороне - сознание несвободы, страх и скрытность, на другой -свобода, спокойствие и открытость. Скрытные люди часто выглядятзлыми и угрюмыми. На самом деле это далеко не всегда так. Такойчеловек просто погружён в свои мыслии для него не является слишкомважным идти на контакт с социумом. Сможешь ли ты выжить в горахскайрима, морровинда или обливиона, петь песню хикки, хикковать вподземелье. Знаешь ли ты как стать хикке, прокачав свою скрытность,сможешь ли стать вором-разбойником или этот гайд из крипотных сторидля тебя скрыт. Одинок ли ты внутренне, гордый ли ты или тебесвойственна открытость.We all have a desire foropenness and candor, but eventually her world we discourage. Thistest will tell you how you are secretive in their dealings withothers.Sometimes a person secretive since early childhood. The reasons maybe diverse. Thus, a person from childhood the need forcommunication is reduced, and then, this interest can not rise, notactualized. The main reason for secrecy is the internal problem ofman, his psychological trauma and distress.Hickey-assassin of our time, or your soul wide open, all this showsthat test. It's time to try on glasses and mask hikiimori,dvachevat on dvache lurke or not. Suitable for chan and Coons, alldepending on the level of knowledge and memasov memes. Tru Hickeymisanthrope, lurke bitard, bill of sale or a captcha is not aboutyou, the answers to this program, you just need to download.Suitable for women, children, snips, friends and granny hikkana.Find out if you live in the rhythm of serketnosti, isolation andcloseness of man and how many you have secrets. On one side - theconsciousness of the lack of freedom, fear and secrecy, on theother - the freedom, peace and openness. Secretive people oftenlook angry and sullen. In fact, this is not always the case. Such aperson is simply immersed in their thoughts is not too importantfor him to make contact with society. Will you be able to survivein the mountains of Skyrim, Morrowind or Oblivion, sing a songHickey, hikkovat underground. Do you know how to become Hickeypumped his reticence, can I be a thief, a robber, or the guide ofStory kripotnyh hidden for you. Are you lonely internally Are youproud or are you characterized by openness.
Rushing Train Prank 1.0 APK
Your friend will think that it goes nearatrain at high speed and very scared, it's a great joke forthatfriend or to deceive pinned on her classmate. It sounds verylargeand loud train that knocks on the tracks very much andbuzzingloudly. The application enables a very grumpy andfrightening soundof a train at full speed and very scare yourfriend, a classmate ora pet! In that case, if you want to make funand unexpected turnsome cool sound that your friend was veryfrightened and fell intobewilderment, then this app is for you.Train loud knocking andbuzzing, it sounds very frightening,especially if you include thespeakers at full volume, and if youinclude the sound of a sudden!You can make fun of and their parentsor grandparents, suddenlyturning them these terrible trainsounds.

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Sangiorgi Srl
**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and withAndroid >= 5.0 (Lollipop), can connect with this app but theyCANNOT view the WEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android < 5.0(Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and they CANNOT view theWEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPSprotocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBox Arcadyan-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINS BRUTEFORCE in a SMART WAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTEDDEVICES )Why SMART?Because, app will try 11000 PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your device if the first 4 of 8 digits of WPSPIN, are correct and the last digit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, app allows to notify if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NOROOT ).NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.WPS Lock state is a state when Access Point, for security reasons,does not allow no more PINs. THEN is USELESS to try othersPINs.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344
Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value