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This Buddhist Handbook or Vandana, is for buddhist to take refugein the triple gem for daily buddhist recital or puja....it alsoinvokes blessings before you start any prayer or chantingsession....keep this in your phone can also act as an amulet forprotection.... This version is only available in pali, english& chinese, i hope to add more languages to this app...anytranslation volunteer are welcome !!!! Sadhu sadhu sadhu....

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    Handbook Of Buddhist (Vandana)
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    January 28, 2019
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    Digital Buddha Apps
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Handbook Of Buddhist (Vandana) 1.12 APK
This Buddhist Handbook or Vandana, is for buddhist to take refugein the triple gem for daily buddhist recital or puja....it alsoinvokes blessings before you start any prayer or chantingsession....keep this in your phone can also act as an amulet forprotection.... This version is only available in pali, english& chinese, i hope to add more languages to this app...anytranslation volunteer are welcome !!!! Sadhu sadhu sadhu....
Chanting Buddha 1.16 APK
Lets chant or recite Buddhist scriptures together ! ! ! ! Thisprogram is equipped with a beautiful melody and lyrics chant . Themain purpose of this program is to facilitate the Buddhists allover the world whenever and wherever you can, do not need to recitea prayer book or CD. This mobile app includes the followingBuddhist prayers: - Great Compassionate Mantra - Great Vows of theBodhisattvas - Buddha Inspiration song - Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra- Pure Dharmakaya Buddha. Download it into your phone and enjoychanting. It not only served as a prayer book, it also act as aprotective amulet. Store Buddhist text everywhere to receiveprotection and blessings from the Buddha. This app support multiplescreen sizes as well as both portrait and landscape mode, butportrait mode is more favourable.
Guanyin33观音显灵 1.1 APK
大家好,由于明天是9月19日观音菩萨出家纪念日,所以我打算尽快赶完此程序以丰现观音菩萨。虽然此程序还没达到我所要的成果,可是我赶着播放去appstore,目的是为了要与大家分享。*我將在稍後如果有瑕疵更新。請原諒我的那一刻。謝謝。Hello everyone, sincetomorrow is September 19 Guanyin Bodhisattva monk Day, so I'm goingto catch up as quickly as possible to complete this program is nowabundant Goddess of Mercy. Although this procedure has not reachedwhat I want the outcome, but I catch a play go appstore, thepurpose is to want to share with you.* I will update later if defective. Please forgive me for themoment. Thank you.
Buddhist Songs - 1 1.7 APK
Because we have affinity with Buddhism, so I decided to create freeof charge Buddhist song apps. Faithful followers of Buddha can hearthe sweet music at any time anywhere. This application contains thefollowing six beautiful Buddhist songs: 01. Amitabha in the heart02. Farewell 03. Release Road 04. Fantasy world 05. Buddha's Love06. Sufferings in the world, who knows? In addition to the firstBuddhist song support, there are six of the same song, but they aremeditation music (meditation). Please download and enjoy it! . .Thank you.
Amitabha Chants 1.13 APK
This mobile app includes the following Buddhist prayers: lotuspraise, namo amitabha long prayer, buddha praise, three buddhas,pure repentance, samantabhra assembly, three refuges. Download itinto your phone and enjoy chanting. It not only served as a prayerbook, it also act as a protective amulet. Store Buddhist texteverywhere to receive protection and blessings from the Buddha.This app support multiple screen sizes as well as both portrait andlandscape mode, but portrait mode is more favorable.
Bhaisajyaguru Medicine Buddha 1.12 APK
This app includes below three sutras chants of BhaisajyaguruMedicine Buddha: 1. Medicine Guru Heart Mantra 2. Medicine BuddhaLong Dharani 3. Healing Eyes Sutra According the Medicine Sutra ofLapis Lazuli Light, Bhaisajyguru vows to heal all beings of allillnesses. Thus, he states the following 12 great vows: 1. My bodyshall emits brilliant light in all directions. 2. My body shall bepure and flawless as crystal. 3. I shall grant boundless windsom.4. Lead beings to the path of righteousness. 5. Enable all sentientbeings to observe moral conducts. 6. All beings be blessed withgood health. 7. Relieve all pain and poverty. 8. Transform womeninto men. 9. Free all beings from evil thoughts. 10. Freed thosewho bound by sufferings. 11. Give food to the hunger and lead themto the Dharma. 12.Help achieve wishes.
Heart Sutra (Sanskrit) 1.13 APK
Heart Sutra is the most powerful and famous sutra of BodhisattvaAvalokitesvara (观音菩萨 / 观世音菩萨) especially in Mahayana Buddhism.Mahayana Buddhism spreads throughout countries such as China,Japan, Mongolia, Tibet, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Bhutan and Nepaletc etc although many people in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) countriesalso Mahayanist. Main objective of Heart Sutra (orPrajna-Paramita), is the realization of Emptiness. Other benefitsof Heart Sutra are as follows: • Ward off bad luck • Calms the soul• Ward off ghost (鬼) • Ghost Emergency & Protection • Stay safeduring Hungry Ghost Festival (盂蘭/七月/鬼月/饿鬼节) • Learn the way of lifebehind the true meaning of Heart Sutra • For Tranquility &Relaxation • and many more This application can be used for: ✔Understand the meaning of Heart Sutra ✔ Translation of Heart sutrain English (or Native Language) ✔ Chanting of Heart Sutra inSanskrit. ✔ Looping of chanting Coming Soon.... Added languagetranslation....check it out....
Earth Store Bodhisattva 1.18 APK
Earth Store Bodhisattva or simply Ksitigarbha, is a bodhisattva whovowed to release all beings in the Hell until the Hell is empty.Ksitigarbha also helps save beings from natural disasters oraccidents or any tragedy related to earth. It is extremelybeneficial to chant his mantra during All Souls Days (or ChingMing) festival and Hungry Ghost (or Ullambana) festival. Besides,Ksitigarbha mantra also about filial piety. It describe howMaudgalyana save his mother from Hell. After Maudgalyanasuccessfully saved his mother from Hell, he vowed to become EarthStore Bodhisattva to help save all beings from Hell. Ksitigarbhaonce vowed that : “Until the hells are empty, I vow not to become aBuddha: only after all beings are saved, will I myself realizeBodhi.” Because these endless vows, like the earth are durable andsolid, and because they are also like fertile soil, can grow allmanner of goodness in the world, so he is known as Earth storeBodhisattva. In our daily life, this mantra is to be used for anydifficulties or problems in any situation. Just a few times, it isalready very powerful. Also, Earth Store Bodhisattva is revered asthe protector of stillborn, miscarriage and aborted babies. He isthe protective deity of travellers and guardian of pregnant women.He protects against earthquakes; he prolongs life and is a guardianof children. Ksitigarbha appears in numerous forms to alleviate thesuffering of the living and the dead. There are some 28 kinds ofbenefits that will be gained by reciting this sutra, namely: 1.Protection and mindfulness of devas and nagas; 2. Daily increase ofvirtuous fruition; 3. Accumulation of elevated and sacred causes;4. Non-retrogression from path of Bodhi; 5. Affluence and abundantof clothing and food; 6. Non-occurrence of diseases; 7.Non-occurrence of the calamities of flood or fire; 8. No harassmentby robbery and thievery; 9. Admiration and respect of all personsone encounters; 10. Aid and support of deities and demons; 11.Transformation of the female body into the male body at rebirth;12. Being a royal minister’s daughter if reborn as a female; 13.Possession of a dignified and graceful form; 14. Frequent rebirthin the heaven realms; 15. Sometimes becoming an emperor or a king;16. Possession of the miraculous power of knowing one’s previouslives; 17. All prayers will be answered; 18. Delight and happinessfor the members of one’s family; 19. Elimination of all unexpectedand unpleasant happenings; 20. Permanent eradication of the karmicways of life; 21. Always passing through safely wherever onetravels; 22. Always feeling safety and delight in one’s dreams; 23.Elimination of suffering for one’s departed ones; 24. Rebirth onthe strength of previous bliss; 25. Praises by the Holy Ones; 26.Possession of clever wit and healthy organs; 27. Fullness of mercy,pity, and compassion.” 28. Sure will become Buddha. This appincludes all chapters of the Past Vows of the Sutra of the Earthstore Bodhisattva and also its mantra chanting. Its mantrainclude:- (i) Earth Store Bodhisattva Mantra (ii) Mantra forEliminating Predicament Karma (iii) Earth Store Bodhisattva PraiseDownload this app and you will be protected by Earth StoreBodhisattva (Ksitigarbha/DiZang) whenever you go. Thanks.