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This Hangman game can be used for both entertainment andeducational purposes. This is similar to Puzzle, Riddle, Crossword,Brain teaser word games.... - Support for Different Screen sizesand devices KINDLE FIRE, SAMSUNG GALAXY tab 10.1, 8.9. 7, s2, DROIDCHARGER, HTC DESIRE, Acer Icnia A500, Motorola XOOM, AsusTransformer et allIt is having a dictionary of more than 23000words which it picks at random and it does not require internetconnection to run the game as the entire wordlist is offline. Thedifferentiating factor is the HINT button which displays themeaning of the word you are trying to guess (This feature won'twork without internet connectivity)Can be used for improving yourenglish vocabulary, especially for GRE/GMAT aspirants.Please givehonest feedback as this is my first app in marketplace and I willtry to incorporate any constructive suggestions in laterreleases.Version 1.0 to 1.4Enhancements:============================- Changed the way the HINTwas displayed. Earlier it used to appear in toast for a smallinterval and then used to disappear (users were not able to readthe hint properly.) - Change in orientation used to reset the game(now fixed) - UI Enhancements, changed the layout- Fixed Bug: Hinthad stopped working - Fixed Bug: When game starts the key wereenabled without any word being populated

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    February 13, 2012
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    Android 1.6 and up
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