1.3.5 / November 19, 2018
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Start and expand your own café! Grow fresh ingredients onyourorganic farm and cook hundreds of dishes from all around theworld!Upgrade your kitchen with new appliances and invite yourfriends tojoin the fun! All that and much more awaits you in thisexcitingFREE time management game!   Do you fancy cookingclassicAmerican meals, do you obsess over the intricacies ofexquisiteJapanese food, or do you prefer the delicious aroma ofItaliandesserts – then you're in for a treat! It’s your chance toshine,so turn up the heat and cook mouthwatering burgers,spicy-hotpizzas, crispy fresh salads and delightful pastry –thepossibilities are truly endless! In need of gourmetingredients?Then roll up your sleeves and cultivate your personaleco garden toproduce first-class organic vegetables, fruits andgrains! Upgradeyour kitchen with dozens of modern appliances andelevate yourcooking to great new heights!   Sounds good? Itgets better!Help your guests feel at home by choosing from a vastvariety ofdecorations and enhancements for your cafeteria, then goonline andshare your accomplishments with your friends. Better yet,invitethem to visit your unique bustling establishment, filledwithlovely flavors, amazing aromas and most importantly – awonderfulmood. After all, it's called Happy Café for a reason!  It’slovely, it’s happy and it’s totally FREE! Don’thesitate, just jumpright in – the sunny tropical paradise awaitsits chef!   •Start your own café! • Create delicious newrecipes and explorenumerous international cuisines, includingAmerican, Italian,Japanese and many more! • Set up your own organicfarm and growfirst-class gourmet ingredients! • Decorate your caféto yourliking! • Cook burgers, pizza, sushi, salads, and othermeals froma huge selection of more than 100 recipes! • Upgrade yourkitchenappliances, expand your territory and invite your friends tohelpyou!

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    Happy Cafe
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    November 19, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Nordcurrent Group UAB Gostauto 40a, Vilnius, 03163 Lithuania
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