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Hello and welcome in raining and flying frogs games: Happy GreenFrog Jumping.First of all. This is the best app between the freegame apps, because it's very funny game and Enjoyable and easy toplay for kids or girls adult and all ages. All what you have to do,is tap tap the frog to jumping on the swamp and go ahead on theroad, and try to array the obstacles (fire. tree. Cactus andCarnivorous plant too) This frog hopper will fine all that face toface in plenty, and lot of stages. By the way sometimes you willfind a clutch, this can give you a big jump of the green frog likeswing.Now maybe asking yourself what do frogs eat?When you playing,the frog spit and eating the gold in the road, and you shoudincrease your score maximum. what you canThis is the frog lifecycle in this game, so beautifull with nice nature withouthpollution, and funny adventure too"Features Of Happy Green FrogJumping": * So nice frog design * Easy to play for children *Infinite Adventure * Never feel bored * Funny button box ha ha haha haThat's it. Thank you for installing this free app of frog, andshare it with your friends and family, to enjoy together and havefun.======= Enjoy=======

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    Happy Green Frog Jumping
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    August 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Art Games DEV
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