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Museum guide with videos, facts and stories. Get the most outofyour visit to Hardanger Maritime Museum!

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    October 13, 2020
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Sagastad 2.0.22 APK
Utviklerne AS
Discover and explore the history at Nordfjord and Viking ageatNordfjordeid with the help of this audio guide. Here you willlearnabout the everyday life of the people that spread fearacrossEurope for centuries. And learn how they were able todominate thesea, and travel to distant shores. See a reconstructionof themighty Myklebust Viking Ship and learn how the boatbuildersfromBjørkedal was able to reconstruct one of the world’s biggestVikingships. Discover how the king of the fjords took his lastjourney toValhalla and explore the riches that he took with him.
Roald Amundsen's House 2.0.24 APK
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Roald Amundsen's House remains much as he left it afterhisdisappearance in 1928. The house is filled with storiesandinformation about the life of Amundsen and the people aroundhim.This app allows visitors to relive parts of Amundsen’slife.Through authentic film clips, photographs, augmented reality(AR)elements and 3D objects, visitors can discover thehistorysurrounding the property, look into several of the rooms andstudyartefacts.
Utviklerne AS
VAPPUS is the official application, which guides you while you arewalking in the outdoor Sámi museums and the main exhibitions inKarasjok, Kautokeino and Porsanger. VAPPUS means pathfinder orguide in the Sámi language. The term is derived from oahpis meaningacquainted, the one who knows. The term VAPPUS comes from the timebefore the motorized vehicles, when reindeer and horses were usedfor transportation. The guided tours include texts, pictures, maps,audio and video. You can learn about the Sámi history, traditionsand local communities, vernacular architecture and traditionalbuilding techniques, ways of livelihood, handicrafts and arts,religion and spirituality, traditional knowledge production andcultural diversity from coastal areas to the inland. What you needto do is just to download our application from App Store/Play, andyou will be guided through the outdoor museums and our mainexhibitions. You can choose English, Norwegian, Sámi, and Finnishlanguage for guiding. By the help of our VAPPUS, you will get acomprehensive knowledge about the local and overall Sámi heritage,and about the diversity of cultures in West-Finnmark and in allSápmi. Sápmi is the land of the Sámi people across the borders offour national states, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and NorthwestRussia. You can see the contemporary and old pictures, hear theSámi language and listen to the traditional Sámi yoik. By visitingall our Sámi museums, you will learn that Sámi national costume andclothing have their recognizable features, which vary from one Sámiarea to another. You will learn about the authentic Sámi cultureand living traditions, presented from an indigenous Sámiperspective. You will see the diversity of the Sámi traditions fromthe costal line of the Arctic ocean to the forest and tundra areasin the inland. Porsanger museum also displays the culture andhistory of the Kven people, the Finnic ethnic minority in northernNorway. RiddoDuottarMuseat is a Museum Association, which includesfour Sámi museums and a Sámi Art collection in West-Finnmark. Themuseums display Sámi arts, history, tradition and culture, and showknowledge production and cultural diversity from coastal areas tothe inland. The association of RiddoDuottarMuseat comprises of TheSámi Museum and Art Collection in Karasjok, The Sámi Rural Museumin Kautokeino, Porsanger Museum, and Kokelv Coastal Sámi Museum inKvalsund municipality. RiddoDuottarMuseat have over 9700 objects intheir collections. This is the largest collection representing theSámi cultural history in Norway. This unique collection representsmeans of livelihood, household, clothing, religion, duodji (crafts)and art originating throughout the whole Sápmi. The Sámi artcollection in Karasjok is a museum storage comprising of about 2000art pieces. In the future, when the Sámi Art Museum will be built,the visitors will enjoy the great collection of indigenous Sámiarts. In the meanwhile, welcome to our outdoor museums andexhibitions with the help of our VAPPUS.
Vjupoint Ecsite 2019 2.0.20 APK
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The leading visitor engagement and analytics platform is atEcsite2019 at Experimentarium to showcase the possibilities thatlie indigitization of visitor experiences.
Ryfylkemuseet 2.0.47 APK
Utviklerne AS
Through this application you get to know more about our sitesinRyfylke. Activate this application when you visit our sites.Herewe tell you what you did not know before, and what you do notfindat our signs. This application will give you access tonewinformation brought to you in a new way. We expand graduallytheamount of sites connected to this application. We also expandtheinformation available to eventually serve you with a fullguidingthrough this application. This way you can visit our siteswhen itsuits you and you will get a good guiding anyhow.
Hardanger Maritime Museum 2.0.86 APK
Utviklerne AS
Museum guide with videos, facts and stories. Get the most outofyour visit to Hardanger Maritime Museum!
IMMA Art Trail 2.0.29 APK
Utviklerne AS
Welcome to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. IMMA providesanextraordinary space at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin,wherecontemporary life and contemporary art connect, challenge,andinspire one another. This app offers a selection of art trailsandcreates the opportunity to explore IMMA’s uniquegalleries,grounds, and gardens. These self-guided tours featureGPS-guidedmaps, text information and images at the trail stops.There arespecific trails for adults and for all the familyprovidinglanguage and information appropriate to different agegroups. Theapp’s outdoor trails allow the user to take a walkthrough the17th-century gardens and meadows while learning moreabout thesculptures and artworks you can find placed around IMMA’sgrounds.This app is best enjoyed on your mobile device whendownloaded inadvance of your visit and some trails may requireheadphones. Whileusing this app during your visit to IMMA, pleasehelp us ensurethat everyone can continue to enjoy the museum’sartworks andgalleries by following these guidelines: • Artworksmust not betouched, as even the artworks that are not exceptionallyfragilecan be damaged by repeated contact with hands; •Parents/guardiansmust always accompany children in the galleriesand grounds; •Please keep your belongings close to you at all timesand do notobstruct in any way IMMA entrances, corridors and fireexits; •Food and drink are not permitted in the galleries; • Takecarearound the grounds especially crossing roads. Watch outforbicycles, cars, and vans at all times; • Photography isnotpermitted in some of IMMA’s galleries. Ask a member ofIMMA’svisitor engagement team if you are unsure about theseguidelines
Peace Walk 2.0.19 APK
Utviklerne AS
Visiting Oslo and wondering why the Nobel Peace Prize isawardedhere, and not in Stockholm like the other Nobel Prizes? Usethisapp to explore the history of the Nobel Peace Prize in Osloandlearn more about how the Norwegian Nobel Committee works,whereMartin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize, whatrolethe balcony of the Grand Hotel plays in the celebrations, and afewmore things.\n\nThe tour will take you through thefollowinglocations: the Norwegian Nobel Institute, the Universityof Oslo,Oslo City Hall and the Nobel Peace Center. By the end ofthe citywalk, you will know more about the Nobel Peace Prize andabout thecity of Oslo.