1.1 / July 28, 2016
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Are you tired of all the bird game clones? Try helping angryPandato shoot all the tiny wings. INSTRUCTIONS: - Tap and hold togo up- Release to go down - You can get rid of the birds bythrowingstuffs at them or stomping on top of them - Collectawesomepower-ups such as kamehameha

App Information Hate Birds: Panda's Tiny Wings

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    Hate Birds: Panda's Tiny Wings
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    July 28, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Spirit Bomb
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    42/34 Hoang Dieu, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter, Monster Evolve is an offline gameof game genre Bulletstorm (or Space Shooter, Galaxy Shooter, ArcadeShooting, Galaxy Attack). 🌟 Story 🌟 - Human, we need your help! Thestrange siren echoing Blue's mind guild him to an ancient, wherethe Protector of this region - Okimon Fierytail, living. - You arethe chosen one, Blue, we are waiting for you! The evil dragonTyragon has been released by the evil corporation Galaxy Shooter.You have to save our world. Blue knows how serious this problem is.The Tyragon was the devil that destroyed all the 7 regions, pushall the living creatures of this world to the edge of disappear. -I understand. What do I to do then? Blue answer the Protector. - Weneed you to be our spiritual leader. Which my power and many othermighty Pettomons' power, together, we will seal the dark dragononce again! - Let's save the world, together! 🌟 Feature 🌟 - SkyChamp is a combination of 3 game styles: Monster catcher andMonster evolve games; Bulletorm (Space Shooter, Galaxy Shooter,Arcade Shooting, Galaxy Attack) and RPG - Sky Champ: Galaxy Shooteris a game of genre Space Shooter offline game. Different from otherspace shooter game in the same category, Sky Champ: Galaxy SpaceShooter has a visual upgrade: Instead of Spaceship/starship, youwill use many cute and strong monsters named Okimon and Pettomon -Monster Evolve, Monster Evolute, and Monster Catch System is simplebut various. Evolve and Transform your monster to the ultimate formto access the true power - More than 100 stages in Adventure Modeenjoy your best Space Shooter experience, every Flight is a newBulletstorm, new Bullethell. The difficulty is increasing gradually- More than 90 different Pets and Monsters, each pet and monsterhas many evolution form, the more your monster evolve, the morepower they get - Up to 5 Power Up (Power Buff) in-game help yousurvive through hard space shooter, galaxy shooter stages - Morethan 50 equipments for your pets and monsters, upgrade yourequipment to the ultimate level. The more powerful your equipmentsare, the easy you pass through many hard arcade shooters, alienspace shooter stages - Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter is one ofArcade Space Shooter genre (or Bulletstorm), easy to play but hardto master - Rewards every day via rewards system Battle Pass, playhard to access many rewards - Despite in the same category gamelike Galaxy Space Shooter, Arcade shooting or Galaxy Attack, SkyChamp has many interesting and fascinating airship, airplane, andstarship design - PvP, play against other players via League gamemode, check your ranking on Worlds Billboard in League - Can playOffline, without internet, wifi or 4G. Receive more rewards whenplaying online Sky Champ is an offline game of game categoryBulletstorm (a.k.a Space Shooter, Galaxy Shooter, Arcade Shooting,Galaxy Attack). Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter is made for you -fans of game genre Bulletstorm like Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack,Arcade shooter, or Galaxy Shooter. The special difference of SkyChamp compares to others is the eye-catching and well-designed artstyle monsters instead of lifeless Airship or Spaceship. ThisGalaxy Space Shooter game is easy to play, easy to evolve monsters,and upgrade equipment, don't worry about spending too much time tobe stronger, just have fun. Download and play now! Find us on FB@skychampgame or join our community Sky Champ Group.
Math Games: Pug Ninja Maths Challenges 1.0.0 APK
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Help the clueless Pug Ninja and guide him through this series ofmind-blowing math games. Math Games: Pug Ninja Maths Challenges arenot just some math games for kids, it is a brain training game foradults alike. If you want your brain to think better and yourreflex to be quicker, be sure to play Pug Ninja - Impossible Mathsevery day. Pug Ninja - Impossible Maths features 8 math gamesincluding: - Perfect Sort - Plus Mastery - Swift Multiply - HyperSubtract - Plus Advance - Multiply Advance - Subtract Advance -Sort Advance More math games are coming soon for FREE! STAR -RATING SYSTEM: 3 points = 1 stars 7 points = 2 stars 15 points = 3stars 40 points = 4 stars 80 points = 5 stars You need to getenough stars to unlock more game modes
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SEA Conflict - NAVAL WAR (Ban Tau La or Bắn Tàu Lạ) Taking role ofa Coast Guard Ship, you will fight against Chinese invader fleet,protecting sovereignty in the South East Asia Sea (South ChinaSea). The Chinese fleet are so aggressive and dangerous. They willsend all kind of ships to defeat you, but you are alone in the sea.So you need to be smart and aim precisely, don't ever miss!INSTRUCTIONS: - Hold "Shoot" and release at the right time tocontrol shooting force. - The wind is so unpredictable and changesfrequently, so you need to watch it closely before shooting. - Youhave only one chance to "Revive" per game, so make sure you haveenough coins to use when you need it most. - Every enemy shipdestroyed will give you rewards: + Pirate ship: 1 coin +Surveillance ship: 2 coins + Battleship: 3 coins + AircraftCarrier: 4 coins + High-tech Nano Ship: 5 coins The Pirate Ship isthe easiest to destroy, and you will not be punished for missing aPirate Ship. The Nano Ship is the hardest because its attack rangeis extremely far, so on windy weather condition, you will need tobe very careful. SEA Conflict - Ban Tau La is a charity game toraise fund for navy families with financial difficulties. Pleaseplay and share for just good cause!
Sea Conflict 2: Battleship War 1.0.0 APK
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Sea Conflict 2: Battleship War is the next sequel of SpiritBomb'spopular series of artillery game. Use a huge arsenal of weaponryfrom the classic medieval bomb to the crazy super sonic cannon tosmash your opponents to pieces and show them what it means to beBad! 4.8/5 – “Amazing UX” – “It's like Worms 2 Armageddon, but issimplified to make it suitable for playing on mobile screen”,AndroidShock 9/10 – “It’s brilliant to see such an artillery gametreated respectfully on Android. Sea Conflict 2 is the real deal”,AppStorm 8/10 - Silver Award - "If the genre has burrowed its wayinto your affections at all over the past decade, this is themobile artillery game for you", Pocket Gamer Grab your grenades andprepare for battle, as the invader fleets are back, bigger andbetter than ever in Sea Conflict 2: Battleship War! Thebest-selling turn-based-strategy blast-a-thon is now available onAndroid, with new weapons, brand new customisation options and ofcourse, more explosions! Rocket strikes, huge explosions andupgradeable weapons await you in Sea Conflict 2: Battleship War!.Create and upgrade your own battleship. Call on Thor's Thunder tostrike lightning on enemies! Perform massive artillery strikes totake them out! Call in for air support to turn them into dust! Theold rules of beloved artillery game are reimagined to bring you thebest tactical artillery experience ever.
Zombie Run And Gun 0.6.6 APK
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FEATURES: - Innovative gameplay mechanic: survivor tsunami -Simpleand fun shooting game - Designed for 1 hand play -Explosions! Lotsof them - Stupid zombies blasting! -Adrenaline-rush-guaranteedarcade shooting experience - Supportoffline and online play Joinour public beta! Play, give feedbackand watch a great new gamegrows!
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Shooting alien monsters, dodging meteoroids, escaping bulletbarrage, upgrading spaceships and crafting drones, yes, everythingyou've ever wanted in space games are here in this magnificent RPGspace shooter! If you are tired of other arcade shooters and bullethell shooters that are too hard and complicated, you need to trySPACE SHOOTER: Alien Shooter. This is a casual space shootersuitable for everyone as it is designed to be simple, easy to playand hard to master. Despite being a fun & simple casualshooter, SPACE SHOOTER has a lot of depth and lots of content foryou to explore and collect thanks to its deep RPG style upgradesystem. In SPACE SHOOTER: Alien Shooter, you will build yourspacecraft squadrons with multiple space ships to choose from, andhundreds of assault drones to collect and combine. You canstrategically build your spacecraft squadrons with thousands ofupgradable rockets and weapons. Race against other players to seewho is the best star fighter commander in the endless war againstouter space invaders FEATURES: - 9 space ships with unique sets ofabilities: Hyper Hornet, Phantom Cicada, Solar Scorpion, PhantomCicada, Space Miner, Drone Master, Strato Tanker and InterceptorsCarrier - 48 unique assault drone models with different rarities:Common Drones, Rare Drones and Legendary Drones. - 9 Leagues withdifferent outer space simulation missions to complete - PvPhighscore chasing league to compete with other players around theworld - Simple and easy to play, but can be excitingly hard if youchoose to push your limits - Lots of space monsters and alieninvaders to defeat SPACE SHOOTER: Alien Shooter is one of the bestfree space shooters you can play online and offline. Download nowfor free and start shooting!
Hate Birds: Panda's Tiny Wings 1.1 APK
Spirit Bomb
Are you tired of all the bird game clones? Try helping angryPandato shoot all the tiny wings. INSTRUCTIONS: - Tap and hold togo up- Release to go down - You can get rid of the birds bythrowingstuffs at them or stomping on top of them - Collectawesomepower-ups such as kamehameha
Insect Invaders APK
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You are the only hope to save the Earth's destiny. Get in yourspaceship and protect the Earth from alien insect invaders. In thisspace shooting game, you will take the role of a lone hero to fightagainst hazardous pests from space. Gather scarced resources andupgrade your spacecraft with various lethal weapons and make thebattle versus the alien insects even more thrilling! FEATURES: -Action-packed and evolving space shooting gameplay. - Immersivemissions and levels to complete - Multiplayer mode: Compete withother players in Endless Time Attack mode. - High quality graphicfor phones and tablets - Various difficulties suitable for allplayers. - Extremely challenging boss battles.. - So many weapons,lasers, drones and devices to collect and upgrade. - Supportoffline and online play Insect Invaders is a classic offline spaceshooter game you can't miss! Download now and play for free.