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Reveal 15 hauntings of Nashville and listen to 37 minutes of ghoststories in this GPS guided audio tour. This two-mile walk will takeyou to the scariest and most notorious haunting sites in Nashville.Explore on location on a driving or walking tour, or from thecomfort of your home! This limited version features 5 locations.Get the full tour by downloading the itourmobile app athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appYou may also subscribe at https://www.itourmobile.com/checkout/ toget access to more than 90 tours across the world!Good oleNashville, Tennessee. It’s known as the home of country music, andmillions of people flock to the city each year to explore area’smusical, Civil War and southern heritage. But what many don’t knowis that parts of Nashville refuse to move into the past – remainingto this day as silvery and ghostly reminders of conflicts, murders,and sorrows that refuse to die. Within the city’s alleys, pubs,historical sites and recreation spots, dark spirits lurk, temptingthe living to explore their untimely deaths further, or scaringthem away from locations that should have been abandoned.From thestate’s capitol — the only capitol building to serve as a mausoleumin the entire United State — to it’s well known tourist spots,spirits of Nashville’s past refuse to remain with their long coldcorpses. If you’re willing to risk interaction with these mournfulspirits, just whistle a country tune in the right place. Butbeware. You could end up in the dark.

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Journey into exciting audio adventures and fun tours around theworld with friends and family on location or from home with thiseasy to use virtual tour guide in your pocket. Features 100+ toursin 30+ cities! Are you ready?Tremble at frightening ghost tours,embark on filming location tours of movies and TV shows, experiencehistoric places, enjoy food tours and bar crawls. iTour offers hugesavings and convenience for travelers, and is great for locals andcurious minds wishing to explore the world around them ineverything from entertainment to education.Retrace the steps ofJack the Ripper in London, or Al Capone in Chicago. Or, be inspiredby heroic stories of the D-Day landings and the struggle for CivilRights with the Freedom Riders and Underground Railroad tours.Learn about US history by exploring Colonial Williamsburg,Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown, or Boston. See where Breaking Bad,the Batman movies, Harry Potter, the Exorcist, and others werefilmed. Launch more than 20 ghost tours of cities across the US.Explore the music scene in Nashville, see why they’re keepingPortland weird, or explore a local zoo or museum! We add newadventures for you every month. iTour Membership is FREE and givesyou access to extra content. Subscribe for only $1.99/month foraccess to all current and future content! Explore your world!Youdon’t need a tour guide when you have iTourMobile. We'll provideyou with a route to follow, points of interest throughout the map,and let you share them with your friends! Once you arrive at alocation, the narrator will automatically begin speaking. You cankeep the device in your pocket if you just want to listen to theaudio, and take it out when you want to view photos and follow theroute. Or, you may manually prompt locations by selecting them fromthe list view, or on the map. Whether you're a traveler wantingconvenient and quality digital experiences, or at home, let us beyour guide! New! Use the Explore feature to alert you when you arenear one of 600,000 interesting places around the world. Useful onroad trips, or just walking through an area, the explore featurelets you decide what things you want to see, how far it should befrom you, and notifies you when these places are nearby. Is there alocation, city, or topic you want us to add? Let us know atitourmobile.com! Watch our video at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT0WxtnKagQStay in touch forupdates on new adventures and tours at:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ITourMobileTwitter:https://twitter.com/itourmobileCity, Tourism Bureau, Destination,Museum, or Zoo? See how you can join iTourMobile:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxxBD40Rm-ASome of our GPSadventures and Tours:-Ghost Tours: San Francisco, Nashville,Chicago, NYC, Williamsburg VA, Georgetown, Gettysburg,Philadelphia, Charleston, Savannah, Boston, Salem, St. Augustine,New Orleans, Key West, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, St. Louis,Portland-Movie/TV Film Tours: Notebook, True Blood, Walking Dead,The Exorcist, Godfather, Sex and the City, Mad Men, Hunger Games,Captain America, Dark Knight Trilogy, Breaking Bad, Fight Club, BigLebowski, Supernatural, Harry Potter, 12 Monkeys-Others: Al Capone,Jack the Ripper, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown,Alexandria, Freedom Riders Journey, Underground Railroad, BostonFreedom Trail, Music City, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Ringling Bros,Colorado Gold Rush, Keep Portland Weird, D-Day Landings, Spartacus,Apostles in Rome, Macao-Food Tours & bar Crawls: DC Metro,Charleston, South Beach
Back to the Future 1.0 APK
Great Scott! Download this app to explore 21 filming locations ofthe Back To The Future Movie in Los Angeles, with 27 minutes ofnarrated audio. Explore on location on a driving or walking tour,or from the comfort of your home! This limited version features 5locations. Get the full tour by downloading the itourmobile app athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appYoumay also subscribe at https://www.itourmobile.com/checkout/ to getaccess to more than 90 tours across the world!The Back to theFuture franchise is an American comic science-fiction adventurefilm series written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, produced byBob Gale and Neil Canton for Steven Spielberg's AmblinEntertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. The main plotfollows the adventures of a high school student, Marty McFly(Michael J. Fox), and an eccentric scientist, Dr. Emmett L. Brown(Christopher Lloyd), as they use a DeLorean time machine to timetravel to different periods in the history of Hill Valley,California. The first film was the highest-grossing film of 1985and became an international phenomenon, leading to the second andthird films, which were back-to-back film productions, released in1989 and 1990, respectively. Though the sequels did not performquite as well at the box office as the first film, the trilogyremains immensely popular after a quarter-century and has yieldedsuch spinoffs as an animated television series and amotion-simulation ride at the Universal Studios Theme Park inUniversal City, California; Orlando, Florida; and Osaka, Japan, aswell as a Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, iPad, PS3, and Wii videogame. The film's visual effects were done by Industrial Light andMagic. The trilogy was nominated for five Academy Awards alltogether, winning one: Best Sound Editing. Come along with us todayand we will take you on a tour of the many interesting and funlocations where the Back to the Future movies were filmed!
12 Monkeys Filming Tour 1.04 APK
Visit the filming locations of the 12 Monkeys movie filmed inPhiladelphia, with 15 stops and 31 minutes of audio. Take it on thestreets of Philadelphia or from the comfort of your home. Thislimited version features 5 locations. Get the full tour bydownloading the itourmobile app athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appVisit https://www.itourmobile.com and download the app to subscribeand get access to more than 90 tours across the world! There arefew voices in pop culture history that are as distinct andfascinating as Terry Gilliam. The director of “Twelve Monkeys” gothis start with the iconic Monty Python comedy troupe in the late1960s, and was most well-known for creating the absolutely amazinganimations that would play in between Python sketches and duringthe troupe's movies.Gilliam went on to co-direct the Monty Pythonmovies before establishing himself as one of the world's mostprovocative and singular artistic voices by helming films like“Brazil,” “Time Bandits” and “The Adventures of BaronMunchausen.”“Twelve Monkeys” was released right in the middle of astrong decade for interesting movies and for Terry Gilliam. Rightbetween “The Fisher King” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,”“Twelve Monkeys” is an arguable peak in the director's filmography.Much of the movie's idiosyncratic feel comes from Gilliam's choiceof Philadelphia-area locations. In a city often overlooked by largefilm productions, “Twelve Monkeys” represents a creative use ofnumerous city landmarks including Philadelphia City Hall, the BenFranklin Bridge, the Metropolitan Opera House and many others. Thiscult classic immortalized Philadelphia in a that may not beglamorous, but is memorable nonetheless.Keywords :Philadelphiatour, philly tour, 12 monkeys, philadelphia movie tour
Haunted Boston 1.0 APK
Visit Boston's ghosts in this GPS audio tour of 17 locations and 42minutes of audio while walking through the streets of Boston, orfrom the comfort of your own home! Hear the ghoulish ghost storiesand see the photos. Even visit them in person, if you dare! Thislimited version features 5 locations. Get the full tour bydownloading the itourmobile app athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appYou may also subscribe at https://www.itourmobile.com/checkout/ toget access to more than 90 tours across the world!It's no surprisethat a city as hold as Boston carries much of the past into thepresent day. This is seen through staggering towers decades old,classic theaters with creepy backgrounds and quaint burial groundsthat are the last homes of fallen soldiers. What's great about thiscity is almost everything is accessible and open to the public forreal discovery and immersing yourself into the world of the weird.Founded in 1630 officially by Puritan colonists, it took manydiscrepancies and lost lives to become what it is today. This couldmean many spirits still lurk about common parks, churches andcemeteries, still distraught about the persecution encounteredcenturies ago.Many of Boston's hair-raising spots are spread outthroughout Boston proper, but it is well worth venturing intoneighboring cities and towns as well. Almost every place in andaround the city has a story to tell that should not be missed. Ifyou'd like, begin downtown by the expansive (and sometimes spooky)Boston common, then hop on the subway west on the country's oldestunderground system. Swing past the dormitories of Boston studentswho claim other worldly beings haunt the halls, then head northinto more unnerving territory from bowling alleys to old mills withmystifying legends.
Keep Portland Weird 1.0 APK
See why we're keeping Portland Weird on this GPS guided audio tourto 14 weird iconic locations with 14 minutes of narrated audio!Explore on location on a driving or walking tour, or from thecomfort of your home! This limited version features 5 locations.Get the full tour by downloading the itourmobile app athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appYou may also subscribe at https://www.itourmobile.com/checkout/ toget access to more than 90 tours across the world!Portland has heldthe banks of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers for over 150 years.It was inhabited by the Upper Chinook Indians before being settledas a port and logging town. Today it is known as the City of Roses,Stumptown, Bridgetown or Beervana, and is home of an astonishingamount of local breweries, local cafes, parks, art and quirkyneighborhoods for you to tour and enjoy. With a focus onindividuality, creativity, the interesting and the innovative,Portland is a great place to tour by foot, bike, car, or publictransportation. If you really want to get the feel of the city werecommend touring at least partially by bike. Portland has the mostbicyclists per capita in the U.S. and the city has 318 miles ofbike lanes, which contributes to why it is considered one of themost bike friendly cities in all of the United States as well asone of the most "green" cities in the world. Public Transportationis also a big part of the city as Portland ranks seventh in transitridership for the United States. No matter which mode oftransportation you decide to use -- drive, bike or public transit -this city will meet you with friendliness, inspiration, and alittle bit of crazy. During this "Keep Portland Weird" Tour we willtake you through some of the interesting history of Portland, intoa few of the most unique shops and stops, right up to the door ofgreat food and drink, and leave you with an experience to remember.
Colonial Williamsburg Tour 1.01 APK
The one and only complete GPS audio tour through ColonialWilliamsburg features 156 locations and 4 hours of audio withimages, video, and text. Simply stand in front of a building tolisten to its story, click on the interactive map, search for alocation by name, or scroll through the list of stops. Get this onthe iTourMobile App for less $ and to get access to several MOREtours of the area, including William and Mary!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appWewelcome you to experience Colonial Williamsburg in a way you’venever done before. iTourMobile's virtual tour guides tell youeverything you need to know about this historic hotspot. No morewalking in front of a place and thinking, “What is this, what wasit for, and why is it important?” Simply walk in front of a houseor find it on the map or list to listen to its story! Williamsburgwas founded in 1632. Originally named Middle Plantation, RoyalGovernor Francis Nicholson changed its name to Williamsburg inhonor of King William III. The nation’s second oldest College wasestablished here in 1693, the College of William and Mary, whichbecame America’s first University in 1779 with the first lawschool. Williamsburg became the capital of Virginia in 1699 afterthe capital building in Jamestown burned down in 1698. It served asthe capital of the Virginia Colony and cultural and social centerof the wealthiest and largest colony until 1780, when the capitalmoved to Richmond. Under the leadership of George Washington,Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Patrick Henry and James Madison,Williamsburg was a center of political activity in the yearsleading up to the American Revolution. Today you will experienceColonial Williamsburg, a living history museum that includeshundreds of houses, structures, and outbuildings. 88 are original.Outbuildings such as smokehouses, privies and kitchens have beenfaithfully reproduced, and the original buildings were restored toshow how they would have looked during the eighteenth century. Manybuildings are open as museums, while others are used to demonstrateperiod trades such as the wheelwright's shop, printing shop,gunsmith and wigmaker's establishment. Some buildings are also usedas stores, where visitors can purchase items that were created byhistoric tradespeople at Colonial Williamsburg. Join us as we takeyou on a fun GPS guided audio experience through the streets ofColonial Williamsburg and to the College of William andMary!!*Please note, continued use of GPS running in the backgroundcan dramatically decrease battery life
Salem Ghost Tour 1.0 APK
Retrace the steps of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, murders, andother events of haunted Salem in this 26-minute GPS guided audiotour to 15 locations. Explore on location on a driving or walkingtour, or from the comfort of your home! This limited versionfeatures 5 locations. Get the full tour by downloading theitourmobile app athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appYou may also subscribe at https://www.itourmobile.com/checkout/ toget access to more than 90 tours across the world!The infamouswitch trials of 1692 create the backdrop for many of the suspectedhaunts in Salem today. In all, twenty people lost their lives asthe hysteria of the town's people grew. By the end of the hysteria,more than one hundred people were accused of witchcraft and severalof those people died while in prison. For years the town of Salemwas tarnished by its past; however, today much of the town embracesits history as something that cannot go unmentioned. Its touristindustry is built on the trials and many of its buildings and sitesstill beckon to the days when witchcraft was the most serious ofoffenses. However, Salem is not all witches. The town has a longhistory apart from the trials and many historical events andhistorical figures remain lost to the concept of time.
San Francisco Chinatown Tour 1.0 APK
Tour San Francisco's Chinatown district on this 1.4 mile GPS guidedwalking audio tour to 15 locations with 20 minutes of Chinatowninteresting facts and history. Learn of Chinese culture and historyin San Francisco as you visit places like the Fortune CookieFactory, Kite Shop, Bank of Canton, and a Buddhist Monastery.Explore on location on a driving or walking tour, or from thecomfort of your home! This limited version features 5 locations.Get the full tour by downloading the itourmobile app athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itourmobile.appYou may also subscribe at https://www.itourmobile.com/checkout/ toget access to more than 90 tours across the world!The Chinatown ofSan Francisco is widely regarded as the biggest cohesive settlementof Chinese people’s outside of China. It is also known as one ofthe earliest “Chinatowns” developed in the western world. SanFrancisco’s Chinatown has a rich and turbulent history both heavilyconnected to and yet apart from that of San Francisco. From theunique architecture and sense of local pride to the horrors of theSan Francisco Earthquake and subsequent firestorm, the habitants ofChinatown have repeatedly exemplified what it mean to struggle,survive and flourish in the melting pot that is America. Today theunique sights, sounds and smells of this iconic community havegiven birth to a booming tourism industry. To give you a bit ofperspective, the Chinatown entrance gate receives more annualsightseers than the Golden Gate Bridge! Chinatown itself has ahistory of over 150 years but its appearance today owes much to theefforts to rebuild the city after the 1906 earthquake andfirestorm. During these catastrophic events, almost all ofChinatown was destroyed. Afterwards, Chinatown merchants andcommunity leaders came together and decided to rebuild Chinatown ina more traditional Chinese image. This was done, both to fostercultural pride in the hearts and minds of Chinese Americans and toact as a draw for tourists who would provide the community withmuch needed revenue. These plans were a success on both counts andSan Francisco’s Chinatown became the gold standard for Chinatownsall across America. The beauty, sights, sounds, tastes and smellsyou’ll experience all offer insight into one of America’s mostcolorful cultures and most fascinating communities.