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Headboard ideas for you and your room. Youcansave and share all headboard ideas photos. This applicationshowsyou the galleries of beautiful bed headboard decoratingideas,designs, painting for your home, room or apartment. You canget ahundred ideas of headboard decorations from this application.Thisapp. contains the various types of headboard ideas, designs&decorating such as :
- modern, contemporary, elegant, luxury, classicheadboardsideas
- king size, upholstered
- for kids, art, bedding
- wooden, fabric, metal
- pillow, door, shutter headboard
- simple, painting, DIY and more

1. Decide on your bedroom’s interior.
Your home would have an interior design concept. Of course,itincludes your room. It is even given an exclusive attentionwhendesigning a bedroom because it is a personal and private room.So,decide on what kind of aura you want for the bedroom. This canhelpyou choose the kind of headboard to use and the designtoapply.

2. Look for inspiration.
If you do not have an idea as to what to do with yourheadboard,then look for inspiration. You can browse the internetfor thereare so many headboard designs that you can see. You canalso visita furniture shop and look at their headboard designs. Ifyou dothat, you will not just see designs but you can also get theideaas to how much you would need.

3. Know your ceiling height.
It is important for you to determine the height of the ceilinginchoosing for a headboard. If your ceiling is low, then you canhaveheadboards that are not so tall. But if your ceiling is high,youcan consume the height of the wall for your headboard.

4. Be creative with your headboards.
Aside from those mentioned, you can be more creative withtheheadboard design by using other materials. There are reallynorules as to what you should use for the headboard. As long as itissafe for you, then that would be good. You can re-use woodendoors,screens, or you can place mural and other wall arts. Just besurethat it suits to the entire look of the bedroom.

5. Consider function.
The headboard is not just about style and design. But it canalsohave a good function. Some uses headboards to create a dividerfortheir bedroom. Some place shelves behind it so it can beutilized.Others make it as storage areas for linens and beddings.There aredifferent ways to make use of your headboards.

If you have on idea about your headboards, this applicationcanguide you.

Application Features:
- A hundred pictures of headboard ideas
- Articles about bedding
- You can share all images to others.
- You can save all pictures to sdcard.
- You can set all pictures as wallpaper.
- Easy to use: press menu to save, share, and setaswallpaper.

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