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Application Deals with Pioneer Insurance andReinsurance Policies and Claims

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Health India-Pioneer 1.1 APK
Application Deals with Pioneer Insurance andReinsurance Policies and Claims
Health India Buddy 2.2 APK
The Health India-Employee Mobile Application primarily deals withfollowing facilities to be provided to end user. 1. Track Policy :This gives to user to track policy and the complete policy planinformation to policy holder. 2. Track Claims : This gives to userto track claims and their details along with live status. 3. IDCard Request : User can send ID card request.
Health India 3.7 APK
The Health India Mobile Application primarilydeals with following facilities to be provided to end user.1. My Policy : This gives the complete policy plan information topolicy holder.2. My Claims : This gives claims made against Policy No. and theirdetails along with live status.3. Intimate Claim : User can Generate a New Intimation for raisingthe claim.4. Locate Hospital : User can locate the providers(NetworkHospitals) through this feature.5. Documents Required : Basic Document checklist for claimprocessing.6. View M-Card : Family Policy Cards are provided to user.7. Download Forms : User can download PDF Format Claim Forms.8. Help & Support : All Health India TPA Support centers alongwith contact details.
Medi-face 4.10 APK
Diagnostic Center Appointment Management
Mediconnect 4.8 APK
New Appointment : Register new Case Check Status : User can getcase status. Upload Doc : User can upload photo image copy.
HealthIndia Ally 1.0 APK
Pre-Authorization : * Manage your corporate Profile * RealTimeaccess to Business Service requirements * easy to use *Sendcommunication to Clients * Initiate for Immediate action