1.0 / July 8, 2016
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How much E additives and food preservativesyoueat? Is your food healthy? Want to eat good and be healthy?Scanfood before you buy it!

App Information Health.Er - Food Scanner

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    Health.Er - Food Scanner
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  • Updated
    July 8, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
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  • Installs
    50 - 100
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Mławska 4/U7 15-411 Białystok Poland
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New WEED SCALE app is here!Rated #1 in digital scale apps - JoyofAndroid.comDo you like weed?The most popular mobile weed scale app simulator for your phone,accurate to 0.1g when used properly is back.It's not a joke, this mobile scale app simulator actually works aslong as you stick to the instructions!Enjoy using you free weighing scale app simulator :)Perfect weighing scale app for jewellery, needles, nails, evenweed!Use it when it's 420 to check how much you have left! Never becheated by your supplier again with this weed app! Know exactly howmuch you put in your bowl! Works best for 1-5g range.The Weed Scale 420 notifications are back!Mind the fact, these are not ordinary, annoying push notifications!These are push notifications designed for Stoners! You will get 420notification every day reminding you that the weed time has come!These will make you love your Weed Scale 420 even more!HOW TO USE YOUR NEW MOBILE WEED SCALE 420 APP :1. Get a bag of chips, crisps, munchies or anything that hassome air trapped inside and place it on a firm surface2. Place your phone with digital scale app firm on the bag andpress calibrate button3. Place a coin in the specified spot (0.05 USD, 0.2 EUR, 100 JPY,0.2 GBP, 1 PLN) tap mobile scale app screen and wait4. Put anything you want to weigh on a coin, tap screen and watchas your mobile scale app weighing your stuff :)IMPORTATNT NOTICEThe app does not weighs objects, but estimates its weight usingdevice's built-in gyroscope (it measures deviation caused byplacing and object on it and predicts its weigh using mathequations). Please use app carefully. Always make sure that yourdevice is not going to slip off the zip bag or pack of chips. Donot place heavy objects on your device's screen, this may causedamage of your device. The app was designed for use with smallobjects which weighs less than 15 grams (0.5 ounce).LIKE WEED SCALE?Show your support and like WEED SCALE 420 Fan Page.This weed app was created with love by stoners for stoners. Usethis weed app and show us your support. Legalize it! Toke up foraccurate weed weighting scale app !
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Z dumą prezentujemy Państwu - szczególnie tym Małym - najnowszewydawnictwo BTL pod tytułem Alfabet Teatru!Znajdziecie tu Państwo -szczególnie Ci Mali - przeszło dwadzieścia skomplikowanych pojęć zzakresu Teatru. Skończyły się czasy mylenia antraktu z antrykotem,suflera z sufletem, czy owacji z owadami - od teraz wszystko będziejasne, jak ... jak reflektor! Wszystkim naszym Widzom - szczególnietym małym - polecimy nasz Alfabet Teatru!Wydawcą aplikacji jestBiałostocki Teatr Lalek."Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kulturyi Dziedzictwa Narodowego"We are proud to present you - particularlysmall - BTL latest release titled Alphabet Theater !You will findhere - especially Mali - over twenty complex concepts of theater.The days of thinking interact with prime rib, prompter with asoufflé, or Slovakia with insects - from now everything will beclear, like ... like reflector!To all our viewers - particularlysmall - we fly our Alphabet Theater !The publisher of theapplication is Bialystok Puppet Theatre."Co-financed by theMinistry of Culture and National Heritage"
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PokeFinder for Pokemon GO is a community mapto help you find the monsters you are looking for!The more users start adding Pokemons, the better results :) Add youPokemon locations today and discover locations added by otherusers. PokeFinder uses your current location to see nearby pokemonsters and allows you to tag monsters you have seen near you.Features:- add your finds to our poke world map- discover pokemon spots added by other community users- get information about the distance between your current locationand nearest pokemonspot tagged by other Pokemon trainers--PLEASE mind that this is the beta version, we are currently workingon option to manually tag Pokemon wherever you want on world map :)Update coming soon!If you have ideas, suggestions or email us at [email protected]