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Everyone knows that there is something thatthey could change in their life to become healthier. For mostpeople, it’s getting more exercise and eating a healthier diet.But, how do you know if you are eating healthy or not? There are somany different diets and strategies on the market, how do you knowwhat to do?

The healthy eating plan app is designed to provide you with somebasic guidelines to become a healthy eater as well as some tips onhow to begin changing your eating habits. For example, breakfast isincredibly important and many people don’t give it its due. Youneed to eat breakfast to literally “break the fast.” Unfortunately,many people skip breakfast and they are so hungry by the time lunchcomes around that they eat like they’ve never eaten before. Thenthey have a slump and want to take a nap. Eating healthy and withgood eating habits can solve these types of problems.

Being a healthy eater requires that you become educated andsmart about what you put in your mouth. You really are what youeat, so if you eat a lot of fats, well, you know what happens.However, being food smart doesn’t mean that you have to learn allof these different calorie-counting strategies or that you have tostudy labels. Healthy eating is about balance and moderation.

This app is your guide to learning to eat healthy and how tobalance out your meals. It will show you how you can eat healthy,lose weight and begin to have a better overall feeling ofhealthiness in your life. This doesn’t mean that you have to giveup your favorite foods, but you will learn how to make yourfavorite foods part of a healthy eating lifestyle.

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    Healthy Eating Plan
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    January 9, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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