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Who will win his heart or mind? Stop wastingpaper! Now Change the"X" and "O" By play Heart or Mind Tic Tac ToeHeart and Brain on your Android classic for free. Tic Tac Toe Heartand Brain is the classic best-selling mobile Tic Tac Toe game ofall-time.
Tic Tac Toe Free supports one player and two player gameplay, soyou can play against another human like your friend or against yourAndroid device.
How To Play!
Each player chooses his/her sign – an “Heart” or an “Brain”, andtaking turns they put their signs one by one into the squares ofthe 3x3 field. The winner is the one who is the first to puthis/her signs without breaks horizontally, vertically ordiagonally.
Tic Tac Toe Heart and Brain offers a host of excitingfeatures,
*Offers two modes: Player vs Player, so you can play against yourfriends
*Player vs Computer, when you just want to pass fin time bybattling an AI
*Great graphics and exciting sound effects
Tic Tac Toe Heart and Brain is totally free, so if you like itplease support us by visiting our Facebook page and share it toyour friends.
Tic Tac Toe is a great way to pass the time whit your friends,whether you're standing in line or spending time with the kids.Become the ultimate Tic Tac Toe master now! Get it Now For Free andlet the fun begin!

App Information Heart or Mind Tic Tac Toe

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    Heart or Mind Tic Tac Toe
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  • Updated
    June 27, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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    Email brown220310@gmail.com
    amal 5 n 1659 cym massira
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تطبيق قالو ناس بكري Galo Nass Bekri جمع أفضلالأمثال والحكم الشعبية المغربية القديمة التي ورثناها من أجدادناالقدامى و قالوها ناس زمان وتركوها لنا لكي نستفيد منها. و يحتويالتطبيق على عدد كبير من الأمتلة الشعبية المغربية التي بها معانيتلخص لنا مواقف اجتماعية و أسرار أجدادنا و طريقة عيشهم التي ستحتاجهافي مسيرة حياتك وستساعدك كثيرا إن شاء الله في فهم بعض الأشياء بطريقحكيمة و مسلية.*- محتويات التطبيق :*- يحتوي على أكتر من 550 متل شعبي مغربية قديم.*- خط واضح و لا يوجد به ألوان تضر العين,*- يمكنك حفظ الأقوال أو الأمتال الشعبية في الهاتف و بسهولةتامة,*- مشاركة الأمتال و المعاني التي نالت اعجابك مع أصدقائك على الفايسبوك أو الواتس اب أو في رسالة نصية أو بريد الكتروني,*- تغيير صورة الخلفية,*- تكبير حجم الخط,*- بعض المقولات الموجودة في التطبيق :-- * يلا امشا الزين كيبقاو حروفه ويلا امشا المال كيبقاوخروقه.-- *كبير الكرش والراس بنص فوله تبيعه-- *إذا حبك حبه أكتر وإذا تركك لا تسأل عليه-- *راح ذاك الزمان وناسو وجاء هذا الزمان بفاسو-- * اللي ما لقى الخير فركانو يكون الخير فلسانو.-- * الصنعة يلا ما غنات كتستر واقيلة كتزيد فلعمر.-- * اللي ربط حمارو مع الحمير كيتعلم الشهيق و النهيق و الخروج علىالطريق.-- * اللي حبك ما بنالك قصر واللي كرهك ما حفرلك قبر.-- * عيطت على ديالي جاني عيطت على ديال الناس مشى و خلاني.-- * اللي حبك حبو و لقلبك زوجو و اللي جفاك جفيه و تعداه ودوزو.-- * اللي كيربي ولاد الناس بحال اللي كيدق الما فالمهراز.-- كن كيف الشبكة اقبط شي وزهق شي راه كثرت التخمام كاترشي.They said people applyingBakri Galo Nass Bekri best collection of ancient proverbs andpopular Moroccan government which we have inherited from ourancestors and old people have said it time and left for us to takeadvantage of them. And the application on a large number ofMoroccan popular Alomtlh which contains the meanings summarize oursocial attitudes and the secrets of our ancestors and their way oflife that will be needed in the process of your life and help youso much, God willing, to understand some of the things by way of awise and amusing.* - Application contents:* - Contains Aktar than 550 popular Moroccan Old metal.* - The line is clear and does not have a detrimental eyecolors,* - You can save words or Alomtal popular in the phone andseamlessly,* - Post Alomtal and meanings that gained much you like with yourfriends on Facebook or Alwats August or in a text message oremail,* - Change the background image,* - Increase font size* - Some of the statements in the application are:- * Night Amcha Zein Kibquao letters and night Amcha money KibquaoKhrogah.- * Paunchy and Cape text Foula sell- * If you love love Aktar and if you quit do not ask him- * Claimed that time and Nassau and came this time Bvasu- * Elly what killed goodness Frckano be good Velsano.- * Workmanship night what Gnat Kedztr and Aqilh KatsidVlamr.- * Elly link Hmaaro with donkeys Kitalm inhalation and Bray andget out on the road.- * Who love what Bnalk Palace and Elly Lk what Hverlk tomb.- * Aatt Diyala Jani Aatt on dialysis and people walked MadeMe.- * Habboo who love and your heart Doubles And who Ajafak Ajafihand exceeded and Dozo.- * Elly Kirby and Ladd people who Kidq financial conditionValmehraz.- How to Be a network Aqbt Shi Shi and falsehood Rah aboundedAltkhmam Katrchi.
نكت مغربية رائعة 2015 1.0 APK
أنت مغربي ? تريد الضحك ? تريد أن ترفه عن نفسك ? تريد أن تنسى همومالعمل? إذا فهذا التطبيق لكفهو يضم العديد من النكت المغربية المضحكة والممتعة والجديدة في عالمالضحك والفكاهة والترفيه حمله الان واستمتع به الان ورفه عننفسكالتطبيق رائع وسهل الاستخدام ومتوافق مع جميع الأجهزة ومتناسقالألوان.لاتنسى أن تترك رأيك فهو يهمنا وشكرااااAre youMoroccan? You want to laugh? Want to entertain yourself? Want toforget the worries of work? If this is the application youIt includes many of the Moroccan jokes funny and interesting andnew in the world of laughter and humor and entertainment him nowand enjoy it now and unburden yourselfWonderful and easy to use and compatible application with allhardware and harmonious colors.Do not forget to leave your opinion is interested andHkuraaaa
2048 Numbers Admission 2 APK
2048 Numbers Game app is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzlegame.2048 puzzle it's Free brain game and cool math game for puzzleplayCollect the numbers and get to the tile in 2048!2048 Numbers Game, Please leave your comments and thoughts. Yourfeedback ismuch more valuable to us!!!HOW TO PLAY 2048 Numbers :Drag Up, Down, Left, Right to move the squares. When two tiles withthe same number touch, they merge into one. When tile 2048 iscreated, the player Wins!caution of charge all fields before making or collect figure2048!!Features 2048 :- The game is automatically saved- High Scores- Rating- achievements- New media- Share with your friends- Setting to change when the game end- Completely native- Clear and simple user interface2048 game - a simple logically, but difficult to pass puzzlerepresenting a something between "Fifteen" and the game "Five in arow". Help you relax and have fun.The playing field is a square 4x4. You need to move and join thenumbers to get to the "2048" tile (you can proceed further).Has a bright attractive graphics and animation.Optimized for Android.Train, play and have fun!Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!This is the OFFICIAL Android version of 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli,the hugely popular gameNOTE : 2048 Numbers Game, Please leave your comments and thoughts.Your feedback is much more valuable to us!!!
Islamic Radio Stations 3 APK
islamic radio stationsToutes les radios Islamique regroupe plusieurs stations demeilleurs radios Islamque dans une seule application.Ecoute à tous les lecteurs célèbres du ِcoran sur votre mobileAndroid.les statios dans l'applicatios sont:- Maher Maikli- Machari Alafasy- Ahmed Ajmi- Mahmoud Hosary- Abd Rahman Sudais- Saoud Cherim- Yassir Doussri- Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad- Nasser Alqatami- Mohammed Sadiq El Menshawy- Saad El Ghamidi- Khalid Qahtani- Faris Abad- Idriss Abkar- Ali Jaber ..Si vous souhaitez plus de radios, envoyez moi un mail et je lesajouterai dans une mise à jour.vous avez besion une connexion internet (Wifi ou 3G).- La mise à jour continue de la liste de stations vous assurera unemeilleure qualité et une grande réactivité pour résoudre leséventuels problèmes.NOTE:S'il vous plaît noter cette application et nous laisser descommentaires et suggestions.Plus de fonctionnalités et stations de radio seront bientôtajoutésislamic radiostationsAll Islamic groups several radio stations better Islamque radios ina single application.Listen to all the famous players of the Quran on your Androidmobile.the statios in applicatios are:- Maher Maikli- Machari Alafasy- Ahmed Ajmi- Mahmoud Hosary- Abd Rahman Sudais- Saud Cherim- Yassir Doussri- Abd Abd Albaset Alsamad- Nasser Alqatami- Mohammed Sadiq El Menshawy- Saad El Ghamidi- Khalid Qahtani- Faris Abad- Idriss Abkar- Ali Jaber ..If you want more radios, email me and I will add them in anupdate.besion you have an internet connection (WiFi or 3G).- The continuous updating of the list of stations will ensure abetter quality and responsiveness to solve any problems.NOTE:Please rate this app and leave us comments and suggestions.More features and radio stations will be added soon
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Welcome In Top training plans and fitness and Perfect Gym WorkoutExercisesYou are Looking the best abs workouts, chest, shoulder, leg, back,arms workouts.....- Fitness and Bodybuilding has the best FREE workout routinescreated by industry fitness gurus! Muscle building, fat loss,sports training, fitness and more!- Fitness Routines will help you to burn fat, six pack abs, sexybody, healthy, and get reach your goals..- Take your workout routine to the next level with Perfect GymWorkout Exercises moves designed to help you get the body youwant.- Gym Workout Exercises App is an free application for Android thatcan be used For bodybuilding workout, workout trainer, fitnesstraining, gym workoutmuscle building, personal trainer, gym trainer and will be help youto losing weight Fast For women and Guys you will Get Six PackAbs...Fitness can be an intimidating endeavor. We want to help ... Thereare women, typically professional bodybuilders, who look masculine.Awesome Features, tone up, stay fit and so much more!* See instructional photos that explain each move in detail* Multiple bodyweight programs for different fitness goals.* Detailed exercise descriptions* Schedule workouts on your Android Smartphone* Share your workouts via Email, Facebook and TwitterPerfect Gym Workout Exercises utilizes the most masterly bodyweightworkouts, muscle building known to man and women will guarantee youresults Faster!this fitness training App includes multiple programs for a varietyof goals!Programs included will help you improve your:arms workout- leg workouts- abs workouts- chest workouts- back workouts- shoulder workouts- And More (coming soon)Please leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback is much morevaluable to us!!!Enjoy life, Have fun.
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Dog Teacher TipsAre you looking for the best Dog Training Tips? Learning how totrain a dog can be hard, that is why we put together a collectionof dog obedience training tips that should help you get started.Every responsible dog owner must learn how to potty train a dog andhow to house train a dog and not everyone can afford to send yourdog to professional classes. Using these tips you can reduceaggression, train a dog to respond to basic commands like sit,come, stay and lay down! We have even included some advancedinformation about dog training collars, crate training, agility andguard dogs.Start today : Most of the people just plan to train their dogs butthey do not get time for them. Millan says pet owners should notput things of today on tomorrow. Begin with your training now andavoid making it delay.Are you fed up from your cool dog? Is he not following you? Does heshow aggression? Is he frustrated? Download it NOWPlease leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback is much morevaluable to us!!!This application is going to help you teach your dog or your puppya lot of trick or treat.housetrain Dog'sTeaching your dog theses tricks is not just fun for you and him. Itcan save his life.He will be more free and you more relaxed because you know he willlisten and obey.Dog walking should be relaxing and enjoyable for both you and yourpet, the advice written here will help you accomplish this.Learn fast and simple dog training and puppy training tips andadvice that will help you turn a difficult puppy or dog into anobedient Pet.Training a puppy or new dog when you first bring them home iscritical. It is obvious that you need certain physical items suchas a dog bed or crate, food and water bowls, puppy chow, collar,leash, toys, etc. Equally as important, all family members mustdecide and agree on routine, responsibility and rules. The firstfew days are extremely important because enthusiasm and emotionsare up.Every dog owner has probably been down this road before, theseemingly impossible task of trying to get your dog to listen toyou. It does not matter if your dog is young or old, overcoming aparticular behavior problem can be difficult. In some cases it canseem downright impossible.Most dogs are good at heart and capable of learning exactly how tobehave. It’s only a matter of finding the teaching method thatworks for them and being consistent in how you approach theirissues.Obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raisinga dog. In fact, a well trained dog is by far a happier dog becausea trained dog requires fewer restrictions. The more reliable thedog, the more freedom he is given.For example, many stores and businesses that normally won't allowdogs on their premises will make an exception for a puppy or a dogthat will heel nicely by his owner's side, or will do a sit-stay ordown-stay without hesitation. And when company arrives in yourhome, there's no need to banish a well-behaved dog to another roomfor fear that he will be a royal nuisance. Moreover, because awell-mannered, obedience-trained dog is both appreciated andwelcome, he receives more attention and interaction from familymembers, visitors, and passers-by, than does the ill-mannereddog.Many people can’t imagine life without dogs. We admire and adorethem for their loyalty, unconditional affection, playful exuberanceand zest for life. Nevertheless, dogs and people are very differentanimals. Although officially “man’s best friend,” dogs have someinnocent but irksome tendencies—like jumping up to greet, barking,digging and chewing—that can make it downright difficult to livewith them! To make the most of your relationship with your dog, youneed to teach her some important skills that will help her liveharmoniously in a human household.
ADHD: Kids Memory game 1.1 APK
FunBrain ADHD Kids Memory game it's freeeducational game for your kids that is not only fun to play butalso improves their memory, different levels of difficulty to keepboth kids and adults entertained . And customizabledifficulty- ADHD Kids.Memory.game is very easy to play for little kids- With colorful objects, it attract kids very quickly- Memory game will quickly trained your kid’s memory- Its designed and structured according to kid’s mentality- You can develop your kid’s concentration through this game- Nice Graphic for educational baby gamesADHD Kids Memory game is the classic FunBrain kid’s board game, amemory game to improve memory skills for prince and princess kids.This is an educational, engaging and entertaining game for childrenof all ages.Rule is simple: Find Couples or the same couple of photo for matchpictures and Go to Next Level . pbs kids12 different levels of difficulty to keep both kids . Andcustomizable difficultyEnjoy With Improve Kids MemoryPbs kids games
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Do you keep forgetting your daily medicines?Now never forget to take them with the help of "MedicineUltimatum"Our application reminds you to take your medicine when needed to betaken.With this app, taking medicine will be a lot easier!Don't ever forget your medicines again, download this app and letit remembers you!Features:• Visual and super easy to handle Medication Alert.• Synchronizes the family medicine pill boxes to one place.• Reminds you to take your medication on time, even if your deviceis asleep.• user can set medicine name ,description, and doses, and Time oftaking.• Give alarm with voice facility.• platfoms plus Android 5.0.1You may set a variety of different times for different days! Themedicine may be continuous or not.You can set the sound for notification too!Simple and functional!Download it now!Languages supported: English, portuguese and spanishAny doubts, feel free to email me anytime!simple and free full featured medicine reminder application.Setup medication alarms for yourself, relatives or others in simpleand easy to use interface. You can add more than one medicine to areminder with dosage specification for each time specified in thereminder.You can add reminders for appointment with doctor. You can placephone call, view directions to the location given in doctor'sdetails.MedicineReminder reminds you to take your pills at the desired timeevery day and rescheduling automatically when the next periodstarts.- Medication alarm: Create reminders for more than one medicineswith custom dosage specification and patient. Reminders can be setas recurring with different start and end date. You can customizethe recurring to any number of days, months, years. You can snoozethe alarm or mark medicines as taken directly from thenotification. You can also add metrics like Temperature, Pulse etc.when you mark medicine as taken.- A simple application to manage your medicines. Add pills to yourlist, set their name, description and doses. The pills are shown ina table, you can order the table by pressing the header. Newfunctionality is the medicine photo. You can take up to threepictures from every medicine. This function requires an SD Card.The pictures are saved to the SD Card MedAlarm folder. You canmodify and edit the medicine photos as well. Another new feature isthe alarm. You can set the notification type in the settings menu.You can add alarm for each doses-Medication alarm: Customize dosage for each alarm time in areminder. With this you need not create different medicines withdifferent dosage. The dosage specified during adding the medicinewill be taken as the default dosage.-Metrics: You can select what metrics to collect when you takemedicine, you can add additional metrics to metrics list. Checkmetric data collected plotted on chart/listing.-Medicines manager: Add new medicines so you never have to re-entermedicine details for each reminder. Also use the current quantityand minimum level to know when medicine needs a refill.Do not forget to give me your opinion on the application "MedicineUltimatum", I loved it