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Heart-Mitra is an educational mobile rehab service forHeart-attackpatients and their caregivers. It provides patients andtheircare-givers, clear and complete information on all aspects ofhearthealth after heart attack, including medicationsreminders,lifestyle modifications, educational videos, healthcareserviceslocation, etc. Heart-Mitra features can be customized asperpatient’s need, thereby empowering patients and theircare-giversto take responsibility for their and their loved oneshealth.

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    January 11, 2019
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
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AZhelps APK
AZhelps– Savings, Medication Reminders &Tracker, Healthy ArticlesAZhelps by AstraZeneca (AZ) is an app designed to help youmanage your medication(s).Save: Mobile Savings CardThe mobile AZhelps Savings Card lives in your phone like an airlineboarding pass or mobile coupon. Save it to your Android Pay foreasy access to prescription savings offers. The best part? You cansave* on your AstraZeneca medications with just one mobile card.Plus, you can see all your transactions and how much you’ve saved.The app even simplifies mail-order reimbursement—it's just likedepositing a check with your banking app. Another way AZ helps makesaving on your prescriptions easier.*Subject to eligibility rules. Restrictions apply.Track: Medication Reminders & TrackerEveryone needs a reminder, once in a while. AZhelps makes it easyto track and record any medication you take with customizedreminders you set yourself. When you’re due for a refill, just tapto send a request directly to your pharmacy, from wherever you are.We’ll even let you know when it’s ready to pick up. Another way AZhelps make managing your health easier.Learn: Healthy Articles & TipsImportant health questions need answers. That’s why you’ll findinformation about the AstraZeneca medications you take is alwaysavailable. You can also browse through healthy advice and lifestylearticles hand-picked for you from some of the best names in health,like The New York Times and the Mayo Clinic.For US Audiences OnlyDeveloped by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP. Please report allproduct complaints, including side effects and/or adverse events,to the AstraZeneca Information Center at 1-866-687-5439 (Monday –Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM ET, excluding holidays).This app is intended to be an educational tool. It is notintended to be a medical device. As such, the app and anyinformation within should not be used as a basis for any diagnosis,monitoring, management, or treatment.AstraZeneca respects your personal health information. Theinformation you provide may be used to send you health-relatedmaterials and to develop products, services, and Programs. Certaininformation pertaining to your participation will be shared withAstraZeneca, the sponsor of the Program. The information sharedwill include the date that you filled the prescription, thequantity of medication dispensed by your pharmacist, and yoursavings under the Program. AstraZeneca, or third parties working onour behalf, will not sell or rent personal health information. Ifin the future you no longer want to receive these materials, pleasecall 1-866-687-5439.Use of the AZhelps app is governed by the AstraZeneca Terms ofUse and Privacy Policy.Data rates from your carrier may apply. AstraZeneca does notcharge for use of this application.©2016 AstraZeneca. All rights reserved. 3267606 Last Updated7/16
planMYmeds 3.2.0 APK
planMYmeds is an app provided to supportpatients taking part in an AstraZeneca clinical study.planMYmeds is a treatment support tool. It gives an easy-to-accessview of your dosing schedule, provides reminders when it’s time totake your medication and when you have hospital appointments. Italso allows you to capture comments on your ability to take yourmedication to help you discuss with your Healthcare Provider.
Fit2Me – My Plan, My Way 2.0.6 APK
Fit2Me(TM) is a free food and activity supportprogram built around you and your health challenges. It’scustom-fit to the way you like to eat, the way you prefer to move,and even the way you want to be motivated.Fit2Me is not your typical support program. There are no pre-builtmeal plans, no journal entries to write, no activities to track.Instead, Fit2Me turns your favorite food and activity choices intoa customized plan just for you!HOW FIT2ME WORKS:1. Download the free Fit2Me App and pick your digital coach2. Tell your coach about the foods you like, the activities youenjoy, your health challenges, and your motivational needs3. Your coach will provide options that are designed just for youand they will be there every step of the way to guide you,encourage you, and celebrate your successesFIT2ME FEATURES:• 10,000+ health friendly recipes• 500 exercises and activities• Food and activity calorie counters• Step-by-step instructional videos• Doctor discussion guides• Medication and doctor appointment reminders• Points and victory logs• Chances to win cool rewardsRemember to consult with your doctor before making any changes toyour health management plan and before starting any diet orexercise program.This App is not a medical device. The App and the informationgenerated from it should not be used as a basis for any diagnosis,monitoring, management or treatment. The App is intended for use asan educational tool.Data rates from your wireless carrier may apply. AstraZeneca doesnot charge for use of this application.©2016 AstraZeneca. All rights reserved. 1991404-3232300 Lastupdated 06/16.
myADAURAmeds 1.1.18 APK
myADAURAmeds is an app provided to support patients taking part inan AstraZeneca clinical study. myADAURAmeds is a treatment supporttool. It will provide you with notifications and motivationalmessages to help remind you to take you medicine as required by theclinical trial that you are participating in. It will also help youvisualize your progress and adherence on the clinical trial thatyou can discuss with your Healthcare Provider.
Inside Gout 1.1 APK
Journey inside the body to uncover thetruecauses of gout. INSIDE GOUT is a free, interactive educational tool thatoffershealthcare professionals useful and engaging informationabout thesystemic and chronic nature of gout. Engage with INSIDE GOUT:-         Assemble apurinemolecule and metabolize uric acid-         Interactwithtransporters within the kidney-         Expose theeffectsof overproduction and inefficient excretion of uricacid-         Reveal FastFactsto broaden your understanding of gout-         Challengeyourknowledge with the INSIDE GOUT quiz  
Virtual Heart - Australia 2.0 APK
Patient education tool for use by Health Care Professionals incounselling patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). Includes a3D model of the heart that can be viewed in any angle andcustomized to illustrate different ACS presentations andinterventions. Intended to be used either in the hospital settingbefore or after an intervention, during discharge consultations toassist with explaining the patient’s diagnosis and steps involvedwith ongoing elements of secondary prevention.
Virtual Coro - Bulgaria 2.2 APK
Визуализиране (3D изглед) на специфичнисъбития на ОКС и намеса въз основа на приноса от крайнияпотребител. Визуализация на свързаните с тях процедури и съвети запромяна в начина на животНаучно демонстрирано обучително съдържание, което показва вида наОКС, каква интервенция е направена и какви препоръки за лечение ипромяна в начина на живот са дадени.Внимание: След свалянето и инсталирането на приложението, то щепремине през срок за инициализация, който може да отнеме около10-15 минути според WIFI мрежата(по-дълъго през клетъчна връзка).Това е еднократна стъпка и приложение ще функционира нормално следприключването на инициализацията. Изисква се достъп до интернет попо време на инициализацията.Visualization (3D view)to specific events of ACS and intervention based on input from theend user. Preview of the associated procedures and tips for achange in lifestyleScientifically demonstrated educational content, which indicatesthe type of ACS, what intervention is made and what recommendationsfor treatment and changes in lifestyle are given.Warning: After downloading and installing the application, itwill go through a period initialization that can take about 10-15minutes according WIFI network (longer in cellular connection).This is a single step application will operate normally aftercompletion of initialization. It requires access to the Internetduring initialization.
Light On Gout 1.1.1 APK
LIGHT ON GOUT is a free App for iPhone andiPadthat delivers a truly engaging way to see gout in a new light.Withthe LIGHT ON GOUT 4D experience, you can examine healthy,moderate,and severe conditions of gout spatially from multipleangles on yourmobile device.LIGHT ON GOUT uses the camera on your iPhone or iPad to bringyouinto a world of augmented reality and heightened interactivity.Youcan make the 4D image larger or smaller and rotate it withyourfingertips to view each stage of gout in the foot, hand,knee,spine, and lungs from every possible angle.To experience LIGHT ON GOUT:• Open the App, and tap “yes” to allow it access toyourcamera• Tap on the logo in the center of the screen to begin• Aim your device at one of the LIGHT ON GOUT 4D tags at a time,andhold your device still until the App can recognize thetag• Watch the 4D LIGHT ON GOUT experience come to life• Use the navigation icons to view healthy, moderate andsevereconditions• Change the angle of your device or manipulate the image withyourfingertips to see different 4D views