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* Please follow instructions below to install keyboard. Keyboardwill NOT show unless you do both steps!!!* Small version - willwork better on smaller Android screens. Regular version availabletoo.מקלדת עבריתHebrew text anywhere on your Android!* RequiresAndroid 2.2 and up. No need to root cell phone or installing Hebrewfonts!After installation: from settings, Language & Keyboard,add "HebKeyboard".Then on some Cell phones you can choose Inputmethod, and Choose Hebrew Keyboard. On others you need to:long-press any field that is looking for text entry (for example onthe address text field of your Internet Browser), and switch toHebrew Keyboard.Keyword: Hebrew, font

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    Hebrew Keyboard - Small
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    January 25, 2012
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    OKtm Websites
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    83 Sandpiper dr. Voorhees NJ USA
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עכשיו במחירי מבצע בישראלOffline full English (Israelites) Biblebook! (Tanach)(Also available: Hebrew Tanach\Bible)Features:-Change font, color and font size- English and Hebrew menus-Bookmarks- Send chapter to email- Toggle Full screen - Context menu(long press text).and more.Includes:Torah (Pentateuch):Bereishit -GenesisShemot - ExodusVayikra - LeviticusBamidbar - NumbersDevarim- DeuteronomyNeviim (Prophets):Yehoshua - JoshuaShoftim -JudgesShmuel I - I SamuelShmuel II - II SamuelMelachim I - IKingsMelachim II - II KingsYeshayahu- IsaiahYirmiyahu -JeremiahYechezkel - EzekielHoshea - HoseaYoel - JoelAmosOvadiah -ObadiahYonah - JonahMichah - MicahNachum - NahumChavakuk -HabakkukTzefaniah - ZephaniahChaggai -HaggaiZechariahMalachiKetuvim (Writings):Tehillim - PsalmsMishlei -ProverbsIyov - JobShir Hashirim - Song of SongsRut - RuthEichah -LamentationsKohelet - EcclesiastesEstherDanielEzraNechemiah -NehemiahDivrei Hayamim I - I ChroniclesDivrei Hayamim II - IIChroniclesKeywords: Hebrew, Jew, Israel
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עכשיו במחירי מבצע בישראל* We allow 24 hours test drive of ourAll-in-One Siddur! Don't like it? Get a full refund!Jewish HebrewWeekday Siddur סידור לימות השבוע בעברית♔ Most popular Siddur in themarket. Some of the comments about our Siddur: "I have downloaded 6siddurim & this is the one I use" "Best siddur I have used todate"♔ Works on Android 1.6 and up!♔ No need to install fonts orroot phone!♔ Added Shake feature, Random Halacha, and Add personalevents, Minyan's Billboard and more fonts (We are aware not all arealigned, but this is a known issue coming from the Android OS).MainFeatures:==============♔ Easy to navigate Hebrew Siddur, includesShacharit, Mincha, Maariv, Benching, Hallel, Musaf, Omer countsetc.♔ Dynamic\Smart Siddur: text changes according to time, day orevent. Sections automatically added or removed as needed.Forexample, will include when needed: Megilat Esther, Omer count,Hallel, Musaf Rosh Chodesh, Musaf for festivals, Taanit Torahreading and Haftara etc.♔ Weekly Torah portion. Special Torahreading available too (For Rosh Chodesh, Haftara for Taanit,Holiday reading like Megilat Esther, etc.)♔ Minyanim Platform: -Look for the nearest Minyan. - Read and Post announcements andevents for Minyan. - Get information (Nusach, Prayer times, addressetc.) Click to get more (Street view, call the Rabbi, etc.)♔ Zmanimare according to current GPS location or by US Zip\World City. Youcan change date, and see in advance Candle lighting, When Shabbatends etc. Click on Zman to get more opinions.♔ Jewish Luach(calendar): Jewish & Civil date, weekly Parashah, Omer count,upcoming events (Rosh Chodesh, Holiday etc.), add your own personalevents (Yahrzeit, Anniversary, Birthday).♔ Prayer direction:calculate the direction to Jerusalem according to your location (3types of calculations).♔ Other prayers: Shir Hashirim, Tikun Klali,Perek Shira, Tefilah for sustenance and more.♔ Learn a daily RandomHalacha after prayer.♔ Hebrew Songs: listen to songs in Hebrew,includes lyrics.♔ Other tools: Mirror (reflection) to check HeadTefillin, send Zmanim, Events or parts of Siddur to email, andmore.Other Features:===============♔ Change text appearance. Manyfonts available.♔ Full Hebrew and English menus♔ Convenient contextmenu (can be disabled)♔ Shake feature: when you see the shake iconshake to get: Zmanim reminders according to prayer Tefillin mirrorwhile wearing them Prayer direction compass before Amidah♔Mishebrach (prayer for the sick) can be added to Siddur♔ Fullscreen option♔ Pinch and Zoom option♔ Add a pasuk\phrase for yourname after tefilah♔ No internet connection required♔ Return to lastlocation in Siddur♔ Supports all sizes of screens♔ Supports rooteddevices, or Hebrew System (Israeli cell phones)♔ Installs on SDcard to save space♔ Help fileand more!
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* Free With adsThe fundamental, classic work upon which allconcepts of Chabad Chasidism are based. It offers guidance forevery facet of the day-to-day life of a Jew in his or her serviceto God.Keywords: Hebrew, Chasidut, Torah, bible, Israel
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