1.20 / November 9, 2012
(4.1/5) (8)


New great game from Boolba Labs, the makersof"Toss It", "Smiley Pops" and "Link It"!

Funny and interesting game for all ages! Try it onyoursmartphone!
Mr. Hedgehog is skateboarding down a dangerous hill with manywallsand stones sprout out. Tap anywhere on screen to jumpandavoid the hedges!

Enjoy the superb state of the art animation, sounds andmusic.Share your score with friends via OpenFeint.

This game will challenge you and bring you a lot of joy!Goodluck!

App Information HedgeWay

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  • Updated
    November 9, 2012
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Boolba Labs NZ
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Smiley Pops 1.9 APK
Another hit from the makers of the greatestcasual games on the market: "Toss It", "Link It" and "Paper Jet"!Swap 3 side by side smileys to get 3 in a row.Smileys will laugh, wink, cry and entertain you along theway.Enjoy the superb state of the art animation, sounds and music.Share your score on Facebook and Twitter.Search for "Smiley Pops" to get Ad Free version.Reviews:"The art style really is the game's strong point, with each of thebrilliantly expressive bubbles gurning at you in their own way.There are the angry reds, the bored blues, and the bemused pinks,to name just a few...Smiley Pops does take a slightly differentapproach to match-three. It stacks the balls rather morerealistically than most, so each ball sits wedged in between thetwo below. This means that when you make a match, the balls spilland tumble into place at funny angles." - Pocketgamer.co.uk"A quality game that has been well thought-out and implemented.A definite keeper for those situations where you want to pass thetime with a challenge!" - bestandroidappsreview.com
Link It Lite 1.7 APK
The Pro version has over 200 levels and no ads. Search AndroidMarket for "Link It Pro" to download it.Your objective in this brain twisting puzzle game is to link allthe pearls in a chain. You must link all the pearls and then returnback to the starting point. The starting pearl is always green.Each pearl has an arrow on it. The arrow indicates the linkdirection. The white pearls are rotatable. Swipe your finger torotate them. Tap the green pearl to start the linking process. Goodluck!
Link It 1.7 APK
This is the extended version of "Link It Lite". It has more than200 levels and no ads.Your objective in this brain twisting puzzlegame is to link all the pearls through tons of levels. You mustlink all the pearls and then return back to the starting point.Each pearl has an arrow on it. The arrow indicates the linkdirection. The white pearls are rotatable. Swipe your finger torotate them. Tap the green pearl to start the linking process. Goodluck!
Wizard Runner 1.25 APK
Meet the new canabalt-like running game withRPG-elements from the сreators of “Toss It” and “Smiley Pops”.Guide the running wizard through the various colourfullocations. Fight the hordes of dreadful enemies. Unlock thepowerful spells and useful upgrades to run longer, jump higher andstrike harder!Like “Wizard Runner” on Facebook and get the latest news aboutnew releases and events.And this is just the small fraction of what you will experiencein the full version:✓ Sophisticated plot in story mode✓ Epic boss fights✓ Seven different locations✓ Even more foes to slay
Smiley Blaster 2.1 APK
Smileys are back in action! They willlaugh,wink, cry and entertain you along the way.New hit from the makers of "Toss It" and "Smiley Pops"!Best bubble shooting game ever! Burst the bubbles with thesmiley blaster!Enjoy the superb state of the art animation and sounds.Shoot the Blaster Smiley in the crowd and destroy as much aspossible! Share your score on Facebook and Twitter.Search for "Smiley Blaster" to get Ad Free version.
Pick It 1.0 APK
The best quality pick a stick game onthemarket!New addictive game from the makers of Toss It, Smiley PopsandLink It!Pick up all the pencils to clean the table! But wait... Ifyoutouch the wrong pencil dozens of angry sticks willappearagain!Be delicate and careful to choose the topmost pencil and trytobeat your time score!Fascinating and smashing casual Jenga like game withcolourfuldesign and endless, endless levels of fun!
Smiley Pops 2 1.0 APK
Bored of crushing candies? Want to try something new? Smileypirates come to the rescue! ✔ A fun twist on the many match-3 gamesout there. ✔ A good time waster that makes you think a littleharder.✔ You can play quick 5 minute games or get totally engrossedand play for hours. ✔ Previous version of Smiley Pops is enjoyed bymillions.