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Helicopter Commando War Game is an action 3D first person shooterbattle mission. Your are attacked by the enemy fleet. Enemy shipcarriers have been detected by you defence force. You have todefend your areas by jumping into the battle from the chopperprovided by your air force, shooting and killing the enemies on theships from air. In Helicopter Commando War Game you are equippedwith AK-47 rifle gun, shot them perfectly, and bring them to death.Some of your soldiers have already been shot to death. Take therevenge from your rivals and do not let them escape.The difficultylevel in Helicopter Commando War Game in increases higher levels.The number of enemies on the ships are increased and the time isreduced. The battle remains the same that you must survive. Youmust take accurate shots to win the battle. Your player have gotthe killer instinct. Start taking the perfect shots with your AK47rifle gun.Helicopter Commando War Game offers you five interestingshoot levels with amazing gameplay, action background music andthrilling sound effects. Go ahead, start playing HelicopterCommando War Game as elite personnel from your chopper with AK47rifle gun and eliminate all the enemies without being shot andkilled, and letting your health bar go down. We hope you enjoy theaction and mission!!!Special Features in Helicopter Commando WarGame:Playing sitting in a chopper with AK47 rifle gunManual adjustsensitivity settingsView enemies in Radar and kill themUse theScope to zoom the viewEnjoy Action MusicHow to play HelicopterCommando War Game: Tap on fire button to fireTouch and drag onscreen to move/rotate your weapon

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    August 18, 2015
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    Pascal Games
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Base Attack Commando Mission is a 3D FPS (First Person Shooter)action game, which provides user a military camp environment and HiTech shooting weapons. The military boot camp is attacked and theguerrilla frontline soldier fights like a super killer to reach itsdestination and eliminate the opponent military. The main storyBase Attack Commando Mission is that the army boot camp is occupiedby the marines and now it’s the time for gun shoot war. You arechosen for the war against anarchy, as the shooter killer enter themilitary camp they will try to escape in the helicopter and jetfighters but you have to ruin their escape plan and finish all theenemies with your accurate kill shots. The frontline shooter has tokill the enemy legion with his modern weapons.In Base AttackCommando Mission, the main objective of the guerrilla frontlinesoldier is to kill the marines in the military headquarter andthrash the helicopters and jet fighters. You are provided with theM164 Hi tech weapon. In the military boot camp, the frontline superkiller sent to the opponent army boot camp to shoot them and thrashthe helicopter and jet fighters which is trying to kill you. InBase Attack Commando Mission the terrorists are in a secret meetingof gun shoot war and planning the destruction of your militaryforces. The marine soldiers, helicopters and jet fighters will tryto stop you not to reach your prey but you have to fight withcourage and take over the horde of terrorists and killing all themarines and destroying the helicopters and jet fighters to thrashtheir dreams of supremacy over your military forces.Base AttackCommando Mission offers the player in FPS mode a gun shoot war freegame, which put the guerrilla frontline soldier to an objective ofshooting enemy legion, you have limited ammo and limited health. Inthis adventure, you are sent to the terrorists’ boot camp to shootthem and thrash the marines. The mesmerizing game play is gun shootwar on a huge horde of shooting marines aiming at you to stop youachieving your objective. You have a M164 latest and high accurateaiming weapon in hand to thrash your enemies. You have to kill allthe marines of the army camp to stay alive otherwise the will killyou as you have no other option to survive. In this Base AttackCommando Mission you are sent to the marines’ military headquarterto kill them and thrash the marines. The opponent soldiers will tryto stop you not to reach your prey but a horde of birds can’t stopa super killer to prey so u will achieve your objectives of killingall the terrorists in a gun shoot war.Music Credits Goes to:Allegro- PrettyFasthttp://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Action&page=5BaseAttack Commando Mission offers you:- Realistic FPS (First PersonShooting) controller- Engaging sound effects- Addictive soundtrack- Multiple objectives- M164 modern Hi tech shooting weapon-User friendly GUI and controls- Enemy AI- Efficient weapon controls& movementHow to play:- Touch & drag anywhere on the leftside of the screen aim/move/rotate your shooting weapon- Tap thefire button on the right side of the screen to shoot and thrash youenemies
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Drone Strike Combat 3D is one of the best action flight gameavailable for android devices on google play. The game featuresmultiple interesting levels with immersive environments andlandscapes. The game uses latest 3D development technologies toprovide you the best gaming experience on mobile devices. DroneStrike Combat 3D features military aerial warfare gamingexperience. Your homeland has been attacked by enemy air crafts. Asa predator pilot you have to stay attentive, attack, and shootenemies air crafts before they see you. In Drone Strike Combat 3Dthe battle has already started, you have to make a strategy foreliminating all enemies in order to finish the game. Your must hitwith accuracy in Drone Strike Combat 3D to win this battle. Yourprimary mission is to clear aerial boundaries of your homeland withthe modern air craft provided to you, and to eliminate the enemyair crafts that include jet fighter planes and helicopters. Youhave a limited time to eliminate the enemy jet fighters andhelicopters. Drone Strike Combat 3D is challenging game and free toplay. Download Drone Strike Combat 3D, take off and enjoy.DroneStrike Combat 3D Features:Touch controls for target lock andshootAdvance radar systemEngine throttlingMultiple cameraviewsShoot multiple enemy air craftsAmazing 3D effectsThrillinggameplay
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SWAT Base Attack Hero Killer is one of the best FPS (First personShooting) free game. The player steps in the boots of a contractshooter whose job is to infiltrate the terrorists from the city.SWAT Base Attack Hero Killer is a multi mission game withincreasing difficulty in each level. The user is provided withmodern firearm M4A1 which is capable to trigger down the enemysoldier in a single gun shoot. The frontline commando has a specops to gun shoot the marines on the battlefield. The SWAT BaseAttack Hero Killer has to enter the city and have to shoot themarines in a single death shot with modern firearm M4A1.The missioncompletely depends on the strategy of the shooter that how you usethe skills of the frontline commando. The storyline behind themissions of SWAT Base Attack Hero Killer is interesting. This isthe action packed game in which the frontline commando is hired forspec ops in a military base. The spy is a contract shooter and specops specialist to perform like a frontline commando on thebattlefield. In this game, the city has been attacked by theterrorists and you have been ordered to kill all of them. You haveto fight against the terrorists and have to kill them. There aredifferent levels in SWAT Base Attack Hero Killer game and you haveto eliminate different number of enemies in each level. SWAT BaseAttack Hero Killer offers you:- Realistic FPS (First PersonShooter) controller- Mesmerizing 3D urban city environment-Realistic contract operation- Well-built storyline- Enemycharacters with unique attack, defiance characteristics and AI--Efficient weapon controls & movement- Radar visionHow to playSWAT Base Attack Hero Killer:- Touch & drag anywhere on rightof the screen aim your shooting weapon- Touch & drag anywhereon left of the screen to move the shooter player- Tap the firebutton on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault-Use the scope button to aim closer
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Desert Battle Shot is a patriotic soldier war in a sandyenvironment. Take perfect shots in desert battle using air craftprovided by your air force throws near your enemy base and you needto clear the area. You soldier is equipped with multiple weaponrysystems. The enemies is also equipped with advanced weaponrysystem. Aim your targets, shoot them and complete the missions.Youare equipped with a radar navigation system to facilitate you inspotting your enemies and targets. You are connected to yourspecial ops base with the communication link. The enemies havebecome aggressive after they have spotted you.There are multiplelevels in Desert Battle Shot. Each level comes with differentdifficulty level and different targets. There vehicles will bemoving during the game with the soldiers equipped with weaponrythat are your target too. After you complete the mission, you canfly back in your air craft.The Desert Battle Shot features include,radar navigation system, multiple weapon systems, enemy vehicles,barracks, and enemy base. Your soldier has taken the risk and readyto die for his homeland and defeat the rivals. Start playing DesertBattle Shot, help the soldier and enjoy the fight.We hope you enjoyDesert Battle Shot!!! We appreciate your feedback. Thank you.How toplay Desert Battle ShotUse radar to spot targetsUse swipe controlsto aimUse fire button to hit the enemies
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Undercover Sniper Survival is a brilliant first person shooter(FPS) Free 3D sniper shooting game with the attackers inside anenemy base. Undercover Sniper Survival is built with state of theart graphics tools and technologies we aim to provide you the bestand realistic gaming experience you ever had. In Undercover SniperSurvival you are provided with a sniper rifle to strike and shootyour rivals inside an enemy base environment. As an elite commandopersonnel you have to eliminate all the enemies in the facility andclear up the area before they bring down your soldier. You mustclear the enemy base in order to survive. Undercover SniperSurvival is very realistic and demands you to stay focused and aimwith precision and accuracy with your gun. Enemy soldiers will beshooting you from various spots. You can take help from youradvanced radar system to locate your enemies in the base and strikethem. You have to survive and eliminate them all. Remember, inUndercover Sniper Survival game the attackers does not die onsingle shot, you must shoot them twice to kill them. The attackerswill be standing on different spots. Undercover Sniper Survivalgame comes with multiple interesting sniper shooting levels withdifferent environments and difficulty levels. The game iscompletely free to download and we hope you enjoy thegame.Undercover Sniper Survival Game Features:Realistic Enemy BaseEnvironmentMultiple Interesting LevelsDifferent DifficultyLevelsAdvance Radar SystemMulti Shot Enemies HealthThrillingBackground MusicAmazing Sound EffectsEntertaining GameplayEfficientweapon controls