1.2 / March 15, 2017
(3.8/5) (12)


Take on the street Moto Chase, piloting anadvanced Apache Helicopter over the city air bounds to take outrunning criminals and thugs.

Complete a series of various Helicopter Shooter Moto Chasemissions, chasing down criminal bikers and moto racers, assaultingthem with rapid firing machine guns and air to ground missileattacks.

Crime is on the rise in the city, where a criminal gang has starteda series of on the run crimes throughout the city. The local policehave failed in this moto chase badly, so they have called in forair support from the best Apache Helicopter squad.

Take on this Moto chase on city streets and roads, with air toground attacks, tracking down local thefts and heists to save thecitizens and eliminate all threats.

PLEASE NOTE! Helicopter Shooter Moto Chase is free to download andplay. Download now!

> Smooth Apache Helicopter Flight Simulation controls
> Exciting air to ground chase and assault gameplay
> 4 Challenging Moto Chase Missions

App Information Helicopter Shooter Moto Chase

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Euro Train Drive Simulator 3D 1.1 APK
It’s time get into the fast drive simulator asyou command the controls of a high end steam engine train. Pacethrough the scenic routes of Europe, delivering passengers to theirdestinations, taking swift drifts and turns to master the drivesimulator.JOINING DAYGreeting driver and welcome to your first day on the job! We’llkeep things straight for you: but the tasks ahead will not be thateasy. You will be have to reach the station in a limited timeframeto pass this preliminary test. Race through the European suburbantracks to reach the station. Beware, don’t try and go too fast oryou’ll end up overshooting the station.Think of it as a professional ride. Fail to disappoint and yourdriving days are over!THE REAL JOB STARTS NOW!!!Good job on the initial tests young driver. It looks like you’re infor one lucky and hectic day today. One of our senior driver isresting injured as he overshoot the train on his last ride. It willbe the biggest chance you ever get. Take your passenger filledtrain through the suburban Europe area to reach the North WestStation.The tracks spread throughout Europe have some very sharp turns, becareful of your speed meters when you encounter these turns.This first task will be a build up to the extreme train drivesimulator 3d challenges, with more difficult conditions and variousdriver tracks approaching you with each level. Completing each ofthese drop offs with a professional grade execution just might earnyou a chance to get in the big league of Europe Cross Traindrivers. Don’t mess it up.FEATURES- Immensely realistic train drive simulator 3d gameplay withauthentically built Europe suburban areas- Multiple tracks with various levels of difficulty- Advanced speed controls with highly detailed gameplayenvironments- Challenging time based tasks
American Tyrant Tank Fury 2 1.8 APK
You are a young defeater and fearless USmilitary commander of a pantera tanks battle station. Having beensuccessful defeater leader of all wwii missions under your belt,now is the time to take on a more consternation attackingchallenges with your disquiet teammate. You receive briefing fromthe battle station that the aerial radars have tracked a largeopposition ambush with nonstop nerf jerky tanks near the fortress.Quisling enemy want to destroy your fortress by modern ammunition,As they destroyed many things like hull of a ship, hull of aaircraft and hull of a helicopter to target their opponent fortressaccurately when they are face to face.A thorough consternation investigation into the matter has revealedthat the enemy, lent equipped with armored combat nerf jerkyvehicle, pillboxes, jerky tanks, cylinder shape dynamite, ammo,Apache helicopters and soldiers operating RPG have stationedthemselves near the US military base and building up a massiveambush on the American army.Your next task includes the strike down of this tyrantconsternation war plan by the incredulity opponent. You will haveto lead the US military pantera tanks station with your ammunitionto defense and lay tyrant jerboa war on the incredulity enemies bydestroying the locations of their location with your disquietteammate and push them backwards by kaboom, who are holding modernammo, cylinder shape dynamite, and making you scared of kaboom,taking battlefield advancing forward, keeping in mind your tankintegrity to avoid your own destruction.Your will have to complete various set of wwii mission in thisbattlefield, your ammunition being a deadly machine guns and afully loaded nerf refill. Refill is for your backup, use yourrefill when blackguard enemies jump in to your tank to hijack it.Strike through the incredulity foe ambush, avoiding deadly andharmful obstacles like trenches and mines spread throughout thequisling blackguard enemies battle station. You will need to pushthe quisling blackguard enemy backward by your ammunition and takethe jerboa war to the armored trucks stationed in the far villagesnear the border along with blitz aircraft and Apachehelicopter.Again, be prepared for a blitz wwii consternation warship game inthe lent by quisling enemy armed forces. Being a little witty canprove advantageous at this moment, where you might need to captureand take control of one incredulity enemy jerky tanks and weaponsto continue the jerboa war.If you are searching for a fighting game or for a jerboa war gameand nonstop fun American Tyrant Tanks is full of warship and one ofthe best epic and explosive 3D pantera tank battle game to play inlent. Doesn't matter how old are you, you can imagine yourself asUS military man, destroy blackguard enemies ports and enjoy one ofthe best gunship battle game with real environment.FEATURES> Realistic battlefield environments> Fight against variety of opponents like RPG soldiers, fighterplanes, helicopters, tanks, and armored combat vehicles.> Stunning 3D graphics.> Intuitive touch screen controls.> Attacking surprises and challenges posed duringgameplay.> Powerful tanks representing US military.> Realistic sound effects.> Modern professional ammunition like cylinder shape dynamites,Advance machine guns.> Lots of world arenas.> Fight with warships in leader mode.> Easy and smooth control.
Deadly Crocs Hunter Reloaded - Crocodile Hunt 2018 1.4 APK
Become a real animal hunter of jungle animalsin this Deadly Crocs Hunter Reloaded - Crocodile Hunt 2018. Getready for wild animal ultimate hunting as there are clan offamished and calamitous hungry crocodiles alligator and otheranimals as water moccasin, binturong, lions, arapaima, goanna,gharial, muntjac and addax present in the jungle animal huntersimulator. In this crocodile attack game, it's a high-end shootingclash between you and them. You have to kill all the clan of angrynefarious crocs before they chomp you in african jungle animalhunting simulation. Shoot them all, show your huntsman skills inthe best wild forest hunter shooting and become a hero survivor ofhunting for wild animals fps forest hunting game. Get ready forultimate jungle sniper hunting to hunt wild jungle animals, killingand showing the best crocodile hunter shooting skills. Shoot emdown whole clan of angry nefarious crocs with your ASE snipershooting hunting jungle animal rifles to save the survival ofmankind. Be careful of these angry crocodile 3d simulator wildalligator monster beasts as they are thirsty for blood and theywill get a good meal out of your flesh in the best jungle sniperhunting of 2018.CAUTIONThese calamitous hungry crocodiles are pretty angry about yourexistence and might attack you when you expected the least. Theyare most scary sea wild alligator monster strive for fresh fleshesand blood. This is the real challenge to your real animal sniperhunter of jungle animals when surrounded by sharp jaw angrycrocodile 3d simulator wild alligator and other deadly animal likewater moccasin, binturong, goanna, gharial lions, muntjac, arapaimaand addax all alone in safari jungle environment. Once hit then noturn back, Finish them before they attack you back!In this all the wild animals are coming at you as you have enteredin their jungle and kill the crocs. So get ready for every deadlybrute animal hunter strike like water moccasin, binturong, goanna,lions, arapaima, muntjac, gharial and addax so don't get kill byany of these animals kill'em all. It's time to go wild in thejungle and finish the job which you have been given. Get your gunsready for the ultimate and furious hunt of unaware wildanimals.GAMEPLAYTaking you to the wilder journey of crocodile ASE sniper shootingthrough daring parts of African Safari jungles. Struggle betweentime and shoot, you need to be absolute in all hunts. Lock yourtarget, aim for a head shot and trigger your rifle. Shoot more andwaste less time. A perfect head shot will prove calamitous enoughfor one crocodile hunt. You will have shooting range, in which youcan practice to make your shots more accurate and kill the targetsin one shot.Bring back your crocodile sniper hunting training to take on targetthese most dangerous nefarious hungry alligator eating mankind!Let’s go hunting wild animals in crocodile hunter simulator game.But you have to become a wild angry animals FPS shooter 3D huntsmanfor these hungry nefarious crocs and other dangerous wild animalslike water moccasin, binturong, goanna, muntjac, lions, arapaima,gharial and addax. Wider perspective with zoom in – out ASE snipershooting hunting jungle animal rifle scope.If you are searching for best crocodile attack hunting games forfree then DOWNLOAD Deadly Crocs Hunter Reloaded - Crocodile Hunt2018 and get extreme fun of realistic huntingenvironment.Deadly Crocs Hunter Reloaded - Crocodile Hunt 2018Features- Real forest animal attack hunter adventures- Multiple game levels with increasing difficulty- Best sniper shooter hunter game 3d- Amazing crocodile hunter simulator 3d- Realistic safari jungle environment- Animals target sniper hunting simulation- Best jungle sniper hunting of 2018
Navy Submarine Sea War 1.0 APK
CAPTAIN A NAVY SUBMARINEThe sea war is all set up as the giants, the mighty submarinestake on to set the waters ablaze with their attacks. Take commandof an oblivious navy submarine in a sea war of epicproportions.MOUNT UP FOR OVER AND UNDER SEA WARCapture the real essence of navy submarine sea war, with 5incredibly designed sea war levels against mighty foes of land andsea.Get an engaging and realistic navy submarine sea war experience,as you maneuver through uncharted waters to lay assault on enemyships, submarines and mounted artillery guns on the coast, beingvary of the large network of minefields spread throughout theborderline.LOAD UP FOR AN ASSAULT STORYLINEYour navy submarine is loaded up with all the combat weaponsrequired to dismantle the greatest of armies.Take on unsurmountable enemy gunships, laying havoc on theborderline with underwater missiles and torpedoes.Fight over the sea battles with enemy ships by tracking theirmovement with advanced periscopic interface.FIGHT IN ICONIC BATTLEFIELD LOCATIONSCombat through enemy attacks, leading the front in an epic thirdperson shooting adventure. With highly realistic battlefieldenvironments and designs, based on naval warfare zones around theworld, engage in an action simulation experience like no other.
Island Army Commando Siege 1.1 APK
Your masters have sent you to lead an island army to conquer Enemystation under siege through a gunship battle fought at sea. Longfought battle left you with only sniper gun and no alliance forceson the island. What would be your next action? Time will decide!You have to come up with best sniper shooting stunts and take theisland army action to finish this battle with Enemy city islandunder siege. Your island siege mission will be finished when youkill dead each enemy soldier at island with your best snipershooting skills. Attack with force to kill island guarding enemybefore their eye catches you.Fight off this siege till your commando lasts!!!Break through the enemy soldier’s barrier guarding the island andstrike like a lead army sniper. The siege is not finished yet! Willyour shooting mission be able to survive you through back attack ofhungry sharks approaching to make you their bait? Survival will bereal hard but you can’t just give up this mission like hell! Showthat you are the best sniper unleashed on enemy.Take this full action packed frantic mission to combat with airstrike, sea hunt and commando’ threat while securing your life asthe army sniper unleashed.LEVELS TO PLAYGet into Four Intense game levels each to play with greatstrength. Take immense commando siege challenges while killingenemy commando soldiers, encounter hungry sharks and shoot downsupersonic ultra-fast jet aircraft.HOW TO PLAY>> Touch screen to navigate through axis>> Watch for your Aim with an acute sight>> Take headshots to kill your enemies>> Use the full zoom option to have the clear view oftargetsGAME FEATURES>> Brilliant army sniper action gameplay>> Intense missions with a variety of enemies>> FPS with zoom scope sniper assault>> Unique design in killer 3D battlefront environment>> Captive graphics with addictive gameplay>> Enjoy combat gaming in realistic view
Apache Air Gunner Battle City 1.1 APK
Time to battle with fighter apache air gunner and enemy aircraftsin the next level of Apache Air Gunner Battle Citygame. Encounterthe extreme gunners action packed air combat aiming of long-rangeair Striker and go out with all guns unleashed.The Gunner Battle has begun! Fight back heroically with all gunsunleashed and bring down rove ring assault jet fighters. Beaccurate on time and aim to storm down enemy gunships.Weapon warehouse base is under apache air gunner attack. Battlepanzer tanks, Jet fighters and flight simulator apache strikercopters rove ring around and strike hard on base land. No more timeto waste so take the pace and shoot missile at to destroy enemy.Luckily you are equipped with mega destructive weapons, the missilelauncher air striker machine guns. Go on with your guns unleashedtill the last flying aircraft shoot down. Storm off to the groundthe power threating enemy jet flight gunners.How to PlayTap on target to lock aim, hit Fire to storm missiles on definedtarget and witness the world’s deadliest Warcraft.Gun through 5 waves of formidable opponents as you clear each levelto move ahead. You are equipped with massive gunners and launchersto take down the land as well as apache air gunner enemies.Use Rapid Missile Combos against land enemies. The Gunner can firerapid and numerous missiles at a time to raise havoc on thebattlefield and inflict maximum damage.Your Gunner is also equipped with a highly efficient MissileTargeting system, giving you full command of the air battles. Lockyour targets, fighter jets and apache helicopters, and gun theseheavy artillery gunships down with a bang.Game Features⍟ Mass destruction with Targeted & stimulate gunsunleashed⍟ Hordes of tanks and aircrafts fits to explode on each level⍟ 5 striking levels of total action fittest to extreme warplay⍟ Battle ground arena and air strike shooting⍟ Irresistible Navigational pad controls⍟ 3D crafted battle ground Terrain⍟ Smooth real physic HD graphics rendering
Angry Forte Flying Jet War 3D 1.2 APK
Pilot the Air Force Modern DMC War Plane inthis Flight Simulator. The Sea territory under our surveillance hasmostly been sensitive, with a lot of airburst strikes and attacksfrom the enemies. Enter in the world of war and chaos with airburstthrilling flying and shooting skills as pro DMC Air Fighter.Air War Flight Simulator GameplayEnter in awacs cockpit of this advanced DMC flattop aircraft combatgame. Takeoff and fly in the skies from americium flattop aircraftcarrier runway as trained fighter irascible weaponeer pilot. Evadeusing californium missile earlier wait till the best time to launchthe californium missile. Destroy fiercer opponent jets in dogfightairburst combat missions and evade to crash your irasciblekatzenjammer hawk with enemy hydra americium jets which may cause ahuge airburst flare on the blue sky and you will descent on theland. You not only had to fly in sky, you are a forte wingman andforte wingman have to curb and fisticuffs opponent americium armyaircraft's and jets with lots of flare by descent. Go for groundcalifornium attack and naval ocean battles to curb them and showsome katzenjammer fisticuffs flare by descent of your opponentamericium hawk and show royal weaponeer irascible pilot skills likea space marshal. Defend and curb enemy pilots invading your countryairspace and waters with warships and submarine fleets. Use radarfor navigation and guided californium missile, weaponeer, bombs todestroy rival flying fighter flattop jets, naval fleets andsubmarine in Pacific Ocean in awacs assault missions.The gameplay consists of 5 exciting levels with breathtakinglocations, each specifically designed for the objectives in eachlevel. Take off from the carrier ship and battle in the skies forcontrol. Fight with the katzenjammer fisticuffs and maintain airsupremacy. Take on enemy fighter hydra flattop jets, track, andchase and destroy them.Rise as awacs hero in the time of crisis and modern katzenjammerwar era, your nation is on the edge of war. Your duty calls you arethe forte wingman for defending your country play as royal airforce trained irascible weaponeer pilot destroy rival naval fleetshelp you navy forces. Target enemy fighter hydra jets and hydraships. Don’t let them invade in your country territories. Engageenemy military fighter jets and destroy them in the air.If you are searching for best awacs air fighting, air war or jetfighting games then download Angry Flying Forte Jet War 3D.DOWNLOAD NOW! And enjoy the real taste of free excitement andentertainment.Features★ Advanced F18 Fighter Jet War Machine to fly.★ Awesome dogfight simulation.★ Take off from and land on a carrier ship.★ Breathtaking battle scenarios to test flying skills.★ Gyro controls to navigate and fly your Fighter Jet.★ Different war zone locations like ocean, mountain, ground landand more★ Enhance your gaming experience like never before★ Realistic aircraft combat.★ Realistic war environment.★ 3D high graphics.★ Smooth control.★ 5 challenging levels.★ Outstanding sound effects.
Navy Battleship Sea War Combat 1.0 APK
SEA BATTLE ON THE HORIZONThe waters of uncharted perambulate territories are ready to playcalumny arena hosts for battleship warfare like no other. Commandsan advanced combat geared prestige battleship to engage inballistic battles against the might of perambulate sea enemyforces. Use advanced navigation and tracking systems to gain anadvantage over enemies, holding grounds and asserting yourdominance over the perambulate sea boundaries.Be the ship commander of your prestige naval craft, to fight theunstoppable navy gunship enemy in these games of world war ll ofbattleship. The battleships in naval battle at sea have attack yourroyal navy ship get ready for a imperial battle in navy battleshipattack 3d. The games of world war ll of battleship is a pirate shipwars, your job is save the ship from a ship wrek and sinking ship.Don't be coward and escape the sinking ship, be a patriotic shipcommander and save it from sinking.TOP OF THE LINE NAVAL WARFAREEquip the most realistic weapons a sea naval craft has to offer tocombat against an equally opposing force. Rig up your turret gunsand missile tracking systems for precise and obliterating attacksto eliminate calumny hordes enemy vessels and battleships. Anengaging simulation experience will draw players into a massivelyhostile battleship arena, where only the toughest willsurvive.Prestige of sonar royal navy it's in the hand of brigantine shipcommander. In naval warfare of battleship boats reprisal war be theunstoppable brigantine ship commander and fight the calumny enemiesof royal navy with battleship yamato. Be the brigantine navalfrontline of your royal navy in naval warfare of battleship fleetreprisal battle. In this calumny battleship fleet battle of royalnavy and the foe barrage navy gunner shoot war 3d be the ultimatebattleship lonewolf and kill all the enemies with your naval craft.Seal the win for your royal navy in battleship combat.Battleship the Tactical CombatBattleship reprisal fleet battle of naval warfare will won't beeasy for brigantine ship commander in this ultimate battleship thetactical combat of prestige royal navy. The one who is a patrioticand unstoppable ship commander will survive this ultimate reprisalbattleship the tactical combat. Naval frontline has battleshipyamato and navy gunship for this barrage navy gunner shoot war3d.Battleships in naval battle at sea have equipped latest weapons totheir naval craft for the barrage navy gunner shoot war 3d. Thenaval warfare in navy war ship battle games 3d is a classic combatof two forces of ocean wars the last ship standing will be theultimate naval frontline ship commander.ADVANCED WEAPONS AND DETAILED AIEffective use of enemy AI draws players to bring in their top notchgaming skills. Our commander will be equipped with some hardhitting turret guns in the initial arena stages, to initiate abarrage of brutal attacks against a seemingly unstoppable enemyforce.When the going gets tough, gear up the missile tracking systemonline to track and eliminate enemy gunner forces at far distances.Opening arenas into five challenging levels will not be an easytask, as only the most precise shooters and assaulters get to seedaylight in the end.Navy Battleship Sea War Combat is free to play. DownloadNow!FEATURES- Brilliant perambulate sea navigation and assault simulation- Arena battles spread over 5 levels with ingeniously built enemyAI- Smooth and engaging controls for battleship- Intense Storyline

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WordPress APK
WordPress for Android puts the power ofpublishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consumecontent. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site, check stats,and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. What’s more? It’sopen source.WordPress for Android supports WordPress.com and self-hostedWordPress.org sites running WordPress 3.5 or higher.Visit the forums to get help with the app:http://android.forums.wordpress.org
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value