1.1 / September 21, 2016
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The Helicopter War Shooting Game contains stunning graphics alongwith great realistic sound effect, real sea view and desertenvironment. This Heli air attack game is free and awesome gameplay. This sweet air attack game allows Fight with evil enemies onthe sea view. Fly your helicopter with instantly slings into theclose range of evil enemies and attack on them with extremefirepower and missiles. Defend your helicopter in this shootinggame. Your enemy is alert there with assaulting when you attack onthem. Eliminate all intruders in this helicopter fighting game.Inthis game you are on helicopter and move around the ruthless enemy.You have an equipped a missiles and spree. You have an impeccabledecisive role like an aerial helicopter pilot. Your Heli is fullloaded with missiles and bullets. Destroy culprit ships and protectyour plane from enemy missiles otherwise your Heli should becrash.It has variety of missions. Choose your favorite mission andmake your own tactical scenario. In each mission there aredifferent tasks. First mission is very easy instead of othermissions. In the every next mission difficulty level increased.Shoot the perilous evil enemies and clear the existing mission andalso unlock the next mission.This helicopter fighting game is amobility and air raid with Heli air battle extreme crossfire game.Once you have start to play this extreme military helicoptershooter game, then you will not stop until the total destruction ofthe brutal enemies counter strike by sea attack. This air attack isundeniably with classic atmosphere and modern rendering game. Thefull of arsenal modern rendering and splendid air attack game.Protect your heli from brutal enemy missiles in the massive hordes.Keep continuous scramble with glorious way and destroy everything.If you like an action simulator shooting game then this is theright game for you. Features:- Amazing shooting effect- DifferentMissions- Multiple helicopters with a variety of weapons andequipment- Best stealth helicopter navigational and assaultcontrols- Gunship Air Helicopter equipped with gunner, guidedmissiles, short range rockets and guns.- Realistic Environments-Simulation Helicopter- Challenge & Custom missions- Explosions,missiles, guns, bullets, bombs, smoke and more!

App Information Helicopter War Shooting 2016

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    Helicopter War Shooting 2016
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    September 21, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Welcome to Halloween Edition.Now in store our new shooting gamebased on Halloween named Zombie Halloween Night-HauntedZombieHalloween Night-Haunted contains multiple levels, you have to killall the zombies in order to clear the level. The best 3d shootinggame of 2016 FREE!.. You will like this game if you have playedHalloween games..Go ahead and Shoot the zombies. It's a firstperson shooting game,Where users have critical missions tocomplete. Your town is devoured by Zombies without any signs.Hundreds of infected citizens wander on the street to find preys.All creatures are destroyed by radiation. You have no choice but tofight with Zombies to protect yourself.Zombie HalloweenNight-Haunted Free a fun, way to celebrate the Halloween.TOPFEATURESFirst Person Shooting Efficient Gun Control 3D Graphics HOWTO PLAYRotate your gun around with screen swipeCamera zoom to getaccurate shotsMission based game play to complete all missionsShooting accuracy and skills