1.0 / August 9, 2018
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Are you looking for jumping ball yousky + game or a balldropgame?spiral Helix Ball is super simple hyper bounce game tolearnyet insanely addictive to play. Try to experience theadventure ofthe bouncing ball through the hexil jump spiraltowerlabyrinth.jumping ball game is easy but very difficult to bemasterof ball drop game helix Jump is an exciting fun adventuregame withbouncing ball through the real helix tower labyrinth Thereare manylevels based on a carefully designed physical system inendlessmodeSimple controls just slide the fingers right and leftfor thehelix rotation and jump of the ball. Try to avoid the oddcolorspots helix and let the ball pass Jump and complete helix mazeandlevel. it's a game that will test your balance skill beat yourownhigh score and compete with your friends!Enjoy your timewhileplaying helix jump and try not to use any of ball helix jumpcheatsto get the best experience you can get.its the era of jumpingballapp +game peoples like simple and addictive games caring ofuserinterest we made hyper bounce ball jump game no need ofhighprocessor ram and space using the best optimization ways todevelopsuch gamethat will load fastly and works smoothly in thisgamethere is a spiral tower and steps made of triangles to jump onandgo through your way as long as you servive the long you staythebest score will you get there is also collection of diamonds inthegame dont forget to collect those diamonds for next updatebecausespiral helix jump ball game@ is futuristic unending game youwilllove the spiral tower bouncing and jumping ball its smoothgameplay of this helix game there are many jumping ball games onplaystore but you will love this helix jumping ball down because ofitsfeatures given below FEATURES This addicting game is freetoplaySimple but addictive game playOne-tap easy-to-learncontrols,rich visual effects and addictive gameplaymechanicsthrilling andfun running Jump adventuresmall APK file sizeto download in shorttimeDifferent helix designs for HelixJumpAmazing and eye catchinggraphicsDifferent helix designs forMaze jumpcrazzy visual effectin gameplayHOW TO PLAY ?Rotate thehelix maze by sliding yourfinger horizontally across your screen toguide the jumping ballthrough the gaps in the helix tower.Collectdiamonds in yourjourneyavoid the odd colors to jump on jump as deepas possible itwill give you a blazing power to eleminate thebricksPlay and shareHelix Jump Game with your friends and familiesand give us yourfeedbacks Have a Fun !

App Information Helix Hyper Bounce Ball Jump

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    Helix Hyper Bounce Ball Jump
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    August 9, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    BNT Studio
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    Mohallah Shahi Bagh Gul Bagh,Pakistan
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Do you want to be constantly updated by current location of youloved ones?Are you getting calls from unknown number or Havefrequent unknown calls? Do you want to find from where that personis Calling? Track any Mobile phone number from overallINDIA,USA,CANADA ,PAKISTAN.* Phone number Tracker: Our Phone NumberTracker helps you to search any phone number from USA, India,Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia and any other country inthe world. The city, state, country and operator of the phonenumber will be displayed and the geographic location will be shownon the maps with your present location and distance.Call Blocker:Caller blocker allows you to block unwanted calls such astelemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc.Displays True CallerLocation of every incoming & outgoing calls over callscreenCell Tracker Search any mobile number information with searchfeature and check location on map.Are you worried by your lostphone and didn’t remember where you left it?Then you are heatedlywelcome to the right place specially designed for the solutions ofyour problems, Because now Mobile Number Location GPS a totallyfree application provides you the solution beyond yourexpectations.Mobile Location Finder is gps base application .MobileNumber Location Finder App shows your correct location any placeyou stand with your mobile.in short its super powerful mobile andfriend location finder applicationthrough this application you canfind your mobile location also you can search friends mobile byusing mobile location.you can find your friend mobile location bysearching your friends location through this application.Duringyour busy hours you forgot where you left your device. Not an issuenow,Mobile Number Location GPS will find it for you. Find AndroidPhone is the essential tracking tool for anyone who has experiencedthe stress, worry, and inconvenience associated with a lost orstolen deviceHere user can track live location on map.You can seewho is calling and identify unknown incoming calls via the callerid with name and location information including operator, name,location, state.The city area, state, country and network operatorof the phone number will be displayed and the GPS location will beshown on the maps.* Track Mobile Contacts, Cell callers, unknowncallers with this useful tool mobile tracking tool.this applicationis also known as Mobile Location Tracker because you can find yoursand your friend mobile number easily If you want to track thedetails of your children and friends visited locations, justinstall this free application and check their location.rememberthat this app is not storing and sharing your location.Trace/Search any phone number for its location. Contacts &Call logs: By using option of Call Logs and Contacts, you can viewthe details of contacts like their Location of the Telecom Circleand Service Provider/Telecom Operator Name, location on map etc.какузнать номер. track any mobile. number locator. 追跡番号mobile phonelocation. 주소찾기앱.. مكتشف العروض.- Locate phone number area andstate.- Display Location of incoming calls and outgoingcallsFEATURE:Switch on the GPSChoose the Type of Map view such asNormal, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain.Very simple to useTotallyuser friendlyFind the distance between selected areasAccuratemobile number location and also showing path towards thelocationAmazing in hand application
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Truck Simulation Drive is 3d grand truck simulation game .Driving abig truck can be difficult but accepting this challenge is moredifficult accept the challenge and become the King of the road.Thisgame contain a 3D truck for simulation in huge environment bothplane roads and hill climbing challenges there are two modes in thegame 1. MOUNTAIN MODE : It is time base single level game in whichu are having time challenge to reach to the top of the mountain uhave to take time bonus before the level time ends.2. LEVELMODE:This mode contain amazing location and different obstacle,mountain petrol pumps wood store container truck simulation inshort entertainment is guaranteed in this game. and more than thatthe specialty of the game is still here.total level base modeunlock level by completing level job and become king of the road asa truck driver.Become a professional truck driver and enjoy trucksimulation.there is one american truck euro truck will be updatesoon.FEATURES: 1.Realistic truck controls for your smartphone2.Very smooth game play3. Very nice environment and low size4. Real time switch controller5. Beautiful GUI6.Totally userfriendly 7. physics base truck 8.Full working truckdashboard9.Realistic Engine Sounds 10.dynamic Controls(change steeron run time)MORE FEATURE and CONTROLS:Three types of control aremaking user more fun i) STEERING : if you are a steering lover thenthis is surely made for u beautiful steering and great steeringcontrolii). TILT CONTROL : just a wow control use your mobile as asteering and enjoy truck driving and u will feel like trucksimulator driveriii)BUTTONS CONTROL : if you want to stay cool usesimple button control and enjoy truck simulation challenges.
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Driving a big truck can be difficult, Hop in your truck and drivethrough various locations and reach till the end of the trackwithout any damage only in Truck Simulator Impossible.ImpossibleTracks simulator delivers an exciting driving experience that willmake you feel like driving real trucks.Show your skills and finishall the jobs in time.Paths are difficult to drive on but you canhandle this job with your perfect simulator game driving skills.You thinking that how that possible truck simulation and parking insky how those vehicles reached to the sky tracks. All this possiblejust because of helicopter transportation or air cargo bus all thevehicle loaded in the cargo plane or helicopter and it transport onthe sky tracks where mechanics also available for the modificationand repairing of truck just like the mechanic workshop on the landin the city called Space Station.FEATURES:_full 3D game _less than20mb size_smooth gamePlay _realistics Sounds_amazing parkinglocations_adventurer game_HD GUI_different modes and differentcontrollers