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We are not forever. The day will come, and our soul will go to oneof two places ... Heaven or Hell or? But where exactly? Will you goto the flames of hell as a punishment for your earthly sins, orwill you listen to the birds singing on soft pillows in paradise asa reward for your good deeds? Or maybe there is another option?Treat the result with humor.

App Information Hell or Heaven, or? Quiz.

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    Hell or Heaven, or? Quiz.
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    April 11, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Ivan Stano
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Runes 1.4.2 APK
Ivan Stano
For centuries, runes have been used to predict, make importantdecisions and protect. In our time, technologies have supplementedthe ancient knowledge, the mobile application is more reliable thanstone, wood, bone or paper. Runes have ceased to be the lot of theelect, now everyone can influence their destiny. According to thenorthern tradition, the knowledge of the runes was obtained by thegod Odin, who sacrificed himself for this knowledge. The legendssay that One pierced himself with a sacred spear and spent ninedays and nights "pinned" by him to Yggdrasil - the Tree of theWorld. Features: - A complete description of all the runes of thefuthark, for each rune      > AlternativeNames      > English Letter Equivalent     > Translation     > Meanings > Characteristics > Personal Interpretation> Reverse > Converse - Runic fortune-telling > Ways ofdivination on runes are many. I selected a few of them so that youcould get an answer to any question interesting you, whatever ittouched. - Runescripts (Runic formulas)     > Detailed description      >Instructions for the application of runic formulas in variousconditions.      > Answers to frequentlyasked questions - The use of individual runes as an amulet. -Widget - "Rune of the Day"      We are all busypeople, this widget will help not forget about the dailyfortune-telling "Rune of the Day", with the change of date, Runewill be selected automatically.
Rune Stones 1.11 APK
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For centuries, runes have been used to predict, make importantdecisions and protect. In our time, technologies have supplementedthe ancient knowledge, the mobile application is more reliable thanstone, wood, bone or paper. Runes have ceased to be the lot of theelect, now everyone can influence their destiny. Features of RuneStones app: - Full description of all runes for divination andother use. - Runic divination, If you want to lift the veil of thefuture - runes are the right choice. Use it thoughtfully and do notabuse it. - Horoscope of druids. Define your tree by date of birth,describe the characteristics of your tree character. - Mooncalendar. Will show the phases of the moon, the new moon, the fullmoon. Not very important, but best time for divination is the "newmoon" - Widget - "Rune of the Day" What Are Runes? The word ‘rune’simply means mystery, whisper or secret and it’s a form ofdivination or oracle reading system that’s used to help gaininsight into situations or questions. Runes can be made of variousmaterials, but are most commonly made of stone or wood, and featurea symbol from the runic alphabet on them. There are variousdifferent types of runic alphabets used on runes, with one of theoldest ones being the old Germanic runic alphabet known as ‘ElderFuthark’. The Elder Futhark contains 24 runes, the first six ofwhich spell out the word ‘futhark’. As well as each rune symbolbeing a letter of the alphabet, they also have symbolic meaningstoo. Although many of these date back to traditional meanings,which would have meant a lot to the people using the runicalphabet, the intention behind the symbols still has relevancetoday. What Can Runes Be Used For? The runic divination can be usedto help guide you through problems or issues and help show you whatis likely to happen. Runes are known for hinting towards answers,but leaving you to work out the details, which is where intuitionis helpful. Runic readers acknowledge that the future isn’t fixedand that individuals have the power to follow their own path andmake their own decisions. So if you don’t like the guidance that arune reading provides, you’ve got the power to change yourdirection, or your path, and follow a different route. Runicdivination can be used in many different situations. For example,one of the occasions when it can be useful to consult the runes isif you’re in a situation where you have limited information, or canonly see an incomplete picture.
Tarot cards reading 1.5.2 APK
Ivan Stano
Features:   - Full description of the major and minor arcaneTarot:       - Fortune telling on Tarot cards:I have selected six layouts for you, which will help to findanswers to your questions. - Widget - "Card of the day" Tarot cardsis a divination tool that over the centuries has become standardpractice in spiritual communities. Each card in the deck symbolizedsomething and based on that symbol, the game would unfold in aspecific way. But the symbols on the Tarot cards represented entireconcepts such a spiritual principals, philosophical ideas andsocietal archetypes. Tarot is a powerful way of revealing the truthabout your life. There are several legends about when, where andfor what tarot cards appeared. The most common of them says: theancient Egyptian priests for encrypting the future generation haveencrypted secret information in the symbols of the Tarot. Thefollowing legend says that scientists who worked at the AlexandriaLibrary decided to write a book that would contain all the wisdomof the world. The sages encrypted it in the form of a game,referring to the fact that gambling is more difficult to destroythan any books. Some authors argue that the Tarot is a legacy ofAtlantis spiritual. In any case - Tarot cards remain the mostpopular tool for fortune telling. Program contains Tarot cardmeanings for each of the 78 Tarot cards: Major and Minor Arcanaplus all four suits. And of course fortune telling: I selected themost popular layouts.
com.xemul.iczin 1.2 APK
Ivan Stano
The I-Ching, also known as "Book of Changes", is an ancient Chineseoracle(divination) text that is thought to be the oldest book stillin existence today, with a history of more than two and a halfmillennia of commentary and interpretation alone. The I-Ching isessentially a means of obtaining spiritual guidance, inspirationalinsight and Universal wisdom. The philosophy of I Ching is focusedon the universal principle of change. Change is eternal anduniversal, both in a cosmic and a humanistic sense and the I Chingteaches that it is necessary to learn how to appreciate thephilosophy of change and to know adapt to it. The book acts notonly as a spiritual text for divination but also offers a wealth ofbeautiful poetry and Chinese philosophy that goes back to theorigins of ancient Chinese customs and values. "Book of Changes"can also be helpful as a contemplative aid, providing comfort andguidance and its mystical aspects are both revealing and unique toeach reader. Looking at the Book of Changes, you not only maximallydetermine the characteristics of your situation, but also get aspecific recommendation. If you act according to it, you can usethe situation to the maximum. Features:   - a completedescription of all hexagrams.   - divination by the Book ofChanges with virtual coins.   - divination with real coins.Trust your intuition.
Какой ты дракон? 1.0 APK
Ivan Stano
Как известно, драконов не существует, нокаждыйиз них не существует по–своему. Все драконыявляютсяподсознательными реакциями, поэтому человеку трудно ихзаметить насебе. Гораздо проще для начала разглядеть их наком-нибудь в своемокружении, и только потом на себе любимом.Пройдя этот небольшой тест, ты узнаешь, какой дракон сидитвнутритебя...It is known thatdragonsdo not exist, but each of them does not exist on its own.Alldragons are subconscious reactions, so the man is hard tonoticethem for yourself. It is much easier to start to see themonsomeone in their environment, and then to how cool.Having passed this little test, you know what dragon sittinginsideyou ...
Tibetan divination - MO 1.0.1 APK
Ivan Stano
Tibetan Mo dice divination is an ancient predictive technique. Oneway that the MO divination may be used is to cast a MO for eachpossible course of action. If there is any ambiguity, additionalMOs may be cast until the matter is clarified. The MO divinationhas a reputation in Tibet as being a very clear and decisive methodfor resolving confusion and making decisions. In my experience thisis far clearer than the Chinese system of the I-Ching divination,which suffers from obscurity and is so abstract that it can beinterpreted in many different ways. In Tibet, the use of the Mo, orpredictive technique, has been heavily relied upon throughout thecenturies, as it has been the general practice of Tibetans toconsult some method of prognostication when questions ariseconcerning various occurrences in their lives. Mo's approach isrefreshingly different from the other oracle systems around. Mo'sresults seemed highly relevant, nourishing, inspiring, and best ofall, authoritative. I hope this divination helps you.
Gypsy Tarot 1.8.1 APK
Ivan Stano
Want to discover your future? Cartomancy whit "Gypsy Tarot" is theact of divining using cards. Divining means to find out byinspiration, intuition or magic; to foresee. Learn the past,present and future with a "Gypsy Tarot". No tricks, no specialtalent, no psychic ability. It is not magic either. If you can readthis you can learn cartomancy with a "Gypsy Tarot". All you need issome basic knowledge. Know your future with "Gypsy Tarot". It'seasy. Do not believe, check!
Cartomancy 1.2.1 APK
Ivan Stano
Divination with playing cards. Especially suitable system forquestions that need short simple straight-to-point answers: forgetting workable grasps on difficult life situations, foridentifying key problems to address or tensions to navigate, andfor establishing concrete plans of action. Cartomancy can revealvery direct – even somewhat curt! – approaches and solutions. Itcan be used for diagnosing jinxed luck or "spiritual blockages" inone's life, as well as for making difficult decisions, and even foroutlining ways of preventing adverse conditions and ensuringbeneficial outcomes. My application will help to find answers toany of your questions.