1.1.3 / October 24, 2020
(3.8/5) (185)


Helm Knight is a free 2D side scrolling action/adventureplatformer,named after the helmet-headed protagonist. Help HelmKnight defeatthe evil tribe from taking control of the magiccrystals andbringing chaos to the lands. Guide Helm Knight through15challenging levels by helping him run, jump, hack, slash andcastmagic to avoid the various dangers that await him and securethecrystals to save the lands. Fight different types of enemieswhichinclude goo-monsters, snakes, carnivorous plants, blobs,icemonsters and the evil tribal warriors. Collect potions toreplenishhealth and magic points. Collect gold coins to unlockspells likefire, poison and snow and make Helm Knight strong enoughfor thefinal showdown against the evil lord of the tribals. Anoption fortilt controls has also been included in case youexperience troublewith multitouch on your phone.

App Information Helm Knight

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    Helm Knight
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    October 24, 2020
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Rohan Narang
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    Rohan Narang, 158 Railway Lines, Solapur, Maharashtra, India - 413001
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