1.0 / December 6, 2019
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Help the Fish - Free Help the fish is a unity game that wehavecreated which is time worth spending, with a simple andaddictivechallenge. Best of all the puzzles all for free! Guidefresh waterand steam to help the fish to find a way to survive. Tryto findthe best way to complete each level. You can come up withyour ownsolution so be creative and don't be afraid to think out ofthebox! Challenging levels await for you some might look easy butaimto gain all the three stars to reach the next level filledwithexcitement and fun. A mind game to kids and adults absolutelyforfree, Get this game downloaded and enjoy the gameapplication.Features: · Absolutely free · Low Ads · Simple, smartand funpuzzles but can be challenging too · Enjoy the mostrealisticgraphics. · UI interfaces & menus · Accurate andvisual controlmode to truly simulate real game play. · Free toplay, play itanytime anywhere · More than 100 unique levels tosketch puzzle ·Suitable for all ages. · With great graphics,additive play andchallenging levels. · No time limits. If you haveany questionsregarding our Help the Fish - Free, feel free tocontact us:hello@​virtuatechnologies.​com &Web:virtuatechnologies.​com.​au

App Information Help The Fish

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    Help The Fish
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    December 6, 2019
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    Android 6.0 and up
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    246 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia
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Our Unit converter app is unpretentious and friendly. Itincludescommonly used conversions and a favorites list for easyaccess andview all conversions in a glance. Unit Converter is asimple, smartand well-designed tool with more than 50 categories ofunits thatare used in daily life. This Unit Converter App has sucha widerange of Unit conversion features with very simple and easyto useinterface. Vast usage, easy handling, Simple design,Regularfeature updates and this is a one of a kind application.Downloadthis application with no further delay for totally free.Features:· Built-In real-time Currency Converter with 150 worldcurrenciesand their latest exchange rates. · Low ads · It containsmany unitconversions · Distance & Area. · Volume, Weight, Time&Temperature. · Power (watt, kilowatt, horsepower, etc) ·Sound(decibel, bel, neper etc) · Speed/Velocity (km/h, mph, knots,etc)· Energy (joule, Calorie, BTU, etc) · Force(newton,kilogram-force, kilonewton etc) · Pressure (kilopascal,bar, PSI,etc) · Cooking Volume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint,quart,ounce, etc) · Fuel Consumption (miles per gallon, liters per100km,etc) · Digital Storage. · Time Zone Calculator withdaylightsavings and accurate time differences calculations ·Adjustableprecision and format of the result. · Convert multipleunits atonce. Keywords: Unit converter, Unit converter table,CurrencyConverter, Pressure Converter Unit converter pressure,UnitConverter Free, Free Unit converter app, Volume, volumeconverter,Time Zone Calculator, Weight converter, Unit converterlength. Unitconverter area, Unit converter download. If you haveany questionsregarding our Unit Converter - Free, feel free tocontact us:hello@virtuatechnologies.com & Web:virtuatechnologies.com.au
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Clip Merge - Video Merger- Free 1.0.6 APK
Clip Merge the video merger is used to blending yourpreferredrecordings into a solo video and make it even moreattractive. Youcan likewise include your preferred music in thevideo. Thisapplication additionally enables you to choose yourpreferred partfrom video without editing and with trimming choicesour Clip Mergeallows you to merge your videos right from yourphone. Clip Mergeis anything but difficult to utilize and freeapplication tocombine your preferred recordings into a solitaryvideo, with thisMerge Videos, you can without much of a stretchunion yourrecordings into a solo video. This application is sonatural toutilize. Need to merge or combine three recordings? Mergeyourpreferred recordings together into a solo video and make itmoreappealing. You don't have to depend on any perplexingprogrammingto blend your recordings. Clip Merge enables you tocombine yourrecordings directly from your mobile like a pro. ClipMerge is astraightforward application to merge and join videorecords intoone video. It underpins distinctive video groups withvariouscasing rates, same casing size, and same sound rate. ClipMerge -Side By Side is a special application which lets you makeinventiverecordings. Take three recordings and merge them into onevideo andsee them playing one next to the other. Feature: Easilymerge yourfavorite videos into a single video Easily mergedifferentresolution videos into a single video You can also mixvideos likefirst as a crop, second as a stretch, other with aspectfit.Simple, smart and powerful. Easy to use with user-friendlyUI.High-Quality video generated (also depends on the quality ofvideoprocessing). Supports MP4 and major format in Videos Mergetwovideos into one file. Join videos in one place. Key Words:VideoMerger, Video merger app, Video merger, and editor, EditorApp,Video cutter, Video merge software,Clip Merge, Merge videoclips,clip merger, join videos, join clips. Don’t forget to leaveus arating and review to let us know what you think aboutourapplication. If you have any questions regarding our ClipMerge,feel free to contact us: hello@virtuatechnologies.com &Web:virtuatechnologies.com.au