1.0 / July 14, 2015
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Hen Sirin is exciting where you can helptheHen Sirin and jump over obstacles and reach the end of eachstageof the game. Hen Sirin has chicken run to get to the eggs,which isthe end of each level. Help chicken jump over obstaclesandoperation of aviation to reach the levels.
Hen serine includes several levels, including:
1. Beach: Hen Sirin along the beach to get eggs hidden at the endofthe stage. You need to help the chicken serine like ninja jumpoverobstacles and aviation.
4. The need to help the Hen Sirin to safety as the invaderscomeafter the chicken.
5. Water: Let the Hen Sirin in the water set in a subtle way suchasninja.

Help Hen Sirin and fly and save chicken eggs.

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CPU-X Info 1.0 APK
- CPU: processor, architecture, core, etc.)- DEVICE: model, brand, board, screen resolution, ram, networktype, etc.- SYSTEM: Android version, API level, kernel, Build ID, Root Acces,etc.- BATERY: Level%, technology, health, voltage, temperature,etc.- SENSOR: Accelerometer, barometer, compass, magnetic field,pressure, etc.Simple method to check their device information.The applicationprovides a very simple user interface that easily notifies andreports information about their device.This application will testthe device for root Check available under tab: System
Ringtone Maker Mp3 Cutter 2.4 APK
Cut the best part of your audio song and saveit as your RingtoneRingtone/Alarm/Music File/Notification Tone. The cut results arestored in "/mnt/sdcard/media/audio".Make your own MP3 ringtones fast and easy with this app. You caneven record a live audio and this MP3 editor can edit and trim thebest parts from it for free. Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and mostother music formats. This app is also a music editor/alarm tonemaker/ ringtone cutter and notification tone creator.How to use Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker:1-Select mp3/music from your mobile or from Recordings.2-Select area to be chopped from your audio.3-Save as Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification.App Features:♬ Record button at top left of app to record an audio/music forediting.♬ Select and Edit Mp3/Music from your Mobile/SD.♬ Option to delete (with confirmation alert) the createdTone.♬ View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 4zoom levels.♬ Set start & end for the audio clip, using an optional touchinterface.♬ Tap anywhere on the wave & the built♪in Music player startsplaying at that position.♬ Manually set the Start & End time(in seconds) by typing thevalues in text boxes at bottom of app.♬ Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it.♬ Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign to contacts,using this editor.Use this audio cutter free of cost and make the best ringtone everfrom your old songs.Notice:This application is a base on a blog ringdroid, and licensed underthe Apache License.On ringdroid: http://code.google.com/p/ringdroid/Apache License, Version 2.0:http://www.apache.org/licenses/license-2.0.html
Orange Ball 1.0 APK
Orange Ball is officially here. Battle friendsfor the high score in this never-ending game of avoidingobstacles.Simply tap the screen to make the ball bounce and go far toincrease your score. The person who covers the most distance getthe most points. Compete with your friends through the integratedleader board system.Features: Orange Ball- Insanely simple and addictive- Endless game play that never gets old- Share your scores with your friends
wifi file sharing 1.6 APK
WiFi FTP Turns your Android Phone intoaWireless FTP Server. You can now copy multiple files, folders,orentire hard drives to your Phone and access thisinformationanywhere. your Android Phone can do all that andMORE!Connect and share everything among phones, save you timeandeliminate the need of USB data cable for file transfer.- The fewer cables to carry the better- The computer doesn't need to have drivers it doesneedinstalled- Compatible with Windows Explorer and other FTP client tools(suchas FileZilla)- No mobile data plan impactWiFi FTP lets you:- COPY Files- VIEW Files- BACKUP FilesAll you need to do is:1. start WiFi FTP on your Phone.2. Click the ON button3. connect to supplied IP using ANY ftp client (inc Explorer/Finder)That's it. Now you have all your documents, movies,music,homework, ANYTHING on your phone!
ويب طب 2.3 APK
مقالات يوميا تنشر للوعي باهمية الصحة, وننشرالكثير من المقالات والنشرات الطبية التي تدعم ... تشجيع الوعي الصحيأمراً ضرورياً لكي يتمتع الناس بحياتهم ويصبحوا اكثر وعياً وادراكاًللاخطار الصحية, ومن ثم تصبح الصحة جزءاً مهما في حياتنا اليومية.( المواد المنشورة في تطبيق ويب طب هي بمثابة معلومات فقط ولا يجوزاعتبارها استشارة طبية أو توصية علاجية )Articles published dailyawareness of the importance of health, and we publish a lot ofarticles and medical bulletins that support ... encourage healthawareness is necessary for people to enjoy their lives and becomemore aware and conscious of health hazards, and then health becomesan important part in our daily lives.(Articles published in Medicine Web application serves asinformation only and may not be considered as medical ortherapeutic recommendation) consultation
Circle Of Danger 1.0 APK
Circle Of Danger will mess with your headandhave you clicking that replay button for hours on end. Once youtrythis fantastic arcade style game you will be hookedforever!In Circle Of Danger you guide your bouncing ball to a safelandingwhile avoiding the spikes and collecting rewards. Harkingback tosome of the very first classic arcade games, you arere-quired toswivel your compass to the right and left whilewatching your scoreclimb in this addictive, fast paced arcade stylegame.Circle Of Danger has been hailed as one of the best freeandroidarcade games with over one million people downloading itwithin thefirst month of its release.FEATURES:- Enjoy the touchdown of smooth and sleek angular motion- Tap left or right to rotate the compass Circle Of Danger- Collect Diamonds to gain points- Test your reaction time and reflexes- Simple, intuitive functionality- Colourful interactive design- Addictive and fast pacedAnd we'll take your comments seriously to know youropinions:)
ABC Coloring Numbers Kids 1.5 APK
More than 40 image for kids to have fun coloring.(ABC Coloring Numbers Kids) Long I know how to entertain yourchild's drawings?With this application you're going to spend a period of time ahealthy and fun way, and to encourage creativity and basiceducation for children to respect the limits of numbers when thepaint, etc., can erase and re-paint easily, or change the image notbe bored, ideal for children of 3-10 years.There are drawings of different categories to suit all tastes thenyou can download for your mobile phone or schedule to print andmake the box or just to keep as a souvenir.Keep children and animals, and the letters of the alphabet, andthese games for children
Motocross Craziness 1.1 APK
The best and most popular free racing gameeverRacing players in the game is the most addictive of all time+ Race with millions of users on multiplayer+ Playing on one player to improve your skills+ FUN guaranteed+ Simple and intuitive controlsAmazing features+ Hundreds of crazy tracks and crazy worlds+ Cool stunts+ Tons of amazing bikes+ Do not miss the free updates with lots of new contentEarn stars to race new levels and complete achievements to getawesome free bikes. There are a few of our bikes: a zombie, ninja,army, pig, acrobatics, and the police, ghost, super, super, Feastof All Saints, Santa, thanks. And several more!But do you got what it takes to be the best driver on the Androidbike?Forget those stupid drag car racing games. To become a pilotmaster motorcycle / motocross, and the skills of the matter (alot). As they say: No pain, no gain! So, start practicing right nowto become a cycling pro rider and rule them all. It will be fun andaddicting, and we guarantee!Bike race is brought to you by Top Free Games, the creators of the# 1 free game for kids to play in Google's store, Penguin race.Check out other great free games we've made!● play anywhereFree bike race does not require any Internet connection. You canhave a fun race in the subway, while flying on the (real) plane, inthe car on the road, and during the services in the Temple (orperhaps even in the toilet!)● the use of low dataThis free game does not consume a ton of data from your mobile planthat you want to use instead to browse the Internet, watch YouTubevideos and listen to music for free● compatibility and supportWe are constantly working (hard) so that all Android phones andtablets running the game smoothly. Please report any problems youmight encounter for [email protected]● age rating decadeIt does not contain violence or any other mature content. It's justa simple game and race directly. Feel free to play with the kidsand your kids. We bet it will be fun and they're gonna love it!