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Henna is a plant from which dyes can be made and used for manypurposes like henna tattoos. Free henna designs come in many formsand colors nowadays, although the traditional brown-black color isstill available. Getting a henna tattoo is way easier than thetypical tattoo, as it is not painful and can be done in justminutes. Below are a few things to know about henna tattoos:Theword "tattoo" comes from the Polynesian word "tatau", which wasdocumented in history as the method of creating markings on skinwith the use of pigments from plants. Since the method of tattooinginvolves making incisions on the skin to insert the ink, somepeople devised another option to get a tattoo, which is in the formof henna tattoos. Henna tattoos get the coloring pigment from theplant "henna" that has been used since ancient times to dye cloth,the hair, or any other material. In this method, you do not have tofeel sharp needles punching through your skin, as the tattoo only"stains" your skin on the surface.Since a henna tattoo is notpierced through the skin, it stays on for only two weeks or so. Thehenna ink used to create this tattoo can be mixed with otheringredients to create a variety of colors. If the pure henna isused, the color can change from black to brown to purplish-brown asit fades away. Even so, henna tattoos are popular since it can alsoaccentuate your skin.If you want to have one but you do not havetime to create a design of your own, you can choose among the manyfree henna designs that you can find online. These designs can beeasily applied and altered depending on your taste, and it wouldnot be difficult to do so because the henna is not permanent onyour skin. For the henna tattoo to stay on, it is allowed to dry onthe skin for a couple of hours. When newly applied, it can be wipedoff clean before it dries so you can choose which parts to changeor you can get another design to use on your tattoo.Free hennadesigns are easily available because these designs are very simplein its creation. You can choose to change your tattoo every monthsince henna type of tattoos does not last for long. If yourprofession deems tattoos to be improper, you can still enjoy havingone with henna tattoos. You can get a henna tattoo on your vacationand be confident that it would no longer be visible by the time youreturn to work.Having tattoos can represent many things, and mayalso be regarded as inappropriate for some lines of work. But then,as tattoos are a form of expression, having one with the use ofhenna ink may suffice to fulfill your need to show your identity toothers, even for just a short period of time.

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DIY Christmas Decorations 1.0 APK
Who doesn't love a home filled withfestivegarland, scents of pine cones and the warm inviting lookofPoinsettias? There are numerous ways to fill your home withthesights, sounds and scents of Christmas.Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without a tree. Whetheryouchoose to cut one down yourself or buy one in a store, a treeisdefinitely the main decoration and is usually displayed in alivingroom or family room. A Christmas tree can be decorated withso manylovely things: sparkling lights, garland, ornaments of allkinds,popcorn and other homemade treats and of course candy canesandchocolates.Another popular Christmas decoration is the Nativity Scene.BabyJesus, Mary, Joseph, the animals and the Three Wise Men serveas areminder of why we celebrate this Christian holiday throughouttheworld.There are literally hundreds of decorations you could filleachof your rooms with; you can do a little or a lot, depending onhowmuch you love the Christmas season. Snowmen, Santa andreindeerornaments can adorn your front yard, or you may just choosetostring a few energy-efficient light bulbs around your frontdoor.The possibilities are endless and are only limited byyourimagination.Shopping for Christmas decorations doesn't have to be aharrowingand stressful experience. If you don't want the hassle ofbuyinganything from your local department store, you can alwayschoose toshop online. There are dozens of online retailers whohave a greatselection of decorations to fit your needs and yourstyle.You'll find a wide variety of items that will fit any budget.Ofcourse, you don't want to spend so much on decorations thatyoudon't have any funds left for gifts! But, some decorationsdoactually make great gifts, especially host and hostess gifts.Asmall trinket or Christmas tree ornament is the perfect way tosaythank you to your hosts. A Christmas plate or mug can also makeagreat gift, while adding to their home décor at the same time.You can transform your home into a spectacular wonderland ofred,green, gold and silver with many different types ofdecorations.Banners, lights, garland, statues, and a host of otheritems canturn your home into a warm, inviting place to visit fortheholidays.The two most important elements of Christmas decorating arethetree and the lighting. Nothing really beats the smell of arealpine tree, but if you want to create a trendy look, a pre-littwigor feather tree might be the right choice to suit your décortheme.The secret of a successful tree is to use a maximum ofthreecolors, shapes and materials when dressing it. To createaninteresting tree, make some of your baubles edible - outofchocolate, candy, dried fruits & nuts.When it comes to lighting, use a variety of illuminationsystems.Wrap fairy & string lights around door frames &banisters,hang them in the windows, pile them up in glass vases,run themacross the dining table, or make them into a garland. Useropelights outside your home - around your windows, doors, pathwayandtrees. Pile church candles together on the mantel, inlargecontainers, across the dining table or in unused fireplaces.Putscented tea lights in your windows, on shelves andcoffeetables.
3D Interior Room Design 1.0 APK
Among a thousand wall and floor tilechoices,the diverse 3D mosaics open up a world of dignifiedsplendor.Creativity is at its best as the exploration begins ofglass,natural stone, metal and blends that take the breath awayandspread cheer.When the senses are assaulted by the charm of 3D mosaics, inarange of exotic materials like stone, metal, and glass or blendsinall their mystic power, realization dawns and insight deepens.Whyshould homes and businesses not go the extra mile tocreatefanciful environments? Aesthetic concerns have assumedimmenseimportance in the present-day world and such tiles withlittlebuilt-in landscapes do mesmerize the vision. When theyareartistically installed with appropriate color combinations intheright places, it is truly an inspiring vision.Life turns so much more productive and tranquil inanappreciation of beauty. The modern world worships artandsculpture, digitally too, and here is something that smacksofcontemporary art, created with powerful, inventive zeal,andprocessed by precise technology, yet the naturalist atheart.Since life is experienced in glorious 3D, any scenario couldwellbe copied in art. Foliage, urban high-rises, the desert, waterandthe oceans, the sky, or nothing in particular, and art hasnolimits. The result is dynamic and exciting, adding depth totheimage, expanding mental horizons all the way. Color andtexturechoices, sizes and shapes would deliver the fourthdimensionperhaps! Accent walls in the living room, buildingentrances withcompany logos and messages, the fireplace surrounds,commercialventures, kitchens and bars, such tiles fit in mostwonderfullyjust anywhere.
Contemporary Kitchen Design 1.0 APK
A new kitchen styleminimalistic look to a more warm and welcoming look thatmirrorstheir own styles. This has seen the birth of a new kitchenstyle: amerge of modern and traditional elements.The modern traditional style mixes colours, texturesandmaterials. It's now common for contrasting materials to beusednext to each other; textured timber or stainless steel withmarble,or mirrors, marble and timber together on the kitchenisland. Andbronze, pewter and brushed nickel are starting toreplace chromehandles. A kitchen renovation by Art of Kitchens thatcombinestimber veneers, mirrors and timber recently won the 2014HIAKitchen of the Year by Art of Kitchens.ShelvingThis style is also being reflected in kitchen shelving;whilstintegrated appliances are still popular they are beingcombinedwith open-shelving units so homeowners can display preciousorinteresting knick-knacks to reflect themselves. Open shelvingcanbe customized to make the kitchen feel alive and welcomingwhilstwithout impacting functionality. Open shelving has theaddedbenefit of being lighter on the budget and, if you have therightskills, installed by you.Perfectly imperfectImperfect, touchy-feely and textured materials such asgranites,engineered stones and materials that imitate raw finishesarepopular as well as being easy to maintain. Popular inkitchenbenchtops are materials with slight imperfections andtexturedfinishes. Caesarstone Concrete Finishes and the newSilestone SuedeTexture ranges are great examples of this.High-gloss timber with smooth finishes is being replacedwithtextured timber finishes that characterize natural formsarepopular and add an extra dimension to the space. Companies suchasLaminex and Danzer have a great range of texturedtimberveneers.ColoursIncreasingly kitchens have a range of vibrant colorsmixedwithsubtle tones allowing for more artistic options. Both PantonesandLaminex's new seasons predictions reflect a greater rangeofvibrant colors to reflect your unique style: "The soothing tonesofjades, pinks and purples with the grandeur colorsof Chineseregalreds and bold hues of gold, create balance and alaid-backambiance."Another trend becoming popular is using wallpaper yourkitchen.Subtle use of the right wallpaper can help to balanceothermaterials in the kitchen as well as providing additionalcontrast,texture and interest.Other considerationsIt's worth investigating what's new in kitchen technologiesasit's likely they have changed dramatically. There have beengreatinnovations in all aspects of kitchen design in the last 10years,not just kitchen appliances. Companies such as Blum have madehugeadvances on internal cabinet hardware and shelving systems.
DIY Bag Design Ideas 1.0 APK
Most of them attach a high amount ofimportanceto their bags that have an ubiquitous presence in theireverydaylife. However, most of the handbags from designer brandscost a lotand a large majority of women may find it quitedifficult to keep upwith the trends for every season. This iswhere handmade bags andaccessories can come to the rescue of thesewomen.There are a large number of benefits to buying handmade bagsandaccessories instead of handbags from regular designer brands.Thebags from the designer brands cost several times more comparedtothe handmade bags but lasts usually a season before they go outoftrend. People who pay a fortune to acquire one of these may havetoshove them away into storage after barely a few months of use.Onthe other hand, handmade bags can come in a variety of designssuchas the elegant Victorian bag, edgy gothic bag or the stylishgypsybag. They also come in a variety of materials includingleather,velvet and chenille fabrics, just to name a few. Thesehandmadebags can be the most cost efficient way of acquiring one ofa kindhandbags and accessories.Ordering handmade gothic bags or boho bags at an onlineboutiquecan be the perfect option for acquiring one of these uniquebags tospice up your wardrobe. Artfire.com and Etsy.com are twoon-linesites that cater to artisans of handmade. On these sites youwillhave a tremendous variety of handmade bags and accessoriestochoose from. All that is needed is for you to type in the typeofbag your are looking for in the search box, and thousandsofhandmade bags will show up on the screen. Online sites suchasthese allow you to peruse the many options available on yourowntime and in the comfort of your own home. Thehandbag-retailingwebsites provide their customers with the optionof ordering theseunique bags and receiving them at their doorsteps,often withoutany additional cost.Have you ever walked into a room and spied someone else withasimilar bag or accessory as yours? Ordering a one of a kind bagoraccessory will eliminate that from happening, plus no one willbeable to reproduce that same bag again to your delight.
DIY Garden Pot Design 1.0 APK
The DIY homemade hydroponics systems mustofferthe following for optimal growth.Light, Air, Water,Nutrients, Heat,Room for the roots to spreadWick systemThe Wick system is the simplest type of hydroponic system. Itisa passive system as there are no moving parts. a Wick is usedtodraw the nutrient solution from a reservoir into the growingmediumThis system can use a variety of growing medium.Perlite,Vermiculite, Pro-Mix and Coconut Fiber are among themostpopular.The draw back of the wick hydroponics system is thatlargerplants use large amounts of water. This causes thenutrientsolution to be used faster than the wicks can supplyit.Water culture systemThis is the simplest and most economical of all activehydroponicsystems. Small to medium sized plants will grow best ina deep waterculture. It is ideal for growing lightweight, leafyvegetables likelettuce, herbs and small peppers. You can use a binor fish tank asa reservoir. The water culture needs to supply theroots of theplants with enough oxygen, to act as suitable growingmedium. Yourplants needs the appropriate amount of access to waterandnutrients.Styrofoam is needed to hold your plants. a One inch thickpiecewill be adequate. Poke holes through it to place your netpotsinto. The Styrofoam with pots will be placed at the top ofthereservoir, floating in the water. You the have to mixtheappropriate amounts of nutrients into the water. Thesenutrientscontain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and otherelementsand minerals. You can purchase premixed solutions. Thesenutrientscontain all of the needed properties similar to soil whichallowsfor your plants to successfully grow.To accurately measure the pH levels in your plants you willneeda pH test kit. This is very important in hydroponicgardening.Monitoring of these plants are needed as the pH of anutrientsolution reads the outcome of an electrical encounter thathappensbetween the plants roots and everything that surrounds them.An airpump is also a important part of a hydroponic system. Itsuppliesair to the air stone. The air stone (or bubbler) which willbeplaced at the bottom of your reservoir will bubble andsupplyoxygen to the roots of the plants.
Design Wedding Dress 1.0 APK
Your gown sets the tone; your entireweddingcan be carved around the wedding dress you choose. This isthestatement you make as you make you way down the aisle to marrytheman of your dreams, it's what you will be wearing in allthewedding pictures and will be the one thing most of your guestswillremember for years to come.Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a stressful anddauntingexperience. So much rides on you finding the perfect gown.Anotherthing you can expect is everyone to ask you who thedesigner is.There are so many fantastic designers today, but thereare thosethat are the crème de la crème, the top of the crop, theones youwant to be able to name on your special day.One of the first designers you need to know about is Wtooweddingdresses. Wtoo offers sophisticated and feminine designs bycombiningtraditional and modern designs into spectacularmasterpieces. Thesegowns are all unique, comfortable and made fromthe finest fabrics.Guests will know when you make your way downthe aisle in a Wtoowedding dress, brimming with embroidery, laceand beads. These gownsare distinctive and made for all shapes andsizes. The best thingabout these dresses is the price; they do notbreak the bank and youhave so many different designs to choosefrom.This name is known by brides around the world. Pronovias hasbeenmaking spectacular bridal gowns since 1922 and offers adistinctivedesign with a feminine touch. This is a family ownedbusiness thatfocuses on the finest materials, superior collectionsandmagnificent finishes.Enzoani is another of the very popular wedding dressdesignersand its worthwhile looking at these dresses as they offerbeautyand sophisticated. Enzoani offer timeless elegancy withEuropeaninfluences, which make them charming and beautiful. Thedesignersuse a lot of lace, embroidery and bead work to createthesebeautiful masterpieces that are modern and traditional andareguaranteed to make a statement on your special day.Justin Alexander has been providing beautiful weddingdressessince the 1940's. This designer combines classic andcontemporaryto create magnificent gowns that every bride wants toown. JustinAlexander's wedding dress designs are couture stylecomplete withsuperb quality, high standard fabrics and spectaculardetailing,making them unique and special.Watters gowns are elegant and trendy and are worn by thousandsofbrides each and every year. These gowns are charming and chic,theyare romantic and feminine and yet, they are sophisticatedandrefined. The Watters dresses make use of bead work and lace,whichhas made these a top choice for the past twenty sevenyears.When choosing your dress, you need to pay attention to whatthedesigners have to offer. Wtoo wedding dresses are sophisticatedandfeminine, while Justin Alexander is classic and contemporary.Youneed to make your decision based on your personal preferencesandwhat looks best on you when you try it on.Don't be set in your ways on what you want your dress tolooklike, try on a range of dresses by a choice of designers, youmaybe surprised which one will tick all your boxes for yourspecialday.
Bedroom Decoration Design 1.0 APK
The ways to decorate the bedroom can onlybelimited by your creativity, so just find it within yourselftogather some ideas for decorating. Here are some tips thatmighthelp.Repaint.Always have a clean sheet to start with. And since this isyourbedroom, feel free to personalize it all you like. Pick thecoloryou like best, pick the color - or even colors, why have alimit atall? - that reflect your personality. Be it the whiteneutralcolors of the people who like to fill in the blanks withtheirimagination, or the darker shades of the melancholic types, oreventhe vibrant colors of the social, hyperactive, andenergeticpeople, just pick what suits you best and startpainting.Clean.After the paint dries off, it is time for some cleaning. Takeoutthe duster, wipes, and vacuum, and go wild. Do not forget to gofromtop to bottom so that you do not have to do carpet cleaningtwice -once before you start, and once after you drop all the dustandcobwebs on the clean carpet. You might want to put agoodmedium-stiff bristled brush to work on the carpet to clean upallthe hairs. You would be amazed at how many of them therewillbe.Alternatively, you could go with a dependable andprofessionalcleaning agency to take care of your bedroom cleaning,or why noteven house cleaning while they are at it. Theprofessional cleanerswill get your house clean in no time, and in amuch faster ratethan you can.Add.Add new items to your bedroom, like a desk for a PC, orsomeshelves for your favorite or about-to-be-read books. Add apaintingor two, or maybe a poster of your favorite actor ormusician to addsome life to those walls (yes, sometimes you cantake advice fromyour kids for decorations).Replace.Improve on the old stuff. Replace some furniture with better,orwilder-looking ones. Replace the night lamp with somethingfresheror more interesting than the same old night lamp you haveseeneverywhere - like a lava lamp!With this your bedroom will have a fresh new beginning, andyoucan feel free to add whatever you feel right. And do experimentallyou like - it is your bedroom, after all.Restyle.After all the cleaning and repainting, start to think style.Finda new place for the bed - the enclosed corner of the room, orthecenter spot to have a room focus, your choice. Find a new placeforthe wardrobe and dresser, and while you are on it, why notorganizeit so that clothes-finding is not an issue during thisseason.
Contemporary Home Design Ideas 1.0 APK
No doubt, you'll be thinking of carryingoutthe complete process on your own as there's nothing morespecialthan decorating or renovating your home with your ownefforts andcreativity. Once you finally decide to work on your ownand manageyour finances accordingly, you must never look back orfeeldepressed at any instant of time as this will break you frominsideand will tear you apart thereafter. If in case, you feel likeyouare not made for this task, you must hire an expert who willbuildyour dream home based upon your specifications and will carryoutall the necessary tasks effortlessly.Your specifications may include factors like:• Total number of rooms to be included• Type of furniture to be used• Type of doors and windows• Colour of the walls• Floor ideas• Different kitchen designs• Type of lighting to be used• Carpet colour for your living room• Bathroom style• Bedroom design• Roofing systemThese are some things that you must include in your 'To-Do'listwhile narrating your specifications to the builder youhired.Before hiring a builder, it is important that you find outwhatexactly you want, i.e. what kind of house you are about tobuild.Once you decide on what home design to choose, you can moveon tothe next big step, i.e. setting a specific budget. Make surethedesign you choose fulfills all your expectations and suitsyourbudget plan too. Moreover, you must choose the rightprofessionalwho not only carry out the process meticulously butalso make surethat your house plan works best for you in the bestpossiblefashion.Once you give your best shot in order to kick off therenovationprocess in a well-organized fashion, you must payattention tocertain factors that can play a great part in makingthe process goa lot more fluently. This is where the importance ofan experiencedprofessional come into the picture, so it isimportant that youpick a perfect consultant or architect to takecare of the completedesigning process, seek other professionaladvice as required, takecare of the future trends and pick a designaccordingly, make alist of all the things that are involved in theprocess of homerenovation, and more.