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Hepatitis es una inflamación del hígado"Cuidado"Viral,bacteriana,inmunitaria (por autoanticuerpos, hepatitis autoinmune)La afección puede remitir espontáneamente o evolucionar hacia unafibrosis (cicatrización), una cirrosis o un cáncer de hígado. Losvirus de la hepatitis son la causa más frecuente de las hepatitis,que también pueden deberse a otras infecciones, sustancias tóxicas(por ejemplo, el alcohol o determinadas drogas) o enfermedadesautoinmunitarias.La hepatitis A y la E son causadas generalmentepor la ingestión de agua o alimentos contaminados. Las hepatitis B,C y D se producen de ordinario por el contacto con humorescorporales infectados. Hepatitis es una inflamación delhígado"Cuidado". Son formas comunes de transmisión de estos últimosla transfusión de sangre o productos sanguíneos contaminados, losprocedimientos médicos invasores en que se usa equipo contaminadoy, en el caso de la hepatitis B, la transmisión de la madre a lacriatura en el parto o de un miembro de la familia al niño, ytambién el contacto sexual.Hepatitis es una inflamación delhígado"Cuidado". La infección aguda puede acompañarse de pocossíntomas o de ninguno; también puede producir manifestaciones comola ictericia (coloración amarillenta de la piel y los ojos), orinaoscura, fatiga intensa, náuseas, vómitos y dolorabdominal.Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver "Care"Viral,bacterial, immune (by autoantibodies, autoimmune hepatitis)Thecondition may resolve spontaneously or evolve to fibrosis(scarring), cirrhosis or liver cancer. Hepatitis viruses are themost common cause of hepatitis, which may also be due to otherinfections, toxic substances (e.g., alcohol or some drugs) orautoimmune diseases.Hepatitis A and E are usually caused byingestion of contaminated food or water. Hepatitis B, C and D areproduced usually by contact with infected body fluids. Hepatitis isan inflammation of the liver "Care". They are common forms oftransmission of recent transfusion of contaminated blood or bloodproducts, invasive medical procedures where contaminated equipmentis used and in the case of hepatitis B, transmission from mother tochild at birth or a member of the family to the child, and sexualcontact.Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver "Care". Acuteinfection may be associated with few symptoms or none; It can alsoproduce manifestations such as jaundice (yellowing of the skin andeyes), dark urine, extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominalpain.

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Hepatitis B Is A Viral Infection Of The LiverLiver cancer, liverfailure, fatigue, fever, icteria, immunologyHepatitis B is a viralinfection of the liver that can lead to both an acute and chronicillness.The virus is transmitted by contact with the blood or otherbody fluids of an infected person.It is estimated that there are257 million people with chronic hepatitis B virus infection(defined as positive for the hepatitis B surface antigen).In 2015,hepatitis B caused 887 000 deaths, the vast majority due to itscomplications (including cirrhosis and hepatocellularcarcinoma).Hepatitis B represents an important occupational riskfor health professionals.It is preventable with the currentlyavailable vaccine, which is safe and effective.It is alife-threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus(HBV). It is a major health problem worldwide. It can cause chronicliver disease and carries a high risk of death from cirrhosis andliver cancer.A vaccine against hepatitis B with a 95% efficacy inthe prevention of infection and the onset of chronic disease andliver cancer due to hepatitis B has been available since1982.TransmissionThe hepatitis B virus can survive outside the bodyfor at least seven days. In that period it can still causeinfection if it enters the body of a person not protected by thevaccine. The mean incubation time for hepatitis B is 75 days, butit can range from 30 to 180 days. The virus, which can be detected30 to 60 days after infection, can persist and lead to chronichepatitis B.
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Chickenpox Can Easily Spread To PeopleHerpesvirus, shingles, amacular rash, papules, vesicles, scabs.It is a viral infection inwhich the person has very pruriginous blisters all over the body.It was more common in the past. The disease is rare today becauseof the varicella vaccine.CausesThe virus that causes chickenpox isthe varicella zoster virus. It is a member of the herpesvirusfamily, which also causes shingles in adults.Chickenpox can easilyspread to other people from day 1 to day 2 before the blistersappear until crusts form. You can get chickenpox:By touching theliquids from a blister of chickenpox.Varicella can easily spread topeople if someone with chickenpox coughs or sneezes near you.Mostcases of chickenpox occur in children younger than 10 years of age.The disease is often mild, although serious complications canoccur. Adults and older children get sick more often than youngchildren in most cases.It is not very likely that children whosemothers had chickenpox or who received the vaccine against thedisease will contract it before the age of one year. If they getit, they often have mild cases, which is because antibodies fromtheir mothers' blood help protect them. Vaginal can easily spreadto people. Children under 1 year whose mothers have not hadchickenpox or have not received the vaccine can get a severechickenpox.Serious symptoms of chickenpox are more common inchildren whose immune system does not work very well.
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Biblical Catholic Course.Do you want to study the Biblical CatholicCourse? ! Here is for youIf you want to study the Scriptures forthe first time, or you want to grow in your Catholic Bibleknowledge or maybe want more advanced training, you've come to theideal place! Al! Biblical Bible Course!In the Catholic catholiccourse We offer twenty-five courses individually. Each coursecontains the complete text to study and be understood. BiblicalCatholic courses come with biblical references and ecclesialdocuments.The Biblical Catholic Course. "Catholic Church" is theaccompanying title for this course: The Bible and the Mass "," GodHail Queen and Mother "accompanies" God Hail Queen and Mother: TheBible and the Virgin Mary "and lastly" Committed to God: The Forceand the Promise of the Sacraments "is the accompanying book of"Love of Covenant. "From Genesis to Jesus explained in detail is thestructure of the Biblical Catholic CourseWhat is the Bible, wheredoes it come from, and why was it written? How should Catholicsread the Bible, and what is the story that relates? These are thequestions that will be examined broadly in the Biblical CatholicCourseAfter a review of the teachings of the Church on divinerevelation and the Bible, we immediately set out to read theScriptures.In the biblical catholic course. It begins with thestory of creation and the Ark of Noah and delineates the history ofsalvation, how it slides into a series of alliances that God forgeswith the chosen people - beginning with Abraham and the Twelvetribes of Israel. Then we continued with Moses and in the end withKing David. We see how this story reaches its culmination andfulfillment with Jesus and the Church.The goal is to give you asketch and a panoramic view of the biblical account, from Genesisto Jesus.This is the totality of the classes that you will study inthe course:1. Catholic Church.2.The Bible at Mass.3.Thesacraments.4.The Bible in action.5. How to read the Bible.6. OurSacrifice.7. The Birth of the Messiah8. Entering the Kingdom9. FromGenesis to Jesus.10. Jesus the Passover lamb.11. Belovedchildren.12.The Fall.13.A Kingdom of Priests.14. Virgin Mary in theCatholic Church.15.Rosario (Catholicism).6. Thepotatoes.17.Catecism.18. Baptismal course.19.Comunion.20.TheConfirmation.21.Matrimonio.22. Penance and reconciliation.23. Theanointing of the sick.24.Orden.25. The Our Father.We also have theHoly Catholic Bible, images with questions and answers.In theCatholic course you will find 10 exams, it is important that youanswer one by one and you are sending, you will have the option totry the exam up to 3 times to achieve the minimum grade of 70% ofaverage as a requirement to receive the diploma of the courseBiblical Christian. We will send you the diploma so that you canprint it or save it on your computer with the director's signature.