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New app version 2 for Finger picking arrangement for the song Herecomes the Sun.Has Tablature, Tab videos, and videos showing bothhands for each bar.Easy to learn and Free. For intermediateguitarists

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    Here Comes the Sun V.2
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    March 8, 2015
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    Android 1.5 and up
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Guitar Knowledge 0.2 APK
NOTE: This free app is better suited for Tablets or mobile phoneswith larger screensGUITAR Knowledge is all the major app modulespreviously created by me, placed in one easy to access place,hereThey are set out in a recommended order for beginners to use,start with app module 1 and progress to No.4Module No.4 being themain module as this is the Module most updated (especially in theMETS MUSIC Members area). There is a lot in this ModuleNo.4Especially check back to the Book Two in this Module No.4 forupdated Tablature tunesModule No.5 The Scale Prophet is a TechnicalReference Manual eBook for Musicians, Teachers and Students who arealready playing guitarModule No.6 The DADGAD Chord Book is also forpeople who have some basic experience with playing guitar and anopportunity to start some creative experimentation. Neverunderestimate the advantages of experimenting with new anddifferent sounding chords, scales and tunings etc…Module No.7 is alink for those wanting to subscribe and become a member of METSMUSICGreat for Musicians, Teachers and StudentsAs a member you haveaccess to the on-line Guitar Slide Rules, full manual and morematerialOne of the main aims of all this is to enable good MusicalCreativityNOTE: While a lot of app’s today are designed forentertainment, these are not. These app’s, modules and on-lineresources are designed to teach, enable practical and technicaltraining and development and good musical creativity,improvisation, develop playing skills, develop finger mechanics,self help and a good understanding of Practical Theory, and inspireoriginality and of course developing and becoming a good FingerPicking guitaristBe sure to read the module within Module No.4 onCreativity An Introduction to: Learning Finger picking for Guitarand enabling your CreativityLast but not least, all this is free,unless you want to subscribe and become a METS MUSIC Member, andthis is only a very small subscription, approximately US$ 0.027cents a dayNOTE: It is recommended that the METS MUSIC Members usea PC or Mac as a large screen is better for using the on-lineGuitar Slide Rules
Scale Prophet 0.1 APK
Music Scales and Modes handbook for guitar andkeyboardEasy to read Scale and Mode Formula Diagrams in all keysA Reference Manual eBook for Musicians, Teachers and StudentsNOTE: An updated New Version of this app is now available at -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_GB2ERIN.ScaleProphet3&hl=enThe aim of this book is to provide a graphic, concise & easyto read resource book of scales & modes in all keys for guitar,bass & keyboards & to enable musicians to develop theirsolo playing & improvisation abilitiesOne of the biggest problems for musicians is the ability forspontaneous improvisation, but this can be greatly aided &accomplished by the all too often feared SCALE, one problem beingof course is that there is not just one scale there are many, &while it is not necessary to be able to play & memorize everyscale you can get your hands on, it is good to practice a varietyof scales as this enables the fingers to work & trains theearOur greatest resources is our imagination so when trying newscales use the imagination to search out ideas & experimentBy the mechanical repetition of scales as exercises, the fingers& ear are developed, but when playing a solo a mechanical feelis the last thing wanted so when experimenting try and make upmusical phrases and don’t be afraid to alter a scale if this is thesound you wantIt is through experimentation that ideas are created & thisbook gives the opportunity for experimentation with many types ofscalesDevelop your ability for solo work and improvisation you don'tneed to read music just follow the Numbers in the diagrams it isthat simpleThe key to improvisation is repetition of Scale Patterns as thisenables the fingers and conditions the ear. This book give theopportunity to do just that to play a large variety of scalesenabling the mechanics of the fingers and training the ear
Apps for Guitar 0.1 APK
Quick Link to FREE Android App’s forguitarwww.appsforguitar.comLearn Guitar and more with my Free Android app’sFor Teachers, Students, Educators, Beginners, Intermediate, HomeLearning, Self Taught or Advanced you do not need to read musicApp’s for:Finger picking Guitar, Exercises, Chords, Scales and Modes,Tunes, Tablature, Practical Music Theory, Reference etc… And morewill be added as I have timeApp’s are updated automatically from within the app’s so checkapp’s frequently for new updates
Practical Theory 0.1 APK
Quick and Easy Practical Theory for Guitar and otherinstrumentsLearn how to find Chords and Scales yourself byunderstanding Easy Basic Practical TheoryFor Guitar and Keyboardand can alsobe applied for other instrumentsWritten for Beginnersand a Great Aid for Music Students
Here Comes the Sun V.2 2.0 APK
New app version 2 for Finger picking arrangement for the song Herecomes the Sun.Has Tablature, Tab videos, and videos showing bothhands for each bar.Easy to learn and Free. For intermediateguitarists
Finger Picking Guitar Intro 0.82.13464.44836 APK
A good introduction to enabling yourCreativityand learning Finger Picking for Guitar.There are some Tablature exercise videos that play and you canseethe printed Tablature too, also easy to read chord diagramsshowingthe fingering in all keys ideal for beginners.This is like an eBook for Android devices.There is also an option to subscribe as a member for accesstomany more guitar modules too, membership is only GBP £1 for ayear.A subscription is for a METS MUSIC membership and thisallowsaccess to all material from www.metsmusic.com andalsowww.appsforguitar.comThe subscription is set at a very small amount to enable anyoneandeveryone to afford the benefits of all the different modulesnowand in the future
Beginners Guitar 0.1 APK
Learn to play Guitar properly with this Stepby Step Condensed Home Tuition Program for the CompleteBeginnerPlay along with the Videos, Audio’s and Tablature files for quickeasy learning
Quick Key Finder 0.2 APK
Note-For Android 4Find any major scale and the chords (scale chords) that can beusedwith each key quicklyA quick aid for any instrument or musicianFor beginners there are links to other apps for understandingchord,basic theory and starting to learn guitarBest on Tablets