1.1.5 / June 7, 2015
(4.1/5) (4,400)


Chosen one, welcome to the world of HeroCraft Z!!!

This game is all about gathering and enhancing an adventuringparty with characters of your choice, and go head-to-head with evermore challenging quests staged by the evil, as well as your fellowplayers in multiple game modes.

Will you stand triumphant in the campaign to deliver the worldfrom turmoil, or become the arena champion among the bestcompetitors?

It's about time to have some real-time action on your phone!


[√]Face your enemies in real-time battles powered by Unity3Dengine!

[√]Assemble the team in your own play style with extra helping handfrom your friends!

[√]50+ collectible companions, each with unique abilities! Maximizeyour fighting strength by smart combination!

[√] Prove yourself a winner in multiple game modes! Face downchallenges from a global players' community!

[√]TAP-AND-PLAY - Smooth controlling with your mobiledevices!

[√]THINK-TO-WIN - Apply creative tactics to overcome newchallenges!

App Information HeroCraft Z

  • App Name
    HeroCraft Z
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    June 7, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100,000 - 500,000
  • Price
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  • 1.1.5 (15) - Latest Version
  • HeroCraft Z 1.1.5 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /10/4
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 16.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Sha1: b84c50e6eecb22a12708f59fa7c0313a5835e7e5
    APK Signature: 6420765e8519506762d5d57ebbe47335d63c796e
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雄图霸略 - 攻城掠地万人国战,超快升级全民神装 1.0.1 APK
★攻城掠地姊妹篇,原厂耗巨资打造巅峰续作!★首款以汉朝VS罗马VS匈奴为主题策略战争游戏!★中国,香港,台湾畅销榜策略类长期前三,24小时国战不停!★新马特别版,选择阵营打造你的欧亚大帝国!在《雄图霸略》中,玩家将回到公元前200年,卷入汉朝、罗马和匈奴三大帝国之争,在「国家内政」、「外国侵略」、「世界征战」等多种元素中,建立属于自己的强大城邦,不断扩张领土,蚕食对手领地,与万千玩家共同争夺欧亚大陆霸主之位!游戏独创7*24小时不间断国战系统,您随时随地都可以在手机中调兵遣将,加入帝国领土激战,与千万玩家一同较量攻城掠地的智与勇,攻占与防御包括长安、雅典在内近200个欧亚城池!游戏特色:武将收集养成系统:百位真实历史名将等你搜集,并有神装宝器助你全面培养武将实力!战场上还能释放各种强力武将技能,让你享受大杀四方的快感!超耐玩剧情副本:超过100个不同关卡等你探索,「解救白戎」、「围困护府」、「孤军独闯」.....层层深入,为您揭示2000年前历史背后的惊天阴谋!全实时国战玩法:真实再现宏大欧亚大陆版图,建立200座包含长安、雅典在内的经典古城,让你享受前所未有的征服快感!24*7全天侯战场开放,随时随地指挥千军万马,加入战场厮杀,扩大领土版图!多种跨服战斗:跨服擂台PK、跨服国家战争以及跨服远征玩法,让玩家可以与全亚洲战略高手同台对垒、一决高下,争夺欧亚帝国霸主尊荣!【联系我们】官方网站:http://xtbl.ngames.com/官方粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/ngamesxtbl客服邮箱: support@ngames.com★ encroaching companion,factory waste of money to build the pinnacle sequel!★ first in Rome VS VS Han Hun-themed strategy war game!★ China, Hong Kong and Taiwan bestseller list three long-termpolicy class, 24 hours non-stop national war!★ Malaysia Special Edition, select your camp to build the Eurasianempire!In the "hegemony aggressively slightly", the players will return to200 BC, the involvement of the Han Dynasty, the Huns and the threeRoman Empire of the dispute, in "internal affairs", "foreignaggression", "world campaign" and other element, the establishmentof a powerful city-state of their own, expanding the empire, nibbleopponents territory, with thousands of players to compete bitEurasia overlord! Original Game 7 * 24-hour country battle system,you can be summoned at any time in your phone, add Empire territorybattle with millions of players battle together wisdom and courageto conquer new territories, including the capture and defense ofChang'an Athens, including nearly 200 Eurasian city!Game Features:Generals to develop collection systems: one hundred real historicalname waiting for you to collect, and God help you install jewelsfully develop the strength of the generals! But also the release ofa variety of powerful generals on the battlefield skills, so youenjoy the thrill of the big kill Quartet!Ultra-playable copy of the story: over 100 different levelswaiting for you to explore, "Rong rescued white", "siege Dynasty,""armed alone" ..... layers of depth, you reveal the history behindthe year 2000 shaking conspiracy!All real-time national war games are played: a truerepresentation of the grand Eurasian territory, build 200 containsChang'an, the ancient city of Athens, including the classic, neverlet you enjoy the thrill of conquest! 24 * 7-day open battlefield,commanding a mighty force at any time, join the battlefield tofight to expand territorial territory!A variety of inter-service battle: inter-service arena PK,inter-service and inter-service expedition National War play, soplayers can play against the same stage with the whole of Asiastrategy expert, a showdown fight for supremacy Eurasian empirehonor!【contact us】Official website: http: //xtbl.ngames.com/Official fan page: https: //www.facebook.com/ngamesxtblCustomer Service Email: support@ngames.com
逆战三国志之龙啸九天 1.3.0 APK
经典的三国志题材,此次将于安卓平台重获新生!首款指尖动作战争策略手游《逆战三国志》现已上架!FB主页:https://www.facebook.com/nzsgzsg★-★-★-★-游戏特色-★-★-★-★【第三代手游策略大作】3D的视觉享受,告别常规策略手游套路,完美结合建城、卡牌、战斗元素于一体!【轻松简单的触屏战场策略】经典回合+触屏策略,兵种克制、战前布阵、战场指尖亲触,无限策略组合乐趣!【多路线兵种转职路线丰富】游戏中5大兵种、4大路线,总共30种兵种,不同兵种特性不一,不同搭配折现出万般策略变化!【深入人心的传世名将】浓厚的三国历史风格与漫画风结合,游戏中角色采用全新的设计理念,抛弃以往三国的写实风格,最终融合了写实与漫画相结合的传世名将。【丰富的武将专属神器】青龙偃月刀、丈八蛇矛、双股剑、倚天剑、方天画戟、青缸剑、的卢、赤兔、绝影、爪黄飞电等等传世神器法宝一览无遗,对应的专属武器对武将有极大的强化,一一收集打造三国最强神将!【全民澎湃的资源掠夺】全民掠夺,掠夺攻防战一触即发!【热血沸腾的策略国战】三国联盟、合纵连横,三国团体策略激突大碰撞!客服支持邮箱:support@ngames.com游戏官网:http://nzsgz.ngames.com/FB主页:https://www.facebook.com/nzsgzsgThe classic theme ofthe Three Kingdoms, the Android platform will be reborn! first hand tour war strategy fingertip action "against the war ofthe Three Kingdoms" is now the shelves! FB home page: https://www.facebook.com/nzsgzsg★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - Game Features - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ [third-generation mobile games strategy masterpiece] 3D visual enjoyment, conventional strategies farewell tour routinehand, the perfect combination to build the city, cards, battle theelements in one![easy and simple touch battlefield strategy] Classic Round + touch screen strategy, arms restraint lineup beforethe war, battlefield fingertip touch pro, unlimited portfoliostrategy fun![rich multi-line arms transfer route] Game five branches of the military, the four major routes, a totalof 30 kinds of arms, different arms of different characteristics,different strategies with fold change emerged worth![name] popular masterpieces Three strong winds combined with the history of comic style, thegame character with a new design concept, to abandon the past threerealistic style, a blend of realism and comic ultimate combinationof famous masterpieces.[artifact] rich generals exclusive Broadsword, Zhangbashemao, double-stranded sword, Heavenly Sword,Fangtianhuaji, green cylinder sword, Lu, Red Rabbit, must shadowclaw Huang Fei electricity etc. handed magic artifact glance, thecorresponding exclusive weapons generals have great enhancement tobe collected to create the three strongest god![referendum] surging resource plundering Universal pillage, plunder battle imminent![national war strategy blooded] Three Union, vertical and horizontal, the three groups strategyGekitotsu big crash!Customer Support E-mail: support@ngames.comgame's official website: http://nzsgz.ngames.com/FB home page: https://www.facebook.com/nzsgzsg
HeroCraft Z 1.1.5 APK
Chosen one, welcome to the world of HeroCraft Z!!!This game is all about gathering and enhancing an adventuringparty with characters of your choice, and go head-to-head with evermore challenging quests staged by the evil, as well as your fellowplayers in multiple game modes.Will you stand triumphant in the campaign to deliver the worldfrom turmoil, or become the arena champion among the bestcompetitors?It's about time to have some real-time action on your phone!Features:EPIC 3D BATTLES[√]Face your enemies in real-time battles powered by Unity3Dengine!BUILD YOUR TEAM[√]Assemble the team in your own play style with extra helping handfrom your friends!GATHERING OF THE BEST[√]50+ collectible companions, each with unique abilities! Maximizeyour fighting strength by smart combination!COMPETITIVE PVP ARENA[√] Prove yourself a winner in multiple game modes! Face downchallenges from a global players' community![√]TAP-AND-PLAY - Smooth controlling with your mobiledevices![√]THINK-TO-WIN - Apply creative tactics to overcome newchallenges!
Romantic Diary : ดีไซน์รัก 1.5.1 APK
Romantic Diary : ดีไซน์แห่งรัก★เกมฮิตฮอตในแบบสไตล์สาวๆที่ต้องหลงใหล★การันตีเกมคุณภาพจากเกมแนะนำสุดน่ารักใน Google Play ★เกมแนวใหม่ที่ต้องลองสัมผัสความสดใสของวัยรุ่น▼น่ารักสดใสฉบับเจ้าหญิงนิยาย▼-----นิยายรักสุดโรแมนติก----- พร้อมกับการประกวดชุดสุดเก๋ในสไตล์คุณเกมสุดน่ารักที่ทำให้คุณผู้หญิงที่หลงใหลในการแต่งกายและหลงรักในความรักสุดโรแมนติกมาลองร่วมลุ้นไปกับความรู้ในดินแดนแห่งจินตนาการ-----โลดแล่นในสไตล์คุณอย่างอิสระ----- ทุกอารมรณ์ ทุกความฝันทุกจิตนาการ แห่งความรักถูกร่วมไว้ที่นี่พร้อมแฟชั่นการแต่งกายแบบฉบับสไตล์คนไทยแบบที่ไม่มีเกมไหนเคยทำมาก่อน-----ลานดาวประกวดอวดโฉมความงาม----- ประกวดชุดในสไตล์ที่บ่งบอกตัวคุณไม่ว่าจะเป็นแนวหวาน เซ็กซี่ วินเทรน ยุโรป เอเชีย ล้วนมีให้เลือกสรรพร้อมเครื่องประดับที่เลือกได้อย่างเต็มที่-----ออกเดทกับเจ้าชายในฝัน-----พร้อมหรือยังที่จะมีความรักกับชายสุดโรแมนติกความรักที่เต็มไปด้วยความหวาน โรยเต็มไปด้วยดอกกุหลายสีแดงมาเอาใจกับเจ้าหญิงน่ารักแบบคุณ -----เกมสนุกๆพร้อมรางวัลไม่อั้น-----ไม่ต้องกลัวว่าเกมจะมีการแต่งตัว ยังมีรูปแบบเกมให้เลือกแบบว่าไม่มีเบื่ออย่างแน่นอน ★พร้อมหรือยังกับรวมเป็นส่วนหนึ่งสร้างนิยายรักในแบบฉบับของตัวเองได้ที่นี่Romantic Diary : ดีไซน์รัก ! ★【Contactus】ติดตามและสอบถามข้อเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ :Email:support@ngames.comFanpage:https://www.facebook.com/ngamesrdth/Official site:http://rdth.ngames.com/Romantic Diary: Design of Love★ Hit HotStyle girls who have passion.★ guarantee the quality of the gamefeatured a cute game on Google Play.★ new game to try to touch thebright teenager.▼ cute version of Princess fiction ▼. ---------- Romantic love story.      Alongwith the contest set in a trendy style. Cute game that makes youpassionate woman in a dress and fell in love with romantic love.Try to win with knowledge in the realm of fantasy. ----- -----Freely ride instyle.       Every mood, everydream, every imagination of love are included here. Fashion dresstypical style Thailand that no game is ever done before. Milanstar ----- ----- beauty pageantunveiled.      Pageant dress in astyle that indicates you. Whether it's a sweet sexy Trane Europe,Asia, all have a choice. Choose jewelry with fully. ---------- Dating PrinceCharming.      Ready to be in lovewith a male romantic. Love is full of sweetness. Sprinkle with manyred roses. To feel the lovely princess like you. ----- -----Unlimited fun games withprizes.      Do not worry, the gamewill have to dress up. There are also forms of games to choosefrom. That certainly is not boring     ★ready to include a novel approach to establish itself here RomanticDiary: love the design! ★.Contact us】 【Ask follow-up questions andmore.Email: support@ngames.comFanpage:https://www.facebook.com/ngamesrdth/Official site:http://rdth.ngames.com/
魔兽英雄Z 1.2.4 APK
《魔兽英雄Z》2015最值得投入移动游戏,创造属于您的魔幻史诗!2015抛弃虚拟摇杆,告别双手操作,来一场单手触屏的全3D即时战斗惬意享受!欢迎访问我们的Facebook主页:https://www.facebook.com/HeroCraftZ官网:msyxz.ngames.com客服邮箱:hcz-help@ngames.com将您的感受与珍贵的建议告诉我们,非常感谢!====【游戏介绍】====★种族:精灵、人类、兽人、亡灵、特殊;★游戏画面: Unity3D引擎打造的可媲美端游的史诗魔幻战斗画面;★英雄:100+知名经典英雄持续添加中;★技能:1000+耳熟能详的技能自由操控组合;★伙伴搭配:MT、DPS、治疗、法师、远程、近攻,经典职业搭配的感觉重现;★战斗:2015抛弃虚拟摇杆,告别站桩回合,与双手操作说拜拜,来一场单手触屏的全3D即时战斗惬意享受;====【游戏特色】====★2015最正3D手游,只此一版,再无其他※系統:经典坦克、伤害、治疗职业战斗系统移植,感受传承;※独创:全屏幕触摸战斗,单手轻松操控;※玩法:副本、战役、竞技场、角斗场、远征战场;※英雄:经典知名英雄,鲜明特色,招牌技能;★手机端也能实现PC端史诗副本经典玩法※BOSS:巨型BOSS,单挑还是5人小队?※副本:经典剧情,石爪山脉,贫瘠之地,菲拉斯;※战役:10大战役,海加尔山,战歌峡谷,斯坦索姆;※PVP:成就王者巅峰,竞技场,角斗场,战场远征;★英雄阵容重现经典铁三角职业搭配※MT上路坦克:死亡骑士、大德鲁伊、山岭巨人、古树卫士、地狱咆哮※AP法伤中单:蛇发女妖、通灵院长、毁灭术士、雷霆之王、烈焰魔女※AD远程输出:黑暗游侠、王牌猎人、天谴射手、雷鸣斧手、驱魔猎人※NM治疗辅助:暗影牧师、萨满祭司、光明使者、寒冰室女、翡翠幼龙★公会战队好友一个都不能少※加入公会,即刻和会友一起推世界BOSS;※加入战队,激情团战,战队荣誉至高无上(研发中敬请期待);※加个好友,送体力,支援ING,好基友就是随叫随到;"Warcraft hero Z"2015mobile game into the most worthy, Create your fantasyepic!2015 abandoned virtual joystick, bid farewell totwo-handedoperation, to a single touch of the hand full 3Dreal-time combatcomfortable enjoyment!Welcome to visit our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/HeroCraftZOfficial website: msyxz.ngames.comCustomer Service Email: hcz-help@ngames.comYour feelings and tell us precious suggestions, thank youverymuch![Game Description] ==== ====★ Race: Elf, Human, Orc, Undead, special;★ game screen: Unity3D engine to create a comparable tour endsepicfantasy battle screen;★ Hero: 100+ famous classic hero continued to add in;★ Skills: 1000+ free to manipulate the familiar combinationofskills;★ partnership with: MT, DPS, treatment, Mage, remote, recentattack,a classic career with the feeling to reproduce;★ Combat: 2015 abandoned virtual joystick, Zhan Zhuangfarewellbout, with both hands to operate goodbye, to a one-handtouch full3D real-time combat comfortable enjoyment;[Game Features] ==== ====★ 2015 3D hand tour of the most positive, this is only oneversion,no other※ System: Classic tank, injury, occupational therapy combatsystemmigration, feel heritage;※ Original: fighting the whole touch screen, easy to manipulatewithone hand;※ play: a copy of the battle arena, arena,expeditionbattlefield;※ Hero: Classic famous hero, distinctive characteristics,signsskills;★ mobile terminal can achieve the PC classic epicgameplaycopy※ BOSS: giant BOSS, singled or five-member team?※ copy: classic story, Stonetalon Mountains, barrenland,Feralas;※ Battle: 10 Battle of Mount Hyjal, Warsong Gulch,Stratholme;※ PVP: King pinnacle achievement, arena, arena,battlefieldexpedition;★ hero lineup reproduce the classic triangle career match※ The MT 路坦克: Death Knight, Druid, Mountain Giants, treesguards,Hellscream※ AP single injury law: Gorgons, psychic Dean, destructionwarlock,Thunder King, flames Witch※ AD remote output: Dark Ranger, Big Game Hunter, curseshooter,thunder ax hand, exorcism Hunter※ NM assisted therapy: Shadow Priest, Shaman, Lightbringer,IceMaiden, Emerald Whelp★ guild clan one less friend※ join the Association, immediately and will be friends togethertopush the world BOSS;※ Join team, passionate team battles, clan honor supreme (R &Dstay tuned);※ add friends, send physical support ING, based Friends isoncall;
Furious War - No.1 PK MMORPG 1.0.05 APK
★Top one PK-centered MMOARPG in Asia.★App Store & Google Play featured in China, Korea.★The brand new real-time voice chat system and real-time PK.★100% Free to download, Free to play!Furious War is one of the most addicting and interactiveMMOARPGin 2016, which has already attracted more than ten millionsplayersin China and Korea. Now, our game is available in South-EastAsia,join us for the epic ARPG experience right now!▼GAME FEATURES▼------Real-time PK------Unlock PVP modes at lv.40.Free-for-all duals, guild wars, grand battles. Real-time PK, atanytime, any where!------Voice Chat System------All players can have voice chats in teams, guilds and theSandConquest. With this function, players can communicate inreal-timeand command the siege.------Global Alliance------Be part of a Global Alliance where you can make friends, co-opwithAlliance members & become the all-powerful hero!------Various PVP and PVE------Players will never get bored with a wide variety of PVP,PVEdungeons, events and quests: Sand Conquest, ThunderBattleground,Phantom Lord, Lost Treasure, Evils’Invasion, KylinShrine, andAbyssal Vault, to name just a few.------Cross-server Wars------All hail the master of the Imperial City! Next stop, King oftheWorld!Board on the expedition to the throne, none shall stop you!------Massive Upgrade Ways------Gameplay includes the Exorcism quest, Gear Retrieval, TreasureHunt,Prisoner Transport and Bonfire. They can provide playerswithmassive EXP and rewards to help you upgrade quickly.【Tips】Invite your friends to obtain more Ingots! Stay tuned to ourFanpage to get more game information!【Contact us】If you have any questions or advice kindly contact via thefollowingways:Email: support@ngames.comFanpage: http://facebook.com/ngamesfwOfficial site: http://fw.ngames.com
救救那女神 0.9.1 APK
(目前版本不支持Android 5.0 系统)为庆祝开放测试盛大开启,开服期间推出多项活动供各位玩家参与,金币,银币,道具等丰富奖品等你来拿!★注意: 所有奖励都将于活动结束后3个工作日内以游戏内邮件的形式发放。一、玩家等级排行榜!◎活动日期:2015/1/26(星期一)至 2015/2/2(星期一)下午14:00 为期一周◎活动内容:活动截止时等级排行榜前10名的玩家可获得高额银币及道具奖励。◎排名 奖励:第一名1000万银币 + 50个紫色灵石第二名800万银币 + 40个紫色灵石第三名600万银币 + 30个紫色灵石第4~6名400万银币+ 20个紫色灵石第7~10名200万银币 + 10个紫色灵石二、战队实力排行榜!◎活动日期:2015/1/26(星期一)至 2015/2/2(星期一)下午14:00 为期一周◎活动内容:活动截止时战力排行榜前10名的玩家可获得高额银币及宝石奖励。◎排名 奖励:第一名 1000万银币 + 5级生命宝石×1 + 5级物攻宝石×1 + 5级法强宝石×1第二名 800万银币 + 5级生命宝石×1 + 5级物攻宝石×1第三名 600万银币 + 4级生命宝石×1 + 4级物攻宝石×1 + 4级法强宝石×1第4~6名400万银币 + 4级生命宝石×1 + 4级物攻宝石×1第7~10名200万银币 + 3级生命宝石×1 + 3级物攻宝石×1 + 3级法强宝石×1三、副本冲关排行榜!◎活动日期:2015/1/26(星期一)至 2015/2/2(星期一)下午14:00 为期一周◎活动内容:活动截止时副本进度排行榜前10名的玩家可获得高额金银币奖励。◎排名 奖励:第一名 1000万银币 +1000金币第二名 800万银币 + 800金币第三名 600万银币 + 600金币第4~6名400万银币 + 400金币第7~10名200万银币 + 200金币四、异界探索排行榜!◎活动日期:2015/1/26(星期一)至 2015/2/2(星期一)下午14:00 为期一周◎活动内容:活动截止时异界积分排行榜前10名的玩家可获得高额银币及道具奖励。◎排名 奖励:第一名2000万银币 + 1000异界宝石第二名1600万银币 + 800异界宝石第三名1200万银币 + 600异界宝石第4~6名800万银币 + 400异界宝石第7~10名400万银币 + 200异界宝石另有天天签到赢大奖,首充送礼,首次初值送双倍金币等更多活动。☆2015年最值得用户期待的手机游戏,第六代卡牌巨制《救救那女神》震撼来袭,天界•冥界•海域•圣域等300位神话英雄,带你走进不一样的神话时代!☆掌上神话,黄金组合!游戏背景不单单只有全球各地的神话英雄,还加入了千万种英雄组合自由搭配,挑战你的策略极限。☆魔神降临!拯救女神!城堡建设!飞艇贸易!密境探险!神秘BOSS!你想要的这里统统都有!欢迎关注游戏粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/jjnvshen***现在下载***即刻开启全免费模式,众神之怒一触即发!【游戏特色】★★★★★超级的视觉享受:精美画面让你难忘.4K高清内核超唯美RPG,上百位英雄角色精美呈现,场景互动技术触动极致感官刺激,战斗更酷爽,技能更绚丽!【爽快的动作操作体验】★★★★★指尖微操释放华丽大招,千钧一发力挽狂澜,百位英雄的千万种组合让你战斗的体验欲罢不能.【特色鲜明的英雄设定】★★★★★汇集上百种来自希腊,北欧,玛雅,罗马,埃及,印度,中国,日本等地的神话人物,通过游戏的故事,可以将各神系英雄招募至团队。【变化多端进阶系统】★★★★★通过收集游戏中不同的英雄的卡牌,通过进阶英雄获得造型更绚丽能力更强大的存在!!【建设雄伟的城邦】★★★★★玩家在游戏中能修建自己的城邦,并且通过升级城邦的建筑获得是的城邦更好的发展,进行飞艇贸易和矿洞一系列的有趣的玩法。【共同挑战强大BOSS】★★★★★游戏中通过异界之门玩家相互合作挑战强大的boss,打败BOSS和好友一起获得高级卡牌!官网网站:http://goddess.ngames.com/zh
원더삼국지 APK
위풍당당 개성만점의 삼국지 무장!귀엽고 강력한 삼국무장 총 출동!변화무쌍 짜릿한 전투의 쾌감!화려하고 다양한 스킬로 전장을 지배하라!색다르고 신선한 삼국지 스토리!기존의 삼국지와는 다른 유쾌한 삼국지를 경험하라!예측불가 상상초월 전략의 묘미!공격과 방어!다양한 전략과 진영의 구성으로 짜릿한 승리를 경험하라!뺏고 막고 뺏기는 약탈과 성장의 재미!적군의 공격을 막고 약탈하여 승리의 보상을 쟁취하라![===특징===]▶원더삼국지 4대 진영◀"위","촉","오","군웅"비장 여포,무신 관우,간웅 조조 등 명장을 원더삼국지에서 모두 만나보실수 있습니다!▶원더삼국지 방어탑 시스템◀원더삼국지에서 전투의 수요에 따라 다양한 종류의 방어탑을 설치하여 적들의 공격을 막을수 있습니다!▶원더삼국지 영웅 스킬 조합◀원더삼국지에서 각종 영웅의 출전순서에 따른 영웅 스킬 조합으로 전투의 승리를 획득할수 있습니다!▶원더삼국지 각종 PVE&PVP 시스템◀원더삼국지의 내란퇴치,시련의 전장,왕의 탑,맹수의 소굴 등 각종 PVE와 PVP 시스템이 주군님을기다리고있습니다!