1.0.2 / February 22, 2018
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Survive the enemy's onslaught & experience ultimate FPSshooting experience in Heroes of Frontline War: BattlegroundSurvival. Enter the battleground as the last man who can put up thefinal fight against the on coming waves of enemy's last defense.Being the frontline commando, go behind the enemy lines and battleall the combatants to bring them to justice with your relentlessrules of survival. Enter the strike zone with one thing in mind, tocombat arms dealers & terrorists. As the frontline commando& a counter terrorist fighter, you're equipped with latest gunsand rules of survival in an hostile environment. In the last battlefor justice, you're the lastman and the last standing defense thatcan make a difference. In the hostile wilderness of thebattleground, your vast survival skills will certainly be cominghandy. In this endless shooter free survival game, be the lastmanstanding & the last standing player that takes down the deadlycriminals & combatants empire of bullet force terror in anunknown & uncharted territory. As the lastman & a frontlinecommando, you're given this critical mission to take out deadlycriminals as a part of all modern bullet force. As you enter thestrike zone, rules of survival are to be ready to combat armsdealers full force and critical strike on your position, whetherknown or unknown. In this grand battle, you're equipped with allmodern weapons for your survival in this hostile wilderness. Thisgrand battle doesn't get any grander than taking the fight to thedeadly criminals den. It is a survivor battle, in which only sidewill last the test of the battle grounds. A survivor battle, thatwill be unforgiving for both sides & only thing you could relyon are your rules of survival & last man standing instincts. Soas your enter the battle zone in Heroes of Frontline War:Battleground Survival, be ready to face fierce retaliation as theterrorists will also be fighting for their survival. This is not acooperation game, you will be lone sniper & warrior who takeson royals terrorists clan.

App Information Heroes of Frontline War: Battleground Survival

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    Heroes of Frontline War: Battleground Survival
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    February 22, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Play Republic Entertainment
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    36 Portside Cresent, Brampton, ON L6R3P3, Canada.
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