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Heroes Puzzle: Quest & Dragons, agemsmatch-3 game is an online free to play game featuringuniquematch-3 mechanism and fantastic world of in-game charactersyouneed to group in one team, which will help you defeat theoppositeside in a wonderful jewel match. How to win the duels andclimb upthe rankings? Swap and match the gems, build greatcombinations ofballs to create spells, charms and attacks no onewill ever be ableto block. Matching balls is just one part of thismagical gameplay- puzzle adventure is only the beginning to thewonderful world ofhidden places, secrets, puzzle boards, events,campaigns andbattles. Collecting jewels, matching magic balls andgems,completing multiple levels - this free online game for teensisfull of new puzzle campaigns and gameboards so you can improveyourpuzzle skills and master at a match-3 gameplay in newlyunlockedmagical and challenging scenery. If you want to unlockhigherlevels, get points, play with friends, explore new puzzleboardsand test new combinations of crush es and gems, collectyourcharacters (e.g. wizards, knights, warlocks, rogues, archersorwarriors), create a strong and diverse team of creatures(dragons,dwarfs, princess, kings, warriors) and equip them withpowerfulskills so no other puzzle master can defeat you.

Your friends can help you and borrow their very ownmarvelouspuzzle heroes, but how you use them on board, depends onlyon yourskills and ingenuity. You can generate totally differentattacksand spells (hex, lightning, fireballs, etc.) throughcombiningother mix of heroes belonging to your team. They can bedividedinto a few groups, i.e. guardians, warriors, healers orchampionsand you are the one who decides how and when to use them.You justneed to match the best possible combination of balls indifferentcolors representing different groups of marvelous puzzleheroes togenerate the strongest attack the history of jewel ordiamond crushhas ever seen. You match magic balls, not jewels,diamonds orcandy,crush is even more magical though. Beware ofmighty dragons,beat them with your marvelous heroes. And monsterswill attack yourecklessly!

This free online match-3 game has a few modes: rpgpuzzlecampaign in which you complete different levels and unlocknewboards, duels (player vs player / pvp) in which a player mastersatprecise attacks and smart defence, different daily quests,portalsand strongholds being time-limited events and alchemy whichenablesmixing heroes into marvelous superheroes so your match-3attacksand campaigns are even stronger.

Collect free gifts, summon heroes hidden in magicball-likeboosters. 3D graphics helps you enjoy not only a match-3gameplaybut also boosters opening, heroes summoning and upgrading.Chestsfull of soulstones and shards and spells, enables quickerupgradeof marvelous puzzle heroes or unlock of new match-3boards.

Sweet candy adventure isn’t puzzle adventure actually youcanshare with your friends. Heroes Puzzle: Quest & Dragons isafree to play game for boys and girls you can download forfree,explore and then play with friends. New levels, leaderboardsandachievements are waiting for you in the magical lands oflegendaryheroes, spells, attacks, crushes and modes (arcade mode,classicmode, level mode, player vs player multiplayer mode etc).HeroesPuzzle: Quest & Dragons, match-3 games for adults andteens isa download for free jewels game for adults and teens withuniquematch-3 mechanism focusing on swapping, switching andmatchingsystem. Swapping and marching magic balls, jewels ordiamonds istypical for this kind of vidya, but switching heroes onyour gameboard to generate better spells, actions and attacks issomethingthat makes marvelous Puzzle Heroes: match-3 game for menand boysspecial and worth playing for free. Download match-3 gemsgame andenjoy playing this game for boys and men for free!

App Information Heroes Puzzle: Quest & Dragons

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    Heroes Puzzle: Quest & Dragons
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    November 21, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Tiny Dragon Adventure Games: Craft, Sport & RPG
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    100 - 500
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    Visit website Email contact@tinydragonadventure.com
    Tiny Dragon Adventure Games Sp. z o.o. Bacciarellego 2A, 51-649 Wroclaw, Poland
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Vacation with crafting & building! Take a trip on our paradiseisland! Enjoy the deep blue sea, sail on a beautiful yacht, gofishing & get a biggest catch on your square hook! Sunburnedbeach and lush jungle are waiting for fans of explorationexperience! Explore the sea. The underwater world awaits! Loveswimming? Sailing? Diving? Fishing? Craft a boat and enjoy seasafari adventure! Sail on the deep blue ocean and meet its flora& fauna: bass fish, salmon fish, whale, sea horse, sea turtle,shark, mermaid or even true sea monster! Waters around thisparadise island are like an ocean zoo! See it from your yacht,speedboat or motorboat or dive like an extreme diver! Watch howunderwater colorful fishes eat fish while enjoying underwaterexploring in the deep ocean. Get a sea pet! Let’s fish, but notunderwater. It’s not one of these nonsense deep sea fishing games,where such a ridiculous fishing is a feature. If you’d really liketo use a fishing rod and square hook to catch a wild fish, get backon a yacht or beach, where you can build and decorate a fishermanhut. Experience the best summer fishing features Yes, we lovefishing games too! That’s why in our fishing game you’ll findplenty opportunities to fish! Look for a proper location and getuse of your fishing rod - either on a boat or from a shore of aparadise island. Fishing may be dangerous - keep eyes on the ball!In the sea of a paradise island you’ll not only find the bass,salmon or other wild fish in your fish net, but also a real seamonster! Compete with other fans of fishing. See who’s got thebiggest catch on a square hook and become a fishing champion! Getyour reward: glory, fame or even a boyfriend, girlfriend or…mermaid from the sea! Craft new rods and gear! Let’s fish - sportfishing at its best! Life’s a beach. Boys & girls craft fun!Paradise island is a perfect place for boys & girls! Craft acity of your dreams from square blocks. Boys will love to playbeach soccer game, while girls craft fun starts in beach makeupsalon, but doesn’t end there! It’s not one of the shopping gamesfor girls, but you can still visit a spa and nail salon or enjoybeach volleyball game with handsome boys! Craft & build anybuilding you want in a blocky cube world. Take a favorite pet withyou - they’ll love to meet other zoo animals from paradise island,either from the isle and city itself (dog, cat, horse, little pony.cow, deer) or a sea (bass fish, salmon fish, whale, sea horse, seaturtle, shark). Take your beach adventure to the other level andbuild a city on the sea! Crafting & building game withexploration in a sandbox world for boys & girls. Craft your ownparadise island experience while crafting and building andspearfishing. Visit other parts of paradise archipelago Yourexploration experience doesn’t end on the paradise island. Sail toany other isle from the archipelago and explore lush jungles. Enjoya little safari adventure, meet wild animals or even people from atribal village. Look around - you may find a pirate island with atreasure hidden on a derelict pirate ship! But beware: you may alsofind a deadly archer from pirate legends… It’s not a pirateromance, so watch for any blocky boat! CORE FEATURES: explorationof blocky cube paradise island. Fun activities on a beach for boys& girls. Sailing on a deep blue sea. Diving underwater. Seasafari! Fishing & crafting gear. Let’s fish with better rods!Wild exploration of other isles of archipelago, including pirateisland. UPCOMING FEATURES: Multiplayer! More boats to sail. Morefishes to catch. More items to craft for girls & boys. Moreisles with pirate treasure hunt missions.
Sugar Girls Craft: Design Games for Girls APK
Sugar girls craft game for girls! Exploration & building!Create, craft and design! For teenage girls! Strawberry cake,chocolate, apple pie, lots of cookies & sugar! Build &create in a full of sweetness! A sweet game for sweet teenagegirls. Exploration for girls craft candy ! Best adventure games forgirls! Build & bake! Explore and have fun in a of sweet sugar!Smash blocks to remove them. Use a pickaxe to build using cubes!Build a cube craft ! Fantastic girls craft fashion &exploration of sandbox ! Build, craft & explore. Free game forgirls, where you can build using blocks, walk around, make friendswith pets. Kittens, puppies or even ponies! Yes little donut can beyour friend! Build your own fairy tale! The best adventure gamefree! Use plenty of cute pink and colorful blocks to createanything you want! Candy Crafting for girls! Mode for teenage girlsand women! donut girls craft exploration - the new way! A game inwhich you can have a boyfriend, build a house and have a family!Build Rainbow or a magic tree! Have a boyfriend, construct a housein this building simulator game! Build a whole town! Join yourfavorite princess ponies & unicorns in the most prestigiousfashion & academy around! Oh my! Little ponny can be yourfriend! Collect them, play with them! Build and create anything youwant from a spa nail salon, hair salon, shopping mall, pet shop tocastle, princess palace or even a whole city! Be like princess,build your own palace using colorful blocks! Plant flowers in thegarden, build a pet house! No cooking in the kitchen or sweet girlcare! Serious game for serious girls! So grab the cookies and joinus in the best crafting game for girls ever made! UPCOMINGFEATURES: Multiplayer Girls Fashion Craft Crafting items Buildingcraft mode Survival Exploration mode Cube blocky craft Story ModeSkyblock free mode Cute Story mode Build a made of sugar! Explorethe sweet lands Be creative!