1.18.0 / July 21, 2017
(4.3/5) (3,348)


Upcoming VersionThe War Dragon system is coming.GameFeatures[Magnificent Story]This is an RPG based on the well knownmobile SLG Clash of Kings. As the righteous heir of the throne, youwill play as the prince/princess on a journey for revenge. With thecompany of your loyal heroes, you need to gain support from otherforces, strengthen your power, then claim your throne and kingdom.You will have to contend with betrayal, dilemmas, and challenges,but in return, you will gain friendship, family and love. There aremany stories in the land that await you to find andexperience.[Heroes Companion]King Arthur, Lancelot, Gilgamesh,Thor, King Solomon, Jeanne, Harpy. Form you dream team with yourfavorite heroes![Fight with Strategy]Enjoy the classic Semi ActiveTime Battle system. You can make splendid combat strategies withHeroes with different skills. Also the combat is always fun andexciting![AR Features]Summon your Heroes to the real world! Feelfree to interact with your Heroes wherever you are! Heroes willeven start their adventure in the real world in the futuregame![Unique & Diverse Social Play]Team up to level up andcomplete missions; you can enjoy the combat while you chat withyour friends in the fight.Stylish Bullet Screen chat, VerticalScreen chat will make your chat full of joy![Vote for New Plot]Makeyour story for the game in the official event, maybe you will bethe story teller!

App Information Heroes War: Summoners & Monsters & Gods

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    Heroes War: Summoners & Monsters & Gods
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    July 21, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Elex Wireless
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    Role Playing
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  • 1.18.0 (118000) - Latest Version
  • 1.10.1 (110001)
  • Heroes War: Summoners & Monsters & Gods 1.18.0 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /7/22
    Requires Android: Android 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API: 11)
    File Size: 76.8 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: 1bea1aee64312d7d07bb7acc430dfe4a9fe58050
    APK Signature: 280225864a349ad9a424490c99d1e7da647bf935
  • Heroes War: Summoners & Monsters & Gods 1.10.1 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /5/28
    Requires Android: Android 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API: 11)
    File Size: 47.4 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: b0456ad36df6a9525fee0479595f940bce92473a
    APK Signature: 280225864a349ad9a424490c99d1e7da647bf935
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Clash of Kings : Newly Presented Knight System 6.02.0 APK
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The sixth-anniversary carnival of Clash of Kings-the founder of warand strategy phone game is open now! Over the past six years, Clashof Kings has won the support of players around the world with itspure and epic war strategy experience, a variety of innovativegameplay, and a healthy, stable social community environment. Toshow appreciation for your love, loyalty, and support, we haveprepared, a brand new system and battlefield and massive welfare inthis anniversary celebration. This anniversary party we will makesure you get a full pack of welfare! ※New Battlefield in theAnniversary Expansion - World Domination A new battlefield gameplaybased on teams formed by kingdom units. ※New gameplay in theAnniversary Expansion - Knight System A brand new daily gameplaysystem. ※Massive Welfares: 1. Recruiting comrades to collectArchangel Set 2. World Quest, complete the Door Opening event towin rare skin rewards 3. Gold Fountain, 6.6 billion gold coins arewaiting for you The wars are continuing. The descendants of the oldKing received the call from CoK land. The gate of the palace isabout to open. The new mystery seas are waiting for the true lord.Rally the army, show the energy to the other Kingdoms and Rule thesea! Battle kingdoms, wage war, fight armies, build your castle andconquer an empire with real time strategy in this epic multiplayeronline RPG. Download Clash of Kings to experience the CoK fantasyworld of PVP medieval combat action in an epic war game. CoK – Top5 Reasons to Download: 1. Play CoK with real time MMO battle actionagainst thousands of players worldwide 2. Battle kingdoms, upgradedragons and your army defenses, collect resources and build anempire in this epic multiplayer online game 3. Fight against arival castle, palace or kingdom and navigate the CoK fantasy world4. Play tactical MMO real time battle strategy and build allianceswith other lords and leaders 5. Battle and conquer kingdoms in fourbrand new civilizations and fight to retain your empire’sPopularity ranking in the online RPG and CoK battlefield. Fightagainst other lords and wage war in the massive PVP online game.Battle for control of the kingdom, build an army and shore up yourdefenses with upgrades to your castle, palace, dragons and armybarracks to withstand even the most powerful PVE attack. Play realtime strategy to strengthen control over your kingdoms, upgradeyour equipment and fight in an epic MMO war to defend your castlefrom an enemy attack. Gain resources for your army and upgrade yourpalace by developing farms and sawmills. Build strategic allianceswith other leaders and maintain them for your advantage. Senddragons on a journey to bring back gifts for your kingdom, usetactical MMO RPG gameplay to prevent a siege on your palace, battleenemies and manage your palace’s resources to become one of themost powerful lords in the Clash of Kings empire. Explore the newcivilizations of Dragon-born, Viking, Yamato and Huaxia conquer allnew territories. With new heroes each with their own specialtiesbattling it out in the ancient valley, these battle-tested warriorsare ready for intense fighting action within the ever expandingmultiplayer fantasy world. Download Clash of Kings, battle enemiesfor top billing in the Popularity feature and take control of therealm in this epic MMO PVP war! Connect with Clash of Kings! •Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clash.Of.Kings.Game • Google+:https://plus.google.com/communities/102750039774058615160 •Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClashOfKingsCOK • YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/clashofkingsmmogame Are you havingproblems? Send an email to cok@elex.com to contact us, or contactthe Customer Service staff by tapping on the Billboard of yourcastle. Privacy Policy :https://cok.elex-tech.com/privacy.html
Clash of Queens: Light or Darkness APK
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You may apply for refund when the Property of Service is notreceived in your account after your purchase. You may contact ourcustomer service via link in game, or send us an email atcoq_help@elex.com Build a military empire and raise dragons tostrike your enemies in Clash of Queens! With fierce dragons andmassive clan wars, the mobile strategy war genre soars to anentirely new level. Fight to defend the honor of your queen, orbetray her cause to gain power for yourself; the choice is yours.Raise a dragon, clash in epic battle, and form close friendshipswith players from around the world in addicting online strategygames. Knights fight and armies clash in this epic game of war,wits and dragons! From the makers of the massively popular Clash ofKings comes the next chapter in the adventure. Be brave, be loyal,or be defeated. CLASH of QUEENS FEATURES DRAGONS RISE -- Dragonsroam the land and clash with kingdoms in fiery battle -- Raise adragon from birth and train him to fight for your army -- Knightsand dragons battle in the epic Dragon hunting campaign ALLIANCESYSTEM – MAKE EMPIRES ALLIES -- Queens and knights fight togetheron a global server and grow their kingdoms together -- Alliancemembers send resources, reinforcement troops and building speed-ups-- Online games with friends from around the world- Use thetranslation system to make friends with players in any languageBUILD A KINGDOM & STRENGTHEN YOUR ARMIES -- Build and upgrademultiple buildings at once by recruiting new citizens -- Startbuilding your defense with archers, infantrymen, cavalry andpowerful mages MMO PvP & PvE BATTLES/EVENTS -- Kingdoms clashand dragons roar on an amazing online battlefield -- PvP and PvERTS gameplay- New events are always around the corner -- Win goldand other prizes in an ever-evolving battle STRATEGY WAR GAMESENTER A NEW GENERATION -- Streamlined gameplay that makes for asmoother experience and faster growth -- Large scale battles withmultiple alliances on both sides An epic clash of empires unlikeany other! Build a kingdom, raise a dragon, form an alliance andbattle alongside online players in this revolutionary new strategywar game! Download Clash of Queens today – Your throne is waiting!You may apply for refund when the Property of Service is notreceived in your account after your purchase. You may contact ourcustomer service via link in game, or send us an email atcoq_help@elex.com .
Clash of Kings:The West 2.100.0 APK
Elex Wireless
Conquer kingdoms and villages in Clash of Kings:The West, a new RTSRPG multiplayer war game that pits your army against friends andenemies all over the world in a battle for towns and cities. Do youhave what it takes to crush your enemies in online PVP combat?Build massive cities and compete in online MMO battles in a classicclash of kings. Reinforce your city and build your town so it’sstrong enough to defend itself against evil lords and armiesthreatening to invade. Are you ready to join thousands of otherlords in a war to control kingdoms? Build up your army, battleenemies and manage your city’s resources to become one of the mostpowerful lords of all in Clash of Kings:The West ! CLASH OFKINGS:THE WEST FEATURES: Art of War Strategy Competition -You canchallenge the monster captain with the whole kingdom player. Thebest strategy master will get awards a week. Build your city andprepare for action -You never know when you’ll have to battleagainst other lords. Your town needs to house a strong army and bewell defended in battle. Build your city and upgrade your castle,fortress, army barracks, hospital and more to defend yourself inPVP multiplayer battles. Will you be prepared for action?Multiplayer PVP war battles online - You’re not the only personbuilding an empire! Play PVP online against thousands of otherplayers in the best real time strategy MMO game. Prevent a siege bybuilding up your town. Send out your army to take over othercities. Collect their resources and conquer their empire. MMOuniverse with massive online battles - Enter an amazing onlineworld where kingdoms battle for control of a PVP fantasy world.Tactical MMORPG gameplay has you building a kingdom, customizingyour armies and collecting resources. Role play your own way inthis online multiplayer battle game. Build strong alliances withothers - Build alliances with other lords and leaders around theworld. Clash of Kings:The West is an online RTS MMO RPG thatdesignates you as the army’s leader. Join alliances to helpyourself and others. Join like-minded army leaders and help eachother build cities, upgrade buildings or battle enemy armies. Inthis real time strategy game, your alliances can make or break you.Real-time strategy and resource management - A strong army needsits food and housing. Build farms and sawmills to gain resources tostrengthen your city and your army. Earn coins for every questcompleted and resources from every harvest. Build defenses for yourcity with all of your harvests. Amazing 3D MMO battles - Guide youronline army across a massive multiplayer world rendered in gorgeous3D graphics. Watch each battle spring to life as your defensesclash with enemy armies, and each sword swing and arrow shot lightup the battlefield. The bigger you build your empire, the moreenemies you create. Other lords of enemies will try and break downyour city and your strength in this RTS PVE and PVP MMO war game.Always be ready for action as you march with your army into battlefor your land or to take someone else’s. Are you ready to stand asyour town’s leader? Start building your empire and lead your armyinto epic multiplayer strategy battles today in Clash of Kings:TheWest ! Download Clash of Kings:The West and join the MMO PVP war!Need help or more support for this RTS MMO war and army buildinggame? Contact: coktwhelp@elex.com Connect with Clash of Kings:TheWest! - Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Clash.Of.Kings.The.West.Game You may applyfor refund when the Property of Service is not received in youraccount after your purchase. You may contact our customer servicevia link in game, or send us an email at coktwhelp@elex.com.
Dragon Clans 0.1.15 APK
Elex Wireless
Will you build an Empire for the ages? Putyourself to the test in Dragon Clans, a real-time war game that’seasy to play, but hard to master. Conquer the seas or sink with thefallen in this action-packed game of war.Build up your Village, recruit a glorious army (of angrywolf-riding Vikings, spell-casting Mages, and fire-breathingDragons) and set off to rule the seas. Battle players from aroundthe world, strategize with your Allies to lead your Clan tovictory! If you like PvP or multiplayer games, you’ll love thisEmpire building, war game, where Conquering is the only option!Contact Us:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DragonClans.GameFEATURES✔ Free-To-Play Massively Multiplayer War Game✔ Build a mighty Empire✔ Attack & Conquer to Rule the Seas!✔ Raise an Epic Dragon✔ Train an army of Warriors, Archers, Wolf-riding Vikings, Mages,Dragons and other fearsome warriors✔ Forge Diplomatic Alliances and Strategize with Allies to buildthe Strongest Clan!✔ Wage War with players worldwide
Total War: King's Return 0.0.34 APK
Elex Wireless
Total War: King's Return is a new real-timemultiplayer strategy game that was created in cooperation with SegaGames Co., Ltd! In the game you will be expanding and developingyour territory, making alliances, conquering castles and wholekingdoms, and making a great empire of your own! If you likestrategy games with attention to historical details, then TotalWar: King's Return is what you are looking for!Key features:✓ Total War game series intellectual property with authentichistorical background✓ Castle + Fortress, a Total New System - more fierce PVPgameplay✓ Rich PVE gameplay, players can conquer and expand new territoriesor take back the empire!✓ Brand new hero system, raise your own heroes to help you conquerthe world and become a king!Amazing graphics✓ A smooth, clear, and astonishing experience✓ Ultra zooming function with clear texturesMassive Mobile Multiplayer and PVP Online Battles✓ Massive Mobile Multiplayer gives you a one-of-a-kind battleexperience. Battle against players from other alliances andkingdoms✓ Clash against millions of other players in PVP mobilematches✓ Multiplayer game - Join allies and lead them into epic onlinebattles to build your empire✓ Keep in touch with your allies through the powerfully engagingchat systemMassive Online Strategy✓ Choose your strategy - defense or offense? War against millionsof players in epic battles for dominance✓ Wipe out territories from PVE enemies and make them safer for thegreater good✓ Strategy gameplay with MMORPG elements and a real time resourcemanagement systemWar Strategy and Empire Upgrades✓ Fight with your enemies and develop your kingdom✓ Be a strategist and role model for your allies✓ Grow your empire in an unstoppable invasive war✓ Improve your battle units with amazing new weapons andarmor✓ Plunder the castles of your enemies and create new equipment ofwar✓ Improve your combat characteristic even more with complexresearch of different technologies✓ Receive countless in-game rewards for free just for playing thegameFight against other players and make alliances with others in epicbattles! Crush your enemies and be victorious!Receive free bonuses by downloading Total War: King’s Return rightNOW! Join us!Connect with Total War: King’s Return!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TotalWar.KingsReturn/
Tyrant 1.1.9 APK
Elex Wireless
Tyrant is a Real-Time-Strategy SLG war game which allows you toplay with players all over the world! In , You are a Medieval Lordof a castle, and in this marvelous 3D world, you can build your ownunique city, hire different heroes, train powerful armies, conquerenemy cities and territories and finally become a glorious KING!Features:--Build your own unique city with our high-freedombuilding system!--Real-Time PvP battles with players all over theworld!--Upgrade city, hire heroes, train soldiers, researchscience. Use your strategy and power to build your ownempire!--Form a strong alliance with friends and crush your enemiestogether!--Write your own legend in this marvelous 3D worldReachout to us at: TyrantHelp@elex.com
King of Zombie 2.33.1 APK
Elex Wireless
is an SLG game, you play as the “Virus Z” which has escaped fromthe “Lab Z”.The “Virus Z” is extremely powerful, it can turneverything into the zombie form.You need to keep evolving byinfecting all the human beings, and become the King of Zombie!
Battle Alert : War of Tanks 4.7.63 APK
Elex Wireless
★ ★ ★ BATTLE ALERT: WAR OF TANKS ★ ★ ★☆ Fight the World ☆Use yourbest strategy to win the war! Battle Alert: War of Tanks, has allthe super futuristic military firepower you could want: Tanks,warplanes, bombs, soldiers and more! ☆ Build & Defend Your Base☆You can’t just be on the offense, Battle Alert lets you buildmassive basses with upgradable buildings and tons of firepower.Will your enemies dare attack you?☆ Free Multiplayer Strategy ☆Thiswar game features real time strategy, RTS, fights with people fromall over the world. Rise through the ranks to become the mostpowerful warlord general!☆ Vivid Graphics ☆Real Time StrategyBattles in HD beauty! Battle Alert brings the best in terms ofgraphics! ★ ★ BATTLE ALERT: WAR OF TANKS FEATURES ★ ★✔ Real timebattles! Clash with your enemies in a free SciFi like landscape!✔Gather resources as you build you base. Defense is as important asoffence!✔ SimCity like city building! Defend your Base by creatingbig defenses! Build up your base to build up your army!✔ BattleAlert: War of Tanks of course has tanks, airplanes, militaryvehicles, and all kinds of small infantry for you to train anddeploy.✔ The Future is Now! Upgrade science techs in Battle Alert:War of Tanks so when you clash with opponents victory will beyours!★ NOTES ★ This game is seriously fun.Battle Alert iscompletely free to play, however some game items can also bepurchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature,please set up password protection for purchases in the settings ofyour Google Play Store app.☆Connect with Battle Alert: War ofTanks! ☆Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/redalert.olTwitter:https://twitter.com/BattleAlertReport Bugs: ba_help@elex.com