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Do you want to get your weather charts without using an internetconnection or a dedicated computer?HF Weather Fax lets you receivemarine weather radiofascimile transmissions on your Android device,using the audio from your HF marine radio. Just set it next to theradio's speaker or headphones, tune in a weather fax frequency, andwatch the images come in.HF Weather Fax is perfect for mariners whowant to be able to view the latest weather reports andforecasts.Received fax images can be manually or automaticallysaved, and viewed later.Buy your copy right now, and start decodingand displaying weather fax transmissions in minutes.

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    HF Weather Fax
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    July 21, 2013
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Black Cat Systems
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    4708 Trail Ct Westminster, MD 21158
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HF Weather Fax 1.0 APK
Do you want to get your weather charts without using an internetconnection or a dedicated computer?HF Weather Fax lets you receivemarine weather radiofascimile transmissions on your Android device,using the audio from your HF marine radio. Just set it next to theradio's speaker or headphones, tune in a weather fax frequency, andwatch the images come in.HF Weather Fax is perfect for mariners whowant to be able to view the latest weather reports andforecasts.Received fax images can be manually or automaticallysaved, and viewed later.Buy your copy right now, and start decodingand displaying weather fax transmissions in minutes.
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Generates Selective Calling Tones. Select your tone type from theextensive selection of available modes, then touch the button foreach tone you wish to send. You can even queue up tones and havethem sent in a burst, if you wish. The following tone types can begenerated:DTMFCCIR1CCIR7PCCIREIAEEACCITTEURONATELVDEWMODATZVEI1ZVEI2ZVEI3PZVEIDZVEIPDZVEIICAOCTCSSCODANSelectthe mode you wish to use from the menu. Then tap the button foreach tone you wish to generate.If you turn the Live toggle button,you can queue up several tones (they will be displayed above) andthen turn the toggle button back on to play them.In CTCSS mode,touch the button for the tone that you wish to continuouslygenerate.In CODAN mode, enter in the Call and Send IDs, select themessage priority, and tap send.Memories are available for storingselective calling sequences. Tap the menu button for your device,then select Memory. Tap an existing memory entry to edit or playit, or tap the menu button again for the option to add a new one.When editing an entry, you can tap Send to have it played. In Codanmode, the memory value will be transferred to the Call field, youwill need to tap Send from the Codan screen to send it.For many ofthe tone modes, you can alter the default tone and inter-tone (gap)periods, which are in milliseconds, to customize them.
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DGPS Decoder 1.1 APK
This app can decode DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System)beacon transmissions. DGPS stations transmit the difference betweenpositions indicated by GPS satellite systems and the known fixedposition of the station. This allows higher accuracy. DGPStransmissions are 100 or 200 baud and are transmitted onfrequencies from 285 kHz to 325 kHz. Hundreds of these stations areoperated by the Coast Guard and other agencies, and they can beinteresting DX targets.To use this app, you need a radio that cantune the correct frequency range, either in SSB or CW mode. Most“shortwave radios” can do this. Ideally you use a cable to feed theaudio from your radio into your device, but you can also place theradio speaker near your device’s microphone, or even better yet,plug earphones into the radio, and place them next to the device’smicrophone. You may need to experiment to get the best qualityaudio pickup, without any outside noise or distortion.To decode thetransmission, tune your radio to a DGPS frequency. You can eithertune directly to the frequency in CW mode, in which case you setthe center frequency in this app to frequency of the tone producedby your radio in CW mode, usually close to 800 Hz, or use USB mode,tune 1 kHz low, and set the center frequency in this app to 1000Hz. To assist with practice in setting up the app to decodetransmissions, you may wish to first try decoding this recordedDGPS station, set the app for 200 baud and a center frequency of1000 Hz: http://www.blackcatsystems.com/ipad/DGPS.WAVThe appdisplays an audio spectrum signal plot, the green bars on a blackbackground. Also on this plot, the baud rate and center frequencyare displayed on the left and right sides, respectively. Abovethis, there are several buttons. You’ve likely already figured outthat the Help button brings up these instructions. Next to that isthe baud rate button, tapping it toggles between 100 and 200 baud.Next to that are the - and + buttons, they change the centerfrequency. Finally there is a volume indicator. Ideally the inputvolume should be between about half way and three quarters. You canalso change the baud rate by double tapping on the spectrum, andadjust the center frequency by swiping left and right.When you wantto decode a DGPS transmission, select the baud rate, and feed audiointo your device. If you don’t know the baud rate, try one speed,then the other. 100 baud transmissions have a more narrow bandwidththan 200 baud, eventually you can learn which is which by observingthe spectrum display.Eventually, if you have tuned into a DGPStransmission that is strong enough, you will start seeing decodemessages printed.A typical decoded message looks likethis:[23:24:00 08/08/16] 806 12 13 289.0 kHz Driver, VA UnitedStates 36.9633 -76.5622 306.61 km 172.711 degFirst the current UTCdate and time are printed in brackets.Then the station ID, 806 inthis case, as well as the two reference IDs, 12 and 13 in thiscase.That is followed by the assigned frequency, 289.0 kHz for thisstation. You can compare this value to what your radio is tuned to,they should match. If they don’t, then ignore this message, as itwas incorrectly received. With weak signals, it is common toreceive incorrect messages, because static or other interferencehas corrupted some of the bits. Just ignore them. The location ofthe station is then displayed, the city, state, and country,followed by the station location.Then the distance and bearing tothe station is displayed, providing you have correctly set yourlocation in the app.
Sound Byte Remote Control 1.0 APK
Sound Byte Control lets you control a copy of Sound Byte running ona remote computer from your Android device. With Sound Byte, theso-called "cart machine" used at commercial radio stations in thepast is now available to anyone with a computer! You can read aboutSound Byte here:http://www.blackcatsystems.com/software/soundbyte_rack_cart_machine_radio_automation_software.htmlAll75 carts (sound recordings) on the active Sound Byte rack aredisplayed. Just tap an entry, and playback starts. You can tap itagain to immediately stop playback, or let it naturally end.Best ofall, Sound Byte Control is Free! All you need is a copy of SoundByte which runs on Windows and Macintosh computers. You candownload a copy of Sound Byte here:http://www.blackcatsystems.com/download/soundbyte.htmlNote thatthis app does not play sounds itself, it is a remote control forSound Byte.Here's the set by step instructions to configuring SoundByte Control and. Sound Byte.Run your copy of Sound Byte. Pleasedownload a copy of Sound Byte if you don't already have one. Besure to drag some sound files into the rack.Run Sound Byte, andselect Set Remote Port... from the Edit menu.You'll need to enterin a port number. It must be larger than 1024, and not in use byany other server software on your computer. We find that 3456usually works well. Take a note of the Local IP address, you'llneed to enter it, and the port number, into Sound ByteControl.Click OK to close this window and save the settings.Makesure you have your rack open in Sound Byte.Run the Sound ByteControl app on your Android device. It will try to connect to yourcopy of Sound Byte and fail, because it hasn't been configuredyet.Change the IP address to match that displayed after Local inthe Remote Port Settings window in Sound Byte. Change the Portnumber to match that set in the same window. Then tap Try Again.The app should connect to Sound Byte, and display the rack.You cantap on a cart to start playback, or to stop it. When a cart isplaying, the title will be dislayed in bold.You can bring up theAndroid menu to do a few other things:Help - Load this helppage.Previous - Go to the previous open rack in Sound Byte (if youhave more than one open rack).Next - Go to the next open rack inSound Byte (if you have more than one open rack).Mute - Mute soundplayback.Abort - Immediately stop all playing carts.Pause - Pauseall playing carts. Do this again to unpause them.Fade - Fade outall playing carts.If you get a message saying the connectionfailed, you should double check the port number and IP address,then tap Try Again. Also make sure that Sound Byte is running onyour computer.It is possible that the connection could not be madedue to networking issues - the two devices cannot communicate witheach other. Generally, you want both the desktop computer runningSound Byte and the device Sound Byte Control to be on the samenetwork.One thing to consider - some computers have multiple IPaddresses, due to multiple networking devices (WiFi, wiredethernet, etc). You need to be sure to enter the correct one intoSound Byte Control. This might not be the one displayed in SoundByte, since it only displays one of them. The correct one is theone that is on the same network as your iPhone or iPad.A few otherpossibilities:Your computer and device are not on the same WiFinetworkThe IP address is wrong, and you're trying to communicatewith the wrong computerThe IP address is correct, but the portnumber doesn't match that set in Sound ByteSound Byte is notrunningYou have some anti-virus/spyware/whatever software that isblocking the connectionYou have something else blockingcommunications on that TCP port. Change from 3456 to another port.